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  1. with the latest update, unfortunately all of my reverse proxies are no longer working. I have it configured to use my own domain, and there is a cname associated to each subdomain. My dynamic dns is resolved with DuckDNS, and I have all of the relevant containers set on proxynet along with the SWAG container. My logs show that the Server is ready, however it is flagging that the Prox-conf files are out of date. Could this be causing the issue? did the templates change materially? The containers in use are Bitwardenrs, Nextcloud, and OMbi
  2. I am trying to share an existing media share on my unraid server using the external storages app. It is my understanding that if I create a Host path to the share in the container settings, I would simply need to configure in the Nextcloud settings for External storages a point to that mapped share and then add the username and password for SMB. I keep getting an error when I do so. Can someone point me to instructions on how to setup external storages?
  3. This was very helpful thanks. Got me sorted out completely!
  4. Thank you will give this a try.
  5. I have a script that is running great when I manually tell it to do so, or in the background but does not seem to be responding to my custom CRON schedule. I would like it to run every Thursday at 2am so I have set the CRON fiel to be 02**THU. The log however indicates a failure to parse CRON job and goes into a loop. I saw that weekly is an option, but am unsure how to set the day and time of the weekly schedule. Can someone help?
  6. Have an issue where the container won’t start when connected to my reverse proxy. On the local network it starts no problem but when I connect to my custom proxy network the container won’t start and gives me an exception error Code 403. any ideas?
  7. Edit the template. Click advanced settings and change the icon URL to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/linuxserver/docker-templates/linuxserver.io/img/linuxserver-ls-logo.png
  8. Correct. It will start up on bridge but not when connected to custom network. The only change was with the migration to swag that why I figured there must be some kind of conflict.
  9. So I recently migrated my Letsencrypt instance to Swag, and all of my proxy confs seem to be working except for the Ombi one. I changed nothing in the subdomain conf file from what ws in place with Letsencrypt, but now the container wont start, and I get an Execution Error Code 403. Anyone overcome a similar problem?
  10. its in beta, but has been running well for some time now
  11. Curious will there be an upgrade of this container to V3 at all?
  12. Can someone ELI5 what the impact of turning off strict port forwarding will have? I don’t use the Privoxy function currently, and only set up so I can obfuscate my location while D/L using the deluge client. would using the client without strict port forwarding enabled leave me exposed?