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  1. Not sure if this belongs in here but ran into a small snag this evening. After preclearing (it passed) via USB and shucking a 10TB Seagate Expansion Drive (Ironwolf Pro), I'm trying to offload certain folders from a mount drive (mnt3) to the new drive (mnt5). Using binhex-krusader, I used the move to the other pane option and saw my speeds in 6.9.0rc2 go from 225 MB/s down to 60 MB/s. I've got reconstruct write enabled so I'm not sure why this is happening. In this case, I'm trying to move all of my TV media from two drives to the new one to clear up some space. I've done this without iss
  2. Thanks for the 411. Worst case, I can just manually spin them down. Obviously it's a plug in of some sort that's the problem as when I had Unraid booted in safe mode, everything functioned as expected. Here's hoping RC3 isn't too far off.
  3. Where is telegraf? Autofan is long removed. Hoping RC3 fixes this mess.
  4. So, drives are remaining spun down that are already down. Still having an issues with drives not spinning down in 6.9.0 RC2 (where they're up). I've got the drives and the disk settings at 1 hour for spin down but it's not happening. Any ideas? Or do I want to try the above?
  5. Just removed Dynamix Auto Fan Control in case.
  6. Woke up this morning to find, IIRC, drives 2 and 3 spinning. Grabbed diagnostic files again. When I went to bed around 9-10 hours ago, everything was spun down. Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Should turbo write be disabled then? I've just double checked Plex and _NOTHING_ is being scanned: Just trying to get this resolved as I'm going to be adding in another drive (need to preclear it first). Thanks everyone.
  8. Here's an update. I rebooted in standard GUI mode and woke up with Drive 3 (of 4) plus Partity being spun-up. I'm attaching a copy of my diagnostics as suggested; hoping somebody can figure out what Plugin is behaving badly. For the record, these are the Plugins running: * CA Auto Update Applications * Community Applications * Dynamix Auto Fan Control * Dynamix SSD TRIM * Dynamix System Information * Dynamix System Statistics * Dynamix System Temperature * Fix Common Problems * Preclear Disks * Statistics * Unassigned Devic
  9. 2 1/2 days later and the drives are spinning down in safe mode the way they should. I’ll have to reboot and then run diagnostics and post them. Definitely a plug-in that’s messing things up.
  10. Thanks @JorgeB. Have rebooted in safe mode with GUI. 3h5m and no spin up so far. Usually (at least) one drive would've spun up by now. I didn't disable Dockers, however, so this points me in the direction of a plugin.
  11. Having an issue with drives not spinning down and staying that way. I've set the drives to spin down on each drive plus the universal disk setting. I'm assuming I'll need to get some logs to figure this out. What will I need to do in order to make that happen so I can get this resolved? Thanks everyone.
  12. Went a step further and configured each drive to spin down at 1 hour rather than the global setting and that seems to have fixed things.
  13. I just removed FCP because I've been experiencing constant disk spin ups since installing this RC. Gonna see what happens overnight and will look at UD next if things don't remain spun down. Edit: No activity all night. FCP definitely needs fixing.
  14. Thanks @trurl. I did try using Midnight Commander (mc in the terminal) but couldn't figure out how to delete the folder -- I can see option "8" is delete but how would I do that? Ended up navigating back to the top and to mnt and then going into Disk 1 and using "rm -r folder\ folder" which did the trick. Went back into shares and it was not showing the message any longer. Cheers!
  15. Hey everyone, So far, my Unraid build has been running really well ever since I upgraded the components. I was going through my shares this evening and I saw a message that my "share is outside the list of designated disks." It shows 0B as being there. 1) how did I manage to do this? 2) how do I resolve the issue? I've only selected Disk 4 for that share. Thanks everyone!