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  1. If you get one (or more) you can run the pre-clear routine over USB. This way you can verify the drive passes pre-clear before taking it out of the case and potentially having a warranty return issue if it's no good. Edit: Just logged in to Costco and it shows for $119.99 after applying instant rebate. Pretty smoking deal!
  2. The Intel ARK database has all the information you can imagine for their processors. This is a comparison page showing the specs of each of those processors: http://ark.intel.com/compare/77481,81209 It looks like the only difference between the two is that the i3-4170T has a 10% clock increase and has the AES Secure Key instructions. Assuming the AES secure key isn't required then the i3-4130T should do exactly what you want the i3-4170T to do.
  3. The system in my sig idles at about 35 -40 watts, based on a Kill-A-Watt reading at the AC outlet. Yours does seems a little high. Are all unneccessary motherboard features disabled? Also, what version of unRAID are you running? I seem to recall the AMD cpus having some issues with not throttling very well on Linux. Might boot up a v6 beta just to see how much power it draws. EDIT: Also, how are you connecting 17 drives? Your SATA expansion cards probably make up the difference.
  4. Supermicro has a list of tested memory at http://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/mem_exclude_DDR3_135V_135V.cfm EDIT: Doesn't look like there's much on that list, a couple of Hynix modules is all.
  5. What's the emoticon for 'I raise a glass in celebration?'
  6. The E3C224 also has dual LAN and IPMI. I offered it as an example of a server oriented board based on its popularity in many threads. Myself, I am quite happy with the H97M Pro I have on my desktop. When (not if, but when :-) I build a new unRAID server I may be looking for those features. That's why I threw it out for consideration.
  7. I have a Cyberpower UPS and it works just fine with the APCUPSD software. Most folks using Cyberpower have had simlar success. Can't speak to v 6 though, yet to upgrade.
  8. Performance, power efficiency, and value seem to be best on the Haswell LGA1150 platform. Idle power consumption is low but the chips deliver top performance at various price levels. If you don't have a discrete video card, then for under $300 you can go with: Asrock H97M Pro4 motherboard and an i5-4590 CPU. If you have a video card, you could move up to a Xeon E3 (has no onboard video) such as a Xeon E3-1231v3 for a total of about $325 (based on Newegg prices) The H97 has limited SATA ports, so you may want to consider a server oriented motherboard such as Asrock E3C224 or Supermicro MBD-X10SLM-F-O. Lots of folks on these forums have put together systems using motherboards from both manufacturers. You can easily replace your mobo and cpu for under $500 and get a damn fine system. All of the above though are DDR3 1600 systems. I suspect they will all work just fine with your existing memory, and probably to a level where you could never detect a difference between 1600 and 1333 MHz. Final note, you can mess with this web page and filter out processors based on specific features you are looking for: http://ark.intel.com/Search/Advanced?s=t Once you have a motherboard targeted, do some google searches to see how much success folks have with virtualization.
  9. You have exisiting DDR3 RAM? If so, what speed?
  10. Not a hardware or software engineer myself, but I'll echo jonp's comments about it testing your system. I'll also throw in the notion that it's testing your PSU too. I've paid the wages of sin for buying cheap power supplies in the past, so that's usually the first suspect I have when errors like this pop up. If heat is an issue, you can rule that out by testing with the case open and a fan blowing on the motherboard.
  11. Under $30/TB is a rarity, especially at 5 TB and up. Here's the direct link: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1087201-REG/toshiba_ph3500u_1i72_5tb_3_5_desktop_sata.html EDIT: Looks like they are out of stock, but you can order at this price
  12. Let me give a disclaimer up front: I have not done any VM builds and what I know about VM is what I glean off of these and other fora. The question i would ask is will this system work for the games you want? As far as virtualization you look to have all the bases covered. Although you may want to consider increasing the RAM in the system to 16 GB.
  13. Yes indeed, there's an HDMI port right above the DisplayPort. My apologies, I overlooked that.
  14. That's almost the same as my desktop system I put together a few months back. That's a lot more video card than necessary if it's only doing unRAID and dockers, but I reckon it will server other purposes too.