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  1. OK. So when I added the new drives I removed a cache drive. For this I moved all shares from the cache drive with the mover function. I didn't rebuild the docker image. This is what I did last night. Will monitor if it still happens
  2. after adding some drives to my array i have been getting the following when my VM (w10) is running. from what i could find on google it is not anything to worry about. But when the vm is running my unpinned CPU's are on max load. tower-syslog-20200506-2157.zip
  3. Got it fixed! It was a fairly simple fix! Found a working vbios and unplugged the screen from power. I'll definitely keeps these tips for possible future troubleshooting if needed!
  4. @bastl tried all the Vbios versions from techpowerup, there where 5. Only one, the same version bios from what i have i got from the dump worked. still having the same issues. Any other suggestions? would it be possible to put the PGU in another PCIE slot?
  5. I dumped my own, i double checked it on techpowerup which was the correct. Is it worth to try the same or an older version from techpowerup?
  6. I just started playing with VM's. Recently switched my server to my main rig: 8700k Aorus Gaming 7 mobo 16gig 3200 ram GTX 1080 Asus ROG Swift PG278QR screen Now I have gotten my VM up and running with the 1080 passed through with the help of the following guide and writer, https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/guide-remote-gaming-on-unraid/4248/6 It's all working good except for: -Not able to use the VM with a DP cable -Hdmi is locked to 60hz (screen can run 165hz) -Can not enable GSync as it is not available in the NVIDIA control panel. Any tips what I can try to get it fixed? Cheers Edit: so after fixing the Bios, I unplugged the power from the screen which fixed the problem. Unplugging the monitor was 1 of the Frist thing I did, but I unplugged the power from the power plug and not from screen. tower-diagnostics-20200415-2228.zip
  7. I have had an old pc collecting dust for a couple of years now, and at the end of last year i decided to make a server out of it. I thought it was a good idea to use Freenas, but realized that is way to complicated for me, so i switched to unraid at beginning of this year, and i just love it. I enjoy it so much i want to make it my sole PC hardware in the house. At the moment my server has the following hardware: - Asus 970 extreme 3 r2.0 mobo - AMD FX6300 - 24gb ddr3 ram - Intel Nic - AMD R9 270 GPU for boot - Corsair RMi 750 W PSU - 250+500Gb SSD for Cache - 4TB parity - 2x4TB storage I also run a pc with the following spec: - Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo - Intel 8700K - 16gb ddr4 ram - Nvidea GTX 1080 - Crappy 650 W PSU - 250 + 500GB NVME 970 Evo for boot and storage - ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR Screen, 1440P with Gsync - Logitech G810 Keyboard, G502 Mouse The unraid server is in the livingroom and my PC is in my bedroom where i have a little desk. All are connected to 1G Lan Recently i have realized my unraid hardware is great for running a small plex server, and some other little things. But as soon i hit it with file encoding or stuff like Folding@home it is just a little slow for my liking. So i came up with the idea to use my PC (8700K) as my unraid server and make a VM as my daily driver. Now i have the following questions; How can i run my server headless, as i am right now, and use my monitor, mouse and keyboard to my full potential. Is it possible to use Gsync in a VM? I game a little bit, mostly blizzard games. WoW classic and Overwatch I have an old mac mini, from when i was a mac boy 10 years ago, what i can hook up to my peripherals to run the VM. Not really feeling using my old pc. want to make my desk nice and tidy Any advice, tip and tricks and do or don'ts are highly appreciated.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply! I ran chkdsk a couple of times and it didnt solve the problem.. i ended up doing a clean install of unraid which fixed the problem.
  9. Been getting these SQUASHFS errors. Could anyone have a peak at my logs and tell where I should start troubleshooting? Much appreciated, tower-diagnostics-20200402-0105.zip
  10. Can I do this from the webgui while the system is running?
  11. As stated in the title, I am not very good with server hardware/software. Build a system about 6 months ago and have been playing around with it. I really like it. Initially I had 2x 4gigs of ram in the system. Today I added 2x8gigs of ram after finding a good deal. Now I have been getting a lot of errors. So many that my log was full, wasn't able to see the logs and had to reboot. After the reboot it asked me for the registration key again. Have been googling a bit and after the info I gathered from that I think it is maybe a hardware issue. Before I start playing around I want some opinions from here. Much appreciated tower-syslog-20200330-2351.zip
  12. Does this container port forward with expressvpn? atm i am getting pretty low speeds.. 50% of my normal speed With PIA it was even worse.. there i got about 10%