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  1. yoo, I have problem starting to watch Plex, whn I try to start a episode, it just says loading at the screen, and I get this in the log: Jobs: Exec of /config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Codecs/EasyAudioEncoder-1165-linux-x86_64/EasyAudioEncoder/EasyAudioEncoder failed. (13) Help?
  2. Thank you for help All fixed and up and running!
  3. Just for Plex. Got a own Pool with SSDs for appdata, got my docker.img here too, and own cache pool for downloads. But want appdata for Plex on a own pool. EDIT: Did crate a share with the m2 pool a Only, and did put my Plex appdata in. Remapped plex, and working.
  4. I have set a max size now, thank you! How do I reduze it? I have set it to 20GB now, but it still 50. does I need to delete and make a new one? I use it most for download. Did download a full serie that did fill it up..
  5. I have set up a pool with a M2 SSD, how can i use that for appdata for Plex files? Im using now a SSD in unassigned for Plex.
  6. Thank you for help! It did work and things is back up running.
  7. Will I need to download my dockers again, and set them up ?
  8. Hello, After updating Plex ( version), did Plex docker die. The docker did not want to stop, did try the other dockers, but none of them did stop. So I tried to restart Docker service, and now the service won't start. Some help ? Thanks!
  9. Error in Valhaim server log at startup? [S_API FAIL] Tried to access Steam interface SteamNetworkingUtils003 before SteamAPI_Init succeeded. Full log:
  10. @GuildDartsThank you so much for help! Now everything works!
  11. Correct? folders.backup.json folders.json
  12. This did show up at refresh: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: folderChild is not iterable at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (UpdateFolder?type=docker&folderId=545f0cc:2880) at Function.each (dynamix.js?v=1583697979:4) at n.fn.init.each (dynamix.js?v=1583697979:4) at init (UpdateFolder?type=docker&folderId=545f0cc:2877) (anonymous) @ UpdateFolder?type=docker&folderId=545f0cc:2880 each @ dynamix.js?v=1583697979:4 each @ dynamix.js?v=1583697979:4 init @ UpdateFolder?type=docker&folderId=545f0cc:2877 async function (async) init @ UpdateFolder?type=doc
  13. It open like I will create a new folder, with all empty fields.