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  1. @JMcVay Reporting back, got everything working with the help of Spectral Force and Khaine's (developer) discord tonight. Here's the collective guidance: You need to delete every port mapping from the template and recreate each one with the new port number (see my revised template below) As @ich777 pointed out, you need to update the serverconfig.xml port #s to match the updated ports. When setting up port forwarding, port forward in increments of 5 (Spectral Force said this is the only way he can get the server to show up in the listings in the game); e.g. 26920 - 26925 Start up the container (first start) and let it go through the "normal" process. If you just want Vanilla 7D2D (this is where you can stop and enjoy!) To add Darkness Falls, in my case for a20.6 (other versions are available if desired), you need to download the files, extract, and add the Mods folder to the appdata folder (capital M is important for the folder nam and cannot be modified) - Update the serverconfig.xml to make sure the Game World attribute is updated with one of the map names that came with Darkness Falls (worlds are located in this folder: Mods/0-DarknessFallsCore/Worlds); pick the map you want First start up can take a while as it builds the world First log-in via client can take 15+ minutes as it does whatever it does in the background to make it work. Enjoy!
  2. On the github page, this is additional comment on this parameter: "For Docker Engine only, many modern gui apps need this to function as syscalls are unkown to Docker." I am assuming this is an internal check within the server, but I am no expert. Maybe others here that are more sophisticated than I am can elaborate.
  3. You are correct, I removed and replaced the following variable in the 7D2D template (this is the edited view using port 26950 vs. the template 26900): I also used the following ports for the remaining variables: Then forwarded the ports in my router. This got the second instance up and running and available externally for friends to join. Still trying to figure out how to apply the Darkness Falls (DF) MOD to the server. I added the config file, mods folder and icon file to the server, updated the config for DF but something is not right. I've reached out to the 7DTD Admin Coalition discord channel and Khaine's discord channel (mod owner) but nothing fruitful yet. That said, Khaine is not a fan of using docker for the server that is clear. I'll report back as I learn.
  4. I am waiting for a response. If I get it figured out I'll write up how to do it so others can reference.
  5. @ich777 Thanks for the quick reply, yes it's 7D2D. I'll try changing the the template and appreciate the discord advice. Love your server containers, keep up the great work!
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to run two servers: 1 vanilla, 1 Darkness Falls. Have the vanilla server up and running great, but getting hung on deploying the 2nd server (both usingich777s container). Would appreciate any help: How do I manage the port mappings for the 2nd server? I've tried adjusting the ports to use 26905-26908 and 27016 and open the ports on my router. Does anyone have any guide on how to install the Darkness Falls mod. I believe I have it installed properly but would like to verify? I downloaded the zipped files and unzipped into the 2nd server folder, updated the config, but it doesn't look like the config files are being loaded when viewing the logs. I've searched with no luck on the 2nd server deployment or installing DF. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Did you update via the roon client or will this require an update via docker? Very interested in ARC 2.0 but want to make sure I update properly. Thanks!
  8. I had the same issue. I removed the external database and django variables as I didin't plan to use them and was able to get to the GUI.
  9. @digiblurI have the same problem as well. Also, on reboot of the server the container will not autostart either. @bigbanguswere you able to find a solution?
  10. I can confirm I am having the same experience you are having. I have my tdarr_temp folder set to prefer cache (NVME) and have not experienced the mnt/user share issue. I went with this approach because I didn't want unnecessary writes to my spinning drives. I've been running tdarr for months now.
  11. @dja I definitely have the folder, but my inexperience in accessing this location is the challenge. In my xml file I have the following entry: <nvram>/etc/libvirt/qemu/nvram/.... I can see the root directory using Krusader, but cannot access the folder: There are no rwx permissions which I am definite is preventing access (even though signed in with my root user). Do I need to do this through another tool? Thanks for your help as I really want to understand how to handle this manually as you suggested.
  12. @PaulieORFI just set up the same backup for my HA. Curious on how you executed the restore option. I am curious how you handled the .fd file. Looking at the directions posted above (pinned), I don't see the etc/libvert.... folder (at least on my server). But the libvert entry is in my .xml file from the backup. Appreciate your insights.
  13. Thanks for setting this up. Not sure why, but the ALLOW_REGISTRATION variable is not working. I set it to False and tried removing the variable completely but registration can still happen. Submitted a issue on github, but PhiTux confirmed it's working as expected using docker compose. Any idea why it's not stopping registration?
  14. First, thank you for this! This is what I've been looking for! The files transfer to Plex nicely with metadata, poster, etc. Now I can set it and forget it and use plex to watch vs. YT! Also, just an FYI, but the template has the resolution as 1080p. Tried this and the dler pulled 4k. Changed it 1080 and it's dling 1080p files now.