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  1. CPU is usually at max, so 100%. It's an old CPU but it is still dual core. For low res videos, some holiday vids I took some years back, it plays really well, but for higher res it plays for a few minutes and then stops for a few seconds and then continues to play. Sometimes I mess around with the playback settings, to change it to 720p @ 20Mpbs or another resolution and it sometimes works, it mostly fails in the end though. This is what is leading me to think it is a transcoding issue but I am not sure. The machine is in another room and I am connecting to it via the home lan to play video files through jellyfin.
  2. The rest of the network is gigabit. Is that not what Jellyfin is? What are the alternatives?
  3. Hi, I have Jellyfin installed and it works very well except for playing video files. I have some video files that are 1080p HD and some that are 4K taken with a video camera - mostly holiday videos and such. After a few minutes the video stops and then continues after a few seconds. CPU is an INTEL G1260 with an integrated GPU connection to the server is through a PowerLine with bandwidth of around 400Mbps Would I need to have a better hardward GPU solution because it appears Jellyfin is transcoding the video as it is playing. I have set the settings for playback to be at "Auto" and using 1080p and 4K for the type of video I'm playing but I still get the same issue. I have a spare PCIEx1 slot free, I could get a cheap GPU for that slot and see if it improves the performance. Has anyone has experience with this issue?
  4. Can anyone help with my previous request? edit: I should add that I have tried to verify the file using Transmission and it says that there is not enough space on disk. I have some disks that are 1tb in the array. Considering the torrent is 1.5tb does this cause a problem?
  5. Hi, Hoping someone can help with my problem. I have an Unraid setup with QBittorrent in a docker with 5Tb space left. I am d/ling a torrent that is 1.5Tb and had paused at 95%. There are many seeders and it was downloading very quickly. I then installed Transmission and tried again and it showed that there isn't enough disk space on the system. There are a total of 6Tb of data and the system had 5Tb free but it appears there isn't enough space left on disk to download. I have a SMB share that is being used as the destintion for the download. Any help would be great.
  6. Hi, I'm testing out Unraid and I'm so pleased to learn how feature-rich it is. I have a question about VPNs. I would like my Unraid box to connect via a VPN to a remote server. I need to install OpenVPN-AS docker app, and then on the remote server install OpenVPN. Have I got this right or is there another procedure to this? I will be using this tutorial for the installation on the remote server. Lastly, if the remote server is compromised in anyway, would that also mean my unraid box would be simiarly vulnerable? Thanks Art
  7. I'm testing unraid right now and it is working with a Cruser Sandisk USB drive. I suspect similar Sandisks will work well
  8. My qBittorrent share is located at /mnt/user/Downloads/Movies/ I've tried to use this mount path and also server share but it doesn't work.
  9. Hi, I'm just testing Unraid out, it seems to be very user-friendly and hassel-free. I am trying to find a way to d/l torrents and then have them automatically appear in Jellyfin libraries. It seems that Jellyfin can't see the entire directory strucutre as the torrent folder is a share. Aynone know how to do this? thanks
  10. Hi, Thinking of spinning up an Unraid server. I have a LSI M1015 card with 8-ports, it's fresh from ebay and was wondering if I would need to flash it to IT-Mode? Thanks
  11. Refering to the Hardware compatibility page shows that it is currently on level one. I was hoping for some conformation on someone gettting to level two (6 or more drives and continuous usage for a month etc). Has further progress been made on this board?