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  1. Hi unsure if this is a bug i have created a pool which i have an ISCSI connection to it The FileIO total 8TB but in the main section it shows 17TB used how do i reclaim unused space if thats what it is doing?
  2. Simon We did a fork and pull request in your Git now
  3. They were on the git that ich777 gave us access too we still have our changes, we will update the one we are using. FYI it works great and we are getting 1.5Gb/s transfer from server to NAS thats with 10GB fibre and no special config yet.
  4. you didn't add the parts Custom name your own IQN extended info in volumes tab showing name, sizes and write back of current volumes info in LUN tab for each one so you can edit or delete current LUN's info in ACL tab for each one so you can edit or delete them a lot easier and see what you already have setup we uploaded these to the depository, not something you are interested in for this version?
  5. yep agreed Us users that want to be able to have dynamic storage through thin provisioning will require it. my unraid NAS boxes are in an enterprise environment and that is why i am looking at this plugin as it is required for my setup. We are happy to keep those settings in a different version that we will use when the software moves from beta to stable version.
  6. agreed we will port a version to ourselves when we finish with the basic configuration. Proof of concept works as i ran up a windows server and connected initiators for a file server which is exactly what we needed. Thanks
  7. found this Have a look at sparse files. dd if=/dev/zero of=file.img bs=1 count=0 seek=1024M creates a 1024Mb sparse file that can be formatted and mounted as a filesystem. There is more information on sparse files and using them here.
  8. No was just going to work them out, do you?
  9. so we will be implementing a couple of changes to this version or we fork our own LUN Being able to edit the size of the volume after it is created (Thin Provisioning) Changing target mapping or multiple mappings Target (Volume) Multiple or single session options network binding if multiple networks
  10. Simon That is correct and normal setup
  11. yeah we have fixed that part and added a few features to make it a bit more user friendly also added a bit of ajax to the back end to clean some code up, hope your alright with that.
  12. if you fill the name and hit enter it creates it
  13. supposed to be a button to do something here?
  14. thats ok we are looking at it now and will push any changes and you can decide if you want it or not