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  1. Great plugin so far, thanks for the efforts. I am having some speed issues on 'post read' of a 2TB WD RED, so far its been in post read 2 days and its 50+% only. Any ideas based on the attached preclear report? i have re-seated on the sata connection only other item i can try is on a different sata interface but i have precleared and run drives twice the size on that connection. is this a sign of any issue with the drive? slow_preclear.rtf
  2. I resolved the issue in the short term by removing bind mounts to the container and letting it update then adding the bind mounts again. Still does not solve my issue with this in the future and my data loss in the bind mounted drives.
  3. Hi, I tried to update two nextcloud containers today using the "apply update" button in unraid docker manager. The docker containers deleted hundreds of gigs of data from bind mount hard drives and will no longer start. The persistent container data has been reset to new sample data from the image. This is not the first time this has done this and i have had to restore from backups but each time i loose a small hand full of files. Anyone please tell me why in the h*** this is happening? I have no backups for my instances. so there goes all that work again.
  4. I have come across this issue as well where after a reboot docker-compose is no longer available on the system. What is the reason for it not being persistent as is docker engine? is this "install docker-compose on boot" the only resolution. Has this affected anyones boot time?
  5. Hi, I have had a couple system warnings from unraid on the temperature of a Kingston A400 240GB SSD drive running as a cache drive in btrfs pool running at 48°C when under use. I have plenty of ventilation as my 6 mechanical drive array is running average 27.3°C. The second drive (Western DIgital 240gb Green) in the pool runs at 35°C at this time with approx same number of writes but 55k more reads. I have now balanced the drives, stopped dockers and docker engine removed the Kingston drive and tried to apply the Western digital as the cache until the replacement is obtained. Howev
  6. I am hoping to move Joomla (CMS) built sites to my unraid build and expose to the internet. Reading up on name spaces, so i can implement docker containers safely. Anyone have any suggested reading or experience from doing the same or similar setup?
  7. Thanks for all your responses. Just running with the keyboard in as suggested. Still having intermittent boot hold until the USB thumb is moved to the other USB 2.0 port. On next boot it will do the same putting the thumb back in the original port. Again will continue to work with it as is. Maybe later the motherboard will be upgraded or a resolution comes to light. Further to my original post, I could not get the Mecer Smart UPS to communicate with unraid. I did today get a 2U rack mount Smart Ups for this system alone.
  8. I believe the Bios is the latest available, i already updated trying to resolve the other issues i was facing. i'm beginning to think the only way would be to leave a keyboard and be done with it. The Boot drive EFI folder is labelled "EFI". This pause on the boot is going to prevent me from waking on lan or rebooting when not on site. If anyone comes across this in future and can suggest anything else it would be great. Thanks for the help so far 'tee-tee jorge'
  9. Thanks for your quick responses, my Bios boot options are similar options as the image above. i tried the "wait for F1 if error" before but did it again now just incase. With the function disabled I, powered on again and removed the keyboard, the system does the same when the keyboard is removed, sits and waits for it to show up before booting. Shut it down again and booted up with the keyboard in and get the same black screen. nothing moving forward. Another shutdown with the power button and change usb slots for the thumb and boots to lime technology os. Disabled multiple boot o
  10. Hi, Newbie to Unraid, some 2/3 weeks only. After much playing, testing, frustrations etc.. with config i have the system at a reasonably acceptable condition with the exception 2/3 items i cannot seem to resolve. I have done a few searches on this forum and not found anything as yet that assists me. 1. Boot up, will flash the Asus logo then go to black screen and sit for many hours and do nothing. In order to resolve i have been shutting down with power button and place the usb boot thumb into a different port. The system will boot and run then next boot up the system will repeat t