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  1. There you go tower-diagnostics-20200517-2219.zip
  2. Thanks. Rebuild has been going for some time. It does seem to have slowed though. It seemed to be going along at 100m/s roughly until it got beging the max utilisation of any other drive @about 4Tb. Now it is at about 12mb/s. I will leave it going but it seems odd, I would have thought it would speed up if anything or am I misunderstanding?
  3. More to the point, if I wanted to rebuild to that disk, how do I?
  4. I don't have any spare 8tb drives lying around, so I don't suppose I have a choice at the moment. I could buy another but would prefer not to at the moment. If I rebuilt to that drive and it failed I would be just back to my present position, right?
  5. Any thoughts on my best way forward?
  6. Disks 5 & 7 Though 7 is a drive I was in then process of decommissioning and has no data on it.
  7. Apparently I do now have two smart warning on other disks now. One drivev is showing errors but is excluded from shares as I was about to delete that drive from the array as a move to fewer larger drives. the other was not showing errors before the reboot. Most of the drives are in s netapp drive array Inc the one with the red X.
  8. Here you go tower-diagnostics-20200515-0319.zip
  9. I have an array with disk 20 an 8tb drive showing the red X so I need to sort it out. Drive 21 is another 8Tb drive that appears to have nothing on it. Is there a way to use the empty 8tb that is in the array, to replace the faulty drive and then rebuild the array?
  10. Can it download Radio Shows as well as TV Shows? I have added a few radio shows to the list and although it seems to have searched for them it didn't pick them up, is there a way to tell it it is a Radio Show?
  11. "Media" share has 32Tb free "Downloads" share has 9.15Tb free yet disk space on Sonarr is showing 13.7Gb free, why?
  12. I have installed Sonarr from scratch and I think I have got it sort of right this time but under system it is telling me I have 20Gb of free space, but the share that I have the "media" pointed to has terabytes free. I must have some setting wrong, but any idea where?
  13. Diagnostics attached. I have a "system" folder on disk 1 that has two folders in it docker (with a docker.img file in it) and libvirt (with a libvirt.img file in it) but also the main "System" folder/share tower-diagnostics-20200125-1046.zip
  14. I have had an error flag up by Fix Common Problems "Fix Common Problems: Error: Same share (System) exists in a different case" I can see that I have a "system" folder on disk 1 that has two folders in it docker (with a docker.img file in it) and libvirt (with a libvirt.img file in it) What is this folder doing here? What can I do to sort out the problem?
  15. I have just tried hot swapping, stopped the array, installed disks and restarted. Disks were picked up in UnAssigned devices before I got back to my PC. However I was not able to delete the partitions using UnAssigned devices on those drives until I rebooted.
  16. I think I have sorted the speed issue out now, PEBKAC Thanks for the help.
  17. Copying using Krusader was at about 65Mbps from server to physically attached DS4243 DiskShelf, however from remote Windows PC to the drive on the Diskshelf I get 100Mbps consistently, so consistently I suspect that there is a 100Mbps network connection somewhere.
  18. I have run out of pci-e slots and for now I am running unraid headless. I can see a time when this is going to be awkward if anything goes wrong so was thinking of usingnkne of those USB-Video adapters. Does anyone know if any of them work with unraid?
  19. I have just started up my NetApp DS4243 for the first time, it is being accessed via a LSI SAS9200-16e. I placed 4Tb Red drive in the array and formatted it to XFS. The drive is an "unassigned device" As a test I copied a file across from the server to the diskshelf, the server is directly connected to the shelf, and I am getting about 60Mibps via Krusader, isnt that a bit slow?
  20. Does this have a WebUI? I am used to Get-iPlayer on a PC but cannot see how to interact with this
  21. Out of curiosity, now that I have fired the diskshelf up, are they always thus noisy?
  22. I have just shucked a 14Tb WD Elements and it has a WD140EMFZ White label inside it. I paid £200 approx $260 (inc delivery and taxes) so slightly more than that one.