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    Anyone know how to make sure the video quality stays good? We use mainly the app for video, 2 people look great. when we add a 3rd person the quaily drops a decent amount. I know 2 person can be peer to peer. 3 people doesn't really tax the server or network at all. It works just fine, but would be nice to keep quality up as good as we can. thanks
  2. Aage


    I see jitsi has 4 apps in unraid apps. Played a little with them. I'm having some issues with them. Jitsi-web wants to replace my letsencrypt container. Has anyone installed these yet? Care to share what we need to change in the settings? Thanks
  3. Aage


    @Wouterrthanks for posting this. I'll be trying this later!
  4. Aage


    I got a vm working for jitsi, but I use letsencrypt for dockers, and jitsi uses it also. Letsencrypt only uses ports 80 and 443 for certs. So only way I got it to communicate out side the network with encryption, was to stop ports to my docker. It seems there is a way around this, but a little over my head. It would be nice it have it through a docker to use letsencrypt I have on there.
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    https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet Anyone know how to install this on unraid? I'm spoiled with the unraid apps to install containers.
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    I also add +1 demand unit can jitsi be used on moble?
  7. I have this same thing going. I went to setting smb and put no for wsd. That seemed to stop the core from being 100%. What does was do?