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  1. Great container, the interface is very nice, got my Wasabi account linked flawlessly. That being said, encountering a couple issues: 1.) Has anyone tried backing up all system files from / excluding some shares in /mnt and /storage? All the errors I'm getting are permission denied errors, even though the container is assigned /storage as / and it's running at a privileged level. I suppose this isn't necessary and I could get away with just backing up /flash 2.) I can't expand the /mnt folder to selectively backup my /appdata folder. The whole container hangs. I assume this is due to the downloads and media library folders there. Is there anyway to manually specify the path and not have to use the GUI there, or am I just screwed trying to backup anything under /mnt?
  2. Final Solution: I switched back to the 3900XT and an ASUS X570 Gaming. I'm not sure why that worked, but I was able to successfully make it through parity sync and am now in the process of reconfiguring everything. Just wanted to update in case someone else discovers this thread looking for a solution.
  3. Given others already explained UPSs & UNRAID pretty well, I'll just chime in with the UPS I use personally, I caught mine at a Office Depot that was going out of business, so it was below MSRP, but even at MSRP it's still a great balance of capacity/bulkiness: APC BN1350M2 1350VA UPS w/ USB Charging I also keep my router/modem plugged into the UPS to ensure I have WiFi for a bit in the event of a power outage.
  4. Hello! I was having undecipherable kernel panic issues, and after a couple weeks of research and troubleshooting, including swapping to a different CPU and also a different motherboard, I decided to reset UNRAID. I wiped all my HDDs and SSDs, and re-created the USB drive, using the same physical drive and just copying the license key back over. I was still receiving kernel panics until I found a BIOS update that fixed the issue. Now, in setting up the new array and assigning a parity disk, all goes well until the initial parity sync begins. It will start out at full speed (120MB/s) but it quickly drops to ~200-300KB/s and stays there. The machine has been running for 14 hours and has only finished 17.4% of the parity sync. From what I can parse of the S.M.A.R.T data for the drive (sdd) it doesn't seem to be having any kind of error rate to be fully failing, but I'm not an expert on S.M.A.R.T data either. I am at a loss as to what could be causing the issue. I do have a spare drive I can use for Parity as I have an in-box 10TB IronWolf, just wanting to make sure I don't need to pull it out yet. I've attached the full anonymized diagnostics, hopefully there's a nugget of info that answers what's going on with it. Given the system is completely wiped of data, any formatting solutions are fine, there's nothing to lose at the moment. EDIT: I went ahead and replaced the parity drive with a brand new drive, still in anti-static bag. The new drive is working phenomenally. In the meantime I have taken the old drive and have plopped it into my hot-swap dock connected to my Windows machine. After running S.M.A.R.T analysis with CrystalDiskInfo, and doing research on Seagate's values, the drive doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it, and the Reallocated Sectors count is still at 100. The only errors showing up are Read Error Rate and Seek Error Rate. I've got the CrystalDisk results attached, still curious as to what might be wrong with the drive, or if it was just weird software issue. smaugs-trove-diagnostics-20210214-1229.zip EDIT 2: Changing to a new parity drive seemed like it worked, however after 2 hours the machine kernel panicked once again. I took a photo of the panic as I had no other way to capture the data, the picture is attached. I have noticed that it usually takes about 2 hours for the machine to panic, and as of writing I tried disabling the onboard WAN and Bluetooth, noting that they were mentioned in the kernel panic printout. I would truly appreciate any help I could get, these issues have been going on for a few weeks now and are very frustrating. PS: Apologies about the oddness of the picture, I tried to make the text still readable by using panorama mode on my phone, so it's not exactly aligned perfectly.
  5. So I have a 10G Asus PCI-E NIC and the 2.5 Intel NIC built into my X570 Taichi Motherboard. I want the 10G card to connect to the main network, and for the 2.5 NIC to be a direct connect between UNRAID and my Windows PC. The 2.5 NIC isn't visible in Network Settings to even set to a static IP, however it's visible everywhere else, IOMMU groups, ifconfig, and BIOS. Attached I have screenshots of the IOMMU group screen, Network Settings, and ifconfig printout. Any ideas?
  6. Hello, First off, love your containers, about 1/3rd of my containers are running from your images! To get to the point though, I'm currently trying to accomplish 2 tasks for my mineos-node instance. 1) Being able to run multiple servers (distinguished by port number) 2) Using the swag container to proxy the webui AND the servers to subdomains for friends/family to access. Do you have any info on getting this accomplished? Most of what I found were forum posts over on the main mineos forums, and the results were rather inconclusive. I have almost every container of yours running behind a proxy for remote management, if it's possible to use other container .confs as template of sorts. And of course, given the time of year, Happy Holidays and Happy New (Finally) Year!
  7. I don't know how I didn't encounter issues with it earlier, I'd rebooted a few times before the move and never encountered an issue. Sometimes servers work in mysterious ways...
  8. Well, unattaching the controllers brought all of the drives back, including the 4TB ones. I'm beyond stumped as to why that did it, but hey, it worked! I seriously appreciate the help both of you have given me today @JorgeB and @trurl.
  9. Just got done re-assembling the PC, I have to take the motherboard tray out entirely to get to the PSU, I checked all connections, and actually minimized the number of SATA cables to just 2 cables. The drives show up in BIOS, so I'm not sure why they're not showing up in UNRAID at this point. I've attached a new copy of the log, just in case a new clue lies within since I physically checked and re-seated everything. smaugs-trove-diagnostics-20201201-0723.zip
  10. Yeah, checked all the connections on the drives already, that was my first trick after a reboot. I've seen stories of bad cables on other threads but I have a feeling that I wouldn't have 5 SATA PSU connectors all fail at exactly the same time.
  11. I have 3 cables running to the various drives from the PSU, using 2 connectors on 2 of the cables, and 1 cable runs exclusively to 1 drive, just due to length issues in the case. The PSU is an 850W modular unit from Corsair.
  12. Do you mean like a bad SATA power connector, not enough power from the PSU, or from the wall? Note it is plugged into a APC UPS unit that it was plugged into in the other room.
  13. Hello Everyone, So I just relocated my server this morning from the living room to my office to clear up some space, and after plugging everything back in and booting up, all of my SATA drives are missing. I have the following drives, all the HDDs are missing, but my 2 SSDs show up fine. Parity - 10 TB Seagate IronWolf Pro Disk 1 - 10 TB Seagate IronWolf Pro Disk 2 - 10 TB Seagate IronWolf Pro Disk 3 - 4 TB Seagate IronWolf Disk 4 - 4 TB Seagate IronWolf Cache 1. 500GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 nVME 2. 500GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 nVME I scanned the system log but it only shows that the system failed to see the devices. I've checked all the cabling, and even reseated every SATA data and power connection, in the same slots as they were before, despite nothing seeming to have come undone. The move was maybe 14 feet at most across a flat surface, so I highly doubt it's real damage to the drives, especially given 3 of them are relatively new (less than 3 months old). I have my diagnostics zip attached. Any info or ideas would be fantastic, I'm hoping I don't have to replace 3 month old drives, or wipe the array. smaugs-trove-diagnostics-20201201-0723.zip
  14. Funny enough NZBPlanet has since resolved itself for me, and for NZBGeek I eventually got it working by adding my username/password as a backup method if API calls failed. For NZBPlanet I'd just suggest removing it, updating the container, and re-adding it.
  15. I use the LetsEncrypt docker, making just the changes you stated for that container worked for me! Thanks for the explainer, very helpful!