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  1. Please share! I would love to have this info as well, if you have the time. Thank you.
  2. I run c_connect("ip", 10890, "pw") With both ip and pw changed to reflect my actual ip and password, but keeping the quotes.
  3. Yeah, triple checked my port forwarding and it also matches the other working ones. sees the port as open, as well. When I run the console command to connect with my credentials, it tries connecting for a bit then says server not responding.
  4. I went ahead and wiped it all, only keeping the token key, including removing the appdata folder manually etc. It did download the new images. Still not getting anything to come up, though the errors noted above are gone (nice!) - it stops at "registering master server in US lobby" in the logs and doesn't go further. *should* it go further than this, or is this normal behavior? New paste here:
  5. Hey Ich, sorry to bother I know you're busy. Just following up on my issue with the don't starve container. Here's an updated log for you that I just pasted: The notable errors seem to be as follows: Unknown bind__() error -1. Unknown bind__() error -1. [00:00:16]: [Error] Shard mode failed to start! [00:00:16]: Unhandled exception during shard mode startup: RakNet UDP startup failed: SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE (5) I don't see the "can't resolve" issue anymore, so I think that was just a freak occurrence, but kind of back to square one. Can't see the server in the master list, looks like it's getting hung up trying to register the server. Thanks!
  6. Just the one in the log it said it couldn't resolve - just wanted to be sure it was my entire network and not specifically my server. ( It still seems to get hung up on registering the server. Either way, I can't see the server online or in LAN with zero filters in-game.
  7. I do run pihole but I checked and the query is being forwarded to my upstream, so not blocking. ping shows 100% loss.
  8. I'm a moron lol. but I know it wasn't resolving the server name, and I couldn't ping it either.
  9. So I am getting another error now, shown as [00:00:19]: CURL ERROR: ( Could not resolve host: [00:00:19]: Failed to send server broadcast message It seems in the first line, Klein is missing the last "N" character in that url. Should be instead. Not sure if that will totally solve/help but definitely at least one small problem I could do a commit but I don't see it in git
  10. Ah okay, no problem! Thanks for all your hard work. Yes, tried connecting but no-go as well.
  11. Kind of tagging onto the back end of MrBeardSmith's post - also having trouble with dontstarvetogether container. I copied my cluster token in, but it gives two errors: one about the Shard Mode failing to start, and a "racknet UDP startup failed: socket_port_already_in_use" I don't know why it would say the port is in use, the only other steam dedicated server I have running is Valheim which doesn't use any of the same. Thanks for any help!
  12. When going to swap HBAs I noticed mis-matched cables. So what I had done is connect one HBA to both front and rear backplanes, then connected the front backplane again to a second HBA. So the timeout was the second HBA wanting to connect the disks, but the disks were already on the first HBA. Silly mistake, I removed the unnecessary HBA and cable, and it works great now Cheers, thank you very much for your help. You pointed me in the exact right direction!