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  1. After being up for a day or so I start having trouble loading pages in the GUI. I check the logs and there are ton of the errors below. If I reboot it is fine for a day or so. Diagnostics attached, tho it took a few tries to run it.
  2. Did you remove the [ ] and leave the " " when you put the key in?
  3. Well I resolved the issue with disc ejection. Edited the necessary files and attempted to create a pull request. I am not allowed. So if anyone needs help with ejecting discs, they can grab from here Currently it installs sdparm when the container loads, a package needed for it. I have edited the Dockerfile to have it installed on container creation, so if want that, it is here Repo was updated and will now eject using sdparm method if initial method fails. 2 Burners successfully working. Recommended steps for those doing multiple containers for multiple drives. YMMV and will gladly help troubleshoot any issues. Have your drives plugged into your server and run either lssci -g or sg_map both will show the mappings of sr* to sg* that you will need, but the first one will show the specific drive as well in case you want that information for your container naming or what have you. When installing, by default it "Privileged Mode" is checked, and will need to be unchecked. Change the view from "Basic View" to "Advanced View" in the top right corner. Some extra lines will appear on the page. The "Extra Parameters" line by default is --device=/dev/sr0:/dev/sr0 and will work best changed to --device=/dev/sr0:/dev/sr0 --device=/dev/sg0:/dev/sg0 Left side of the : is the device in host(Unraid), and the right side is the device inside your Docker container. You will need to change the left side for each container you add after. Example, my second container "Extra Parameters looks like this --device=/dev/sr1:/dev/sr0 --device=/dev/sg1:/dev/sg0 The left side of the : is going to change based on what your results were from the Unraid host when you ran either of those commands mentioned above 'lssci -g' or 'sg_map'. Additionally if you want the WebUI Icon to show on your Docker tab for the containers, you will need to add the following to WebUI line http://[IP]:[PORT:9090] DONT FORGET to change the port down below when you add your 2nd container. The WebUI line will remain the same, just change the "Webserver:" line for your 2nd container.
  4. Annnnnd I am where you are with the auto eject. Consoled in and am presented with this eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom' going to tinker around
  5. 1) thanks for the sg_map command! 2) Oddly enough with just /dev/sg0 the one drive was just ripping away, the second drive was finnicky. Went back and altered accordingly with --device=/dev/sg1:/dev/sg0 --device=/dev/sr1:/dev/sr0 --device=/dev/sg0:/dev/sg0 --device=/dev/sr0:/dev/sr0 And everything appears to ripping along gloriously! So the template should definitely be updated to include /dev/sg*, as by default it isn't in the parameters. I do it mentioned on the main github repo. I hesitate to mention it on the github, as I was an ass yesterday and feel bad about it.
  6. Ill test that out. I have made tremendous headway since your mention of the priv mode. I think we, well at least me have been passing through the wrong device. Once I turned off priv mode, docker wasn't getting any devices. So I saw a mention of /dev/sg0 somewhere. I passed thru /dev/sg0 instead of /dev/sr0, and it picked up just the one drive. run lsscsi -g in an unraid console, and it iwll give some out put similar to [0:0:0:0] cd/dvd hp DVDRAM GT20L DC05 /dev/sr0 /dev/sg0 [1:0:0:0] disk PNY USB 2.0 FD PMAP /dev/sda /dev/sg2 [2:0:0:0] cd/dvd Memorex MRX-650LE v7 1.00 /dev/sr1 /dev/sg1 [6:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD80EFAX-68L 0A83 /dev/sdb /dev/sg3 [7:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD80EMAZ-00W 0A83 /dev/sdc /dev/sg4 [8:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD80EMAZ-00W 0A83 /dev/sdd /dev/sg5 [11:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD80EMAZ-00W 0A83 /dev/sde /dev/sg6 [12:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD80EFAX-68L 0A83 /dev/sdf /dev/sg7 [13:0:0:0] disk ATA WDC WD140EDFZ-11 0A81 /dev/sdg /dev/sg8 [13:0:1:0] disk ATA ST5000DM000-1FK1 CC44 /dev/sdh /dev/sg9 [13:0:2:0] disk ATA ST5000DM000-1FK1 CC49 /dev/sdi /dev/sg10 so in my first instance under extra parameters I did --device=/dev/sg0:/dev/sg0 and in my second instance --device=/dev/sg1:/dev/sg0 verified the container still saw /dev/sr0, and it does DRV:0,1,999,0,"DVD+R-DL Memorex MRX-650LE v7 1.00 SSG1B02846","","/dev/sr0" Now to try 2 discs 1 cup, er 2 discs 2 containers and see how it goes. I DONT think there will be any file issues with the output, but I suppose it is possible in some random scenarios.
  7. I your drive inside docker is anything other than /dev/sr0, you will need to edit the beginning of under the # Paths section # Paths STORAGE_CD="/out/Ripper/CD" STORAGE_DATA="/out/Ripper/DATA" STORAGE_DVD="/out/Ripper/DVD" STORAGE_BD="/out/Ripper/BluRay" DRIVE="/dev/sr0" it does the eject command based on the DRIVE variable.
  8. Outstanding! I will test that out. I never turned it on, as it was enabled by default for me. Thank you! I was pounding my head against a wall because I just couldn't wrap my head around why either would show up at all!
  9. Thanks for chiming in so quickly, @squid. I am not willing to spend my free time with internet trolls. I will suggest tho that with sponsorships, usb dvd drives are fairly cheap on Amazon. Here's what I can say. After extensive testing, I wiped all remnants of Ripper off the server. Reinstalled removing the extra paramenter for device passthrough. I then consoled into the container and ran the command used inside to get the status of the drive. Here is my result. Perhaps someone here can explain how with zero devices passed through to the container, the container still shows both drives? [email protected]:/# makemkvcon -r --cache=1 info disc:9999 MSG:1005,0,1,"MakeMKV v1.16.5 linux(x64-release) started","%1 started","MakeMKV v1.16.5 linux(x64-release)" DRV:0,1,999,0,"DVD+R-DL hp DVDRAM GT20L DC05 KW29COA4542","","/dev/sr0" DRV:1,1,999,0,"DVD+R-DL Memorex MRX-650LE v7 1.00 SSG1B02846","","/dev/sr1" DRV:2,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:3,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:4,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:5,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:6,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:7,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:8,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:9,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:10,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:11,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:12,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:13,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:14,256,999,0,"","","" DRV:15,256,999,0,"","",""
  10. You don't seem to grasp the concept of common sense. I'm merely pointing out how flawed of a "developer" you are sport. They must pass that "Community Developer" tag around like candy.
  11. Does. Not. Work. Something. Is. Flawed. If I make ONE container, and only passthrough ONE device. Why does the container still see both drives?
  12. All one needs to do is look at your github issues and see you don't want to help people. This SPECIFIC issue is 2 years old. People tell you it isn't working. And you just go "Its in the readme".
  13. People have constantly showed you that "2 containers" the 2 containers aren't working In one issue we are supposed to go through and change a bunch of code to get it to work. Struggle with setting variables? Don't know how to do it. Bruh it's in the readme, how are you so dumb user?!
  14. so you do follow the thread, just don't care to help. Point proven. Being helpful to those seeking help would have probably lead you to the sponsors you complain about not having. Clearly false, or multiple people here wouldn't be asking for help on the issue. Going through your issues on github, you couldn't even be arsed to have abcde.conf easily accessible for people to edit. Majority of it is "I'd be happy to review a pull request". Why would anyone sponsor someone who wants other people to do the work they wont/cant do? Just be honest, you either 1) don't want to help or 2) can't help because you likely didn't make 90% of this Good luck getting sponsors for a passion project with that attitude.
  15. The commenter's post clearly states they made two containers. I've tried all the methods to use 2 drives and 2 containers, but it always picks up the other drive. It is pulling the information from somewhere else. The creator only cares to support for $