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  1. Regarding this topic: could be possible to share a 1060 GTX with the PLEX container (90% of the time) but if I start a Windows VM (10% of the time) it get locked by the VM?
  2. Hello guys, Yesterday I posted that I had a problem with my unraid because my dockers can't mount in a read-only filesystem. After checking the log, there was a problem with my cache drive in BTRFS and I read that the scrub doesn't fix the files so someone in the unraid forum I read something like ''just format in XFS and format again in BTRFS and it will be fixed''. Well, guess what, it is fixed but all my dockers configurations were screw! Its not a big deal, onyl a few hours of work so it could be worse. But two questions came to my mind: 1) I really thou
  3. Hello guys, There was a blackout last night and today Im having some troubles with my Unraid server. My OpenVPN container is not working, as the same as others, because I'm having a 'file system read-only' error and I have only been able to stay 1 hour or less at home so, until tomorrow, this is what I have seen: All my disks are green and with no errors (1 of them has some UDMA Errors but has been on 50 errors the last 8 months). I started a parity check with corrections to see if the problem was fixed but later I have been reading this
  4. Nice! So can I run headless unraid and past through also mouse and keyboard to VM right? the only 'drawback' is that I have to start the VM through the server gui through the phone as you said. Because, what happens if I have the VM running all the time EVEN if It has no use? will it down the performance of the server? I mean, the passthrough cores and the ram are blocked by the VM and cannot be used by the sever while the VM its running? Last question: If I run unraid headless, can I passthrough the onboard graphics card to another VM? Thanks for your
  5. Hello guys! After some months setting up my Unraid Server with its multiple dockers and harddrives I created my first VM. It was a Windows 10 for testing some stuff and it works great. I dont have a very powerfull server but it does the job. The thing is that, after watching a youtube video of ''Linus Tech Tips'' where he mounts and unraid with 2x2080 to have 2 gaming setups, I want to try something ''similar''. I want to try to install a 1060 6Gb I have around and use that VM as an option for gaming when I'm in this house. So the question is, when you have a setup
  6. Hello Its my first time setting up a OpenVPN server so I don't know if this is the correct way of working or I'm missing something. I have followed the Spaceinvaders guide and my VPN is working. I have tested it with my mobile phone using 4G and it works perfect. The problem was that I was at the office this morning and want to test it but I didn't have the profile so I tried to access to mydomain:943 and It couldn't be reached. I 'opened' the port just in case and still not working. So: 1) Is openVPN GUI only accesible through LAN for security reasons? 2) In
  7. At first, thank you for answering. I gonna try to clarify some points: 1-Do you want all your files (movies/tv) in your "Plex" share to eventually be moved to your gdrive? Or are you going to keep some files local and some on the cloud? No. I'm having two different folders: one for 'special movies' I want to keep local in /mnt/user/Plex/movies and other with 'less special' movies in '/mnt/user/Plex/mount_mergefs'. Then I add these two folders in the same library in Plex so I see all the movies together. 2- Do you seed files for a LONG time or just to meet ratio/hit-and-run rules (lik
  8. Sorry guys! I have been busy this week. I just accomplished it! The main problem was in my cache remote (I read it in a spanish forum that it was better for plex but I have try with only the crypt and it is working fine so...) Anyway I would like to ask because I think I can optimize it a little bit but it is hard to explain: At first Im pretty new to unraid so maybe I am doing things wrong. - I have 1 user shared called Torrent that use disk 3 (cache: no) for downloads (first question: should I use an unassigned device for torrent downloads to avoid wr
  9. Hello! Im trying to mount my gdrive in unraid but Im facing some problems. I'm not a native english speaker so maybe thats the main problem haha I have created 3 remotes in rclone. one called gdrive with connect to my gdrive, one called gcache which points to 'gdrive:media' and one gcrypt which points to 'gcache:'. I think thats ok. Now I have to create a user script with the rclone_mount script but I'm seeing all the folders at the beginning and that's where I'm getting lost. I have a user share (calle Plex) with 3 disks. I have a folder called 'movi
  10. Hello, I have an unlimited Gdrive account that I would like to use with Unraid. I have seen the guide and so, but I haven't started to mount anything yet because I'm wondering how I'm going to use it. I'm planning to have enough local space because I like to keep things local, but I was thinking: what if I setup another Plex library in the gdrive with rclone and that stuff and put there 'less important' things? Like TV Shows and movies I don't mind to lose. I have a friend that has all its library in GDrive and he says that even 4K is well played. The only problem,