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  1. Seems to be fine now. Thanks for resolving.
  2. Same issue here. @bonienl
  3. Well I run mover, they move to array. Then it happens again, not sure what to do to test further?
  4. radarr. But my container config hasn't changed, only thing that has changed is that I added the second cache pool a few weeks ago and changed the share to cache the new pool.
  5. I'm running a LSI 9201 16i without issues here. Not QNAP though. 6.9.1
  6. I'm going to say you probably are forwarding http/https to the unraid host and that you didn't have a root password. I.E anyone on the internet could access your unraid box.
  7. Are you port forwarding anything to the unraid box? Is your root password suitably complex?
  8. Thanks for the considered response and for being open about it. Happy to take anything offline where helpful. Rate-limiting a great tool to employ as part of a wider security hardening toolkit. Unfortunately, with botnets the above will do little to prevent a brute-force of root on a specific server. All those hundreds of thousands if not millions of IoT devices that have been compromised will do their business for them from individual IP addresses. Fail2Ban suffers similarly. This is why layers are so important. Let me be clear, I am a paid customer and enthusiast of unraid. I even quite like the features this offers in principle. However, my fear is that savvy users whom require remote access have already arranged it with something like VPN, WireGuard the like. We might be sweeping the rest along here into remote access with root and "rootpassword". Additionally, I would suggest some security auditing of the code/api if you haven't already done so. Better to pay someone to find potential routes to compromise than being held over a barrel. Bug bounty could be beneficial, free license/$500/xyz for each vulnerability rated x or above. I will keep an eye on this to see how it develops. Thanks for engaging.
  9. Opinions differ but consensus is generally at least 12 characters to include all of the four categories of lower-case, upper-case, number(s) and symbol(s). Of course you can lead a horse to water but not make them drink, so there is a risk of Password01!!, so any logic around preventing those type of passwords would probably be helpful too. There are countless lists online of the 100 most used passwords that you might be able to reference and prevent being used/saved.
  10. As I see it, 2FA is not required if you directly access https://yourhash.unraid.net, only if you login via the forum.
  11. only this time it's being actively endorsed by limetech. Maybe in addition to the 2fa for gui login and fail2ban for x failed login attempts, there might be a requisite for a complex root password to even enable "my servers". p.s I am a cyber security researcher. Hello lovely treasure trove of unraid servers to have a go at. This list is only going to increase as people enable the feature and search engines crawl. https://www.shodan.io/search?query=unraid.net
  12. I think the first is a given, but more emphasis should surely be on 2FA and a fail2ban type solution before advising people to put their servers on the open internet. Just my thoughts, waiting for that first "my server has been hacked" post.
  13. So if someone port scans my WAN IP, see's the open port (not 443 btw) and hits it over and over again attempting brute force on root, what's in place to protect my server from this attack? I fear this feature is born out of convenience and that security is going to be an afterthought with potential consequential results.
  14. Same Issue on dashboard, two collumns for docker containers instead of usual 3 with an inability to interact unless I go to specific docker page. My VM section of dashboard is empty but if I go to VM page, my Windows Server VM is running. Google Chrome 86.0.4240.198 unraid 6.9.0 beta35
  15. Noticed Processor is spelled wrong when hovering over the status bar when using Dynamix System Temperature plugin.
  16. Ok, updated to 6.9.0-beta29 and my 9201-16i (based on 2116 chip) seemingly works fine. @limetech @Squid
  17. Running 6.9.0-beta25. Glad I came here to check. Seems my 9201-16i would be one of the affected LSI SAS cards as it's based on the 2116 too.
  18. Will the next nVidia unRAID release use later drivers than 440.100? I'm looking to resolve a Plex Transcoder power C-State issue that nVidia fixed in > 450.36 Thanks,
  19. Is anyone able to assist with a P2000 that seems to want to stay in a P0 power state even when no transcoding in occurring? If I run the command nvidia-smi --persistence-mode=1 Then restart Plex container, it seems to put the card in P8, then P0 when transcoding but the transcoder crashes after about 5 seconds ending the playback? Therefore I have to put back to nvidia-smi --persistence-mode=0 and restart Plex container to get transcoding to work stable again. But stuck at P0 always, transcoding or not.. nvidia unRAID6.9.0 b25 It's not a huge issue, but I note I should be able to get idle card usage down from 17W to around 8W.
  20. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that could on a schedule output a list of all files/folders on each disk? That way, if I lose more disks than parity covers, I can cross-reference that disks list and know what I need to restore from backup. Thanks in advance,
  21. I am sorry if this has been covered in the topic already, I did search. Found this great app today but am having a few problems with it on an LSI 9300-8i. It seems to benchmark the 2x SSDs (cache and unassigned for plex) that are connected directly to my motherboard but the 8x drives connected to my HBA (LSI 9300-8i) are not scanned. It just seems to hang here. 30 minutes and counting. Incidentally, the controller and drives are accurately represented at the beginning before starting the benchmark. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  22. Any ideas why the dashboard widget is showing an active tunnel when I disconnect many minutes beforehand? Android client. I even dropped my device into airplane mode to be sure it wasn't still connected somehow. Is there a way to get it more accurate or poll connection status quicker? Thanks in advance, everything else is working perfectly!
  23. Been on this for the past 2 days and I think I've just got to the bottom of it. I tried with docker disabled but VM Manager enabled, same issue. I tried with VM disabled but docker enabled, same issue. Both turned off and NUT successfully powers down Unraid within 2 mins. Turned both back on and issue starts again. However! My wireless usb/mouse combo, has a little dongle. Unraid was doing it's hanging at "forcing shutdown" (usually 10+ minutes) trick. I unplugged the dongle during this to use elsewhere and immediately unraid completed it's shutdown and powered off, like within 10 seconds. It could be there is an issue between this little dongle and docker/vm manager which is preventing NUT from rebooting in a timely fashion. Could be coincidence but unlikely. I'll hold my judgement for now as I'm just waiting for the UPS to get it's charge up (couple hours) then i'll be testing again with no dongle and both docker and VM manager enabled. I'll report back later! Thanks for help.