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  1. Am I missing something? What's the purpose of dry-run? It would seem logical to conduct a dry-run, verify it's a success, and then be able to rerun it as an actual move operation. I can't seem to be able to make this happen. I have to, hopefully, recreate the operation as it was in the dry run before being able to run it.
  2. Sorry folks, been out in the woods for a bit. Ya'll get this sorted yet?
  3. @RenaldoI see you have Sonarr routed through there too. Can you access it's UI? I do notice one thing. Even though I've removed the port mappings it still looks like below. All my containers show the ports they're using but I don't see that on yours. What version of Unraid are you running?
  4. @Kodiak51103So the second port is 8090 not 8089, but that wouldn't be the problem. Show me your entire config page for both. @Renaldo Not exactly sure what's up with yours. I do see you removed the variable that sets the webUI port in qBit (8113 by default). Suggest you add that back and then add a port in Nord to pass that through.
  5. Just setup NZB. Can access UI via [IP]:8080
  6. Are you typing it access it via typing it into the address bar? You would need to use [IP]:8080. The usual link that Unraid normally provides doesn't work.
  7. There are characters that can be problems in the password but I can't remember which they are, I believe it's any special characters.
  8. @Kodiak51103 @boomam There are characters that can be problems in the password but I can't remember which they are, I believe it's any special characters.
  9. @Kodiak51103 All ports need to be removed from the nzb container and added to the Nord container. Only exception is if it’s a config variable telling the container which port to listen to. @Renaldo I assume it’s the same as I just mentioned but hard to tell without screenshots.
  10. @Chris Mot Ended up having to manually add https:// before the ip. I actually had the port forwarding correct but had to ssh in and delete the ssl certs and reprovision to get [hash] working again.
  11. Looking for a quick assist with the plugin. I had to do a restore on my router and now most of my port forward settings are gone. Now I can't access the Unraid dashboard. What are the default port forward settings? That's what I used when I set it up.
  12. --device /dev/net/tun --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=2 you only need --device /dev/net/tun --cap-add=NET_ADMIN If I remember correctly. The rest is me trying to get nordlynx working
  13. Notice the ports on the vpn container, those are actually the ports required for qBittorrent. Also note that qBit is set to network none and then has the extra parameter --net=container:nordvpn (or whatever you have your vpn container named). This will force a rebuild of any dependent containers when there’s a change to the vpn container.
  14. And your container that you want to sent through the vpn should resemble this