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  1. I recently added a mirror set of cache drives to my array. I ran though the process of moving my appdata to the cache. I made sure that Docker was disabled and nothing was running before changing the share and running the mover. When mover completed I checked to make sure everything was moved successfully. However I noticed that were two directory (with files) still lefts on the disk1/appdata, binhex-plex and gitlab-ce. I did some investigation and all it appears that everything that is still left on the disk1 is all symlink with relative paths. (i.e. ../../somefile) This breaks docker images that require these files. I checked again on user/appdata and it appears that all the symlinks work from there, however when starting the Docker Image for gitlab-ce will fail to start and it looks like this is because all of the files on on the cache drive but the symlinks are on the array. With out going too much into the mover rabbit hole The only solutions that everyone seems to agree on is to copy the files manually as this issue pops up frequently. cp -avr /mnt/disk1/appdata /mnt/cache/appdata or rsync -avrth --progress --dry-run //mnt/disk1/appdata/ //mnt/cache/appdata/ I guess my next question is why does mover have an issue with symlinks? Thank you.
  2. I am running into the same issue where if i try to "Compute All" most of the time it just sits and spins. just if i jump out and back into the share it becomes fully populated but its a bit hit am miss. the Shares appdata seems to be the biggest culprit of not retiring the size in a timely fashion. Two things that might be helpful if future release. 1) Have a background task that once a day collects the size and array data and stores it a file. The data in the file then can be read at the time of the page load to show the last known size. Most people don't need real time data on the shares, but would like to browse where all their data is/was at the time of the last scan 2) by having this stored in a file, if a drive is spun down, you don't need to spin it backup to see what it was. (before the drive spins down, but run the script to see the size) in general this type of approach would just be a better experience as it gets faster feedback and if there is a need to, the enduser can always run the compute manually to update with the latest information.
  3. Yeah don't do what I did, had one drive Fail, moved all the data off the drive to another drive, then replaced the First parity drive with a new (larger) drive AND then swapped the original parity drive with failed drive. If i would have removed the failed drive form the array, first, I would have been better off. Luckily I was able to recover thanks to the second parity drive, but I ended up rebuilding the first parity drive and the failed drive (now a regular data drive) I one shot. After using Unraid for 6 months, I would like to see better (built in) logic for automating the procedure. Even something like (remove disk for array) and then have the mover reallocate the data and then remove the drive would be nice. Right now i am using unbalance to shift data around, but i feel like this logic should be built in and not relying on 3pp.
  4. I have a 6TB drive that is questionable and I am looking to replace it. The Drive that I am replacing it with will be a 12TB disk, However my current Parity drive is 10TB. What is the best strategy to swap the Parity Drive? Stop the Array Add the New Disk 12TB as Parity drive #2, Start the Array Let it rebuild Stop the array Remove the 6TB drive that is questionable Remove the 10TB drive from Parity drive #1, Add the 10TB drive back as a normal drive? Start the Array Rebuild. Thanks
  5. Is it possible to integrate a darkmode WebUI for future releases or provide instructions on how to implement from docker? Thank you.
  6. QQ or maybe a feature request or maybe I am missing something. Is there a way for Unbalance to automatically rebalance disks based upon the shares what is defined by Include/Exclude Disks? I could probably script some decent logic in bash but I am not sure I want to learn go at this time.
  7. Did you uncheck the "Dry Run" before you hit move?
  8. I have uBlock, uMatrix that are preventing third party scripts form executing. Disable these plugin temperately.
  9. Updated the firmware and replaced the cables, same issue as soon as I try to transfer data to the drive. Keeps thoughing sector relocation counts but when I go to the sector it says its fine. IIRC when I first got this drive I had an issue where the drive failed to boot is windows and i sent it in Samsung sent it back saying there was no issues. It was at that time I replaced it with an NVME drive. So yeah I am going to call this DEAD, even if the SMART status says its OK.
  10. I checked Brodcom site and it looks like they have removed an references to lsi 9207-8i other then the last manual publish in 2014. The only firmware I can find is for the Avago 9207-8i mpt2sas_cm0: LSISAS2308: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x05), BiosVersion(
  11. Here is an update, I had the XFS on the cache drive fail and unmount again, but UnRaid UI still tells me that the drive is healthy.
  12. I got it working. The Issues was with Firefox blocking the site.
  13. Disable the firewall, Setup port forwarding, enabled NAT and UPnP. Attached the Plex log, Basically its says cannot use loopback adapter and is unable to reach but it is able to resolve the IP When I was running this on a windows box, I didn't have this issue. Is there some UnRaid Firewall that is causing the issue? Plex.log
  14. I understand that but any idea on why Plex still can not connect to the internet? It see this external IP just fine, but I am unable to claim the server
  15. I am having the same issue. I tired installing binhex/arch-plexpass by binhex to see if it was an issue with the other container but same issue I tired plexinc/pms-docker by plexinc and it has the port mapping correct [IP]:[PORT] but when running it is unable to access the network as well. I disable my routers firewall (temporally) But same issue it was unable to connect to the internet. Using binhex-qbittorrentvpn with the mapping And no problems.