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  1. keep in mind, if you have 3 fans might need at least one of them to PUSH. That's the ticket is getting enough to pull and enough to push to have good air exchange in the case. Here is a Youtube video of a channel I trust that talks about thermals and fan placement for your case:
  2. Plenty of options for hardware fan controllers but I don't think you need one. Keep in mind that you set these items in BIOS for profiles...and generally, fans will increase their speed based on temperature automagically. I can tell you what I did to reduce my HD temperature. I bought a new case...a Fractal Design Node 804...this case splits the motherboard/CPU/GPU from the Hard disks. I then put in a bunch of HUGE pushes, one pulls...on the hard drive side. This causes all my air flow in the hard disk section to be segmented away from the CPU side....all of my disks dropped about 10 degrees. Larger fans (120mm or 140mm) push a bit more air at lower RPM's and in my case, it reduced the noise level of the server while dropping the temperature. I've never really had to worry about using a fan controller (hardware) outside of a gaming if you're having issues, you should rethink your fan positions in your case. More than happy to help you should you need assistance with fan placement or recommendations. I don't think you need a fan controller...just better fan placement.
  3. I think you were onto something with the cables...if you've made sure the attachment is clean and you still have issues, I'd replace the cables themselves and see if your issue persists. I've had something similar happen in a Gentoo install I had at work...similar error messages that you have inside your diagnostics. In my case, it was a loose SATA cable. I'm newer to unraid so I can't really answer the 'next steps' question. I'm sure there are others who know what should be done (at least I hope there are)
  4. This is usually done with a hardware fan controller inside your motherboard or installed separately. The fan speed is not something controlled by the operating system in Linux (usually...there are specific use cases when a vendor provides a Linux installer for some fan controllers...those are rare and often times are for gaming). The plugin you installed is just to provide information to the dashboard of unraid (and bottom panel when loading into admin area). It doesn't provide control for the fans themselves.
  5. No worries! I'll eventually get it tweaked the way I want it. The 'make it hard' part was me not using my open eye at 0241 in the morning when posting this. Should be a snap now that I look at it.
  6. Something I consider weird is happening with this container. I had no issues setting it up and getting the logs to show that I was pulling an IP from NordVPN...and that everything looks good. So, I then tried assigning my own IP with br0. HOWEVER, upon doing so the WebUI won't load in Firefox/Chrome....states connection reset. The minute I switch it back to bridge, I can get to the WebUI. In the logs, everything looks good...connection to nordvpn is there, nordvpn IP is assigned...everything says it's starting up and operating correctly...but if I use br0 and custom IP, I can't hit the webUI even if the VPN connection is working. Switch to bridge and boom it works. @binhex is the above by design for unraid? I'd think we'd want to be able to assign an IP to this to use privoxy with in our bridge mode that makes it a bit hard.
  7. Resolved this myself. Here's what I had to do.... Turn off VM Service Turn off Docker Service Edit Network settings to NOT use my router first as a DNS server...changed to and added my router second. Saved Turned on VM Service Turned on Docker Service Now the container pulls from the internet just seems it doesn't like using a router as a DNS server.
  8. So just installed this after a fresh install of unraid 6.9.2 yesterday. I previously ran pihole doh on vanilla debian managing the container with portainer. I went to update gravity since there are -2 rules on the blocklist. The update times out and gives me the following error: [✗] DNS resolution is currently unavailable [✗] DNS resolution is not available Are there any changes I need to make to get this to work after installing it? Obviously, I changed things like IP and timezone appropriately before installing. EDIT: Searching has yeilded more information on this. It seems this container may not respect the DNS Settings from environment variables and add them to the resolv.conf file in the container. A quick investigation shows that resolv.conf contains obviously isn't an address we care about at all. So, it's looks like we'll have to manually add extra parameters for the resolv.conf so that it can resolve hostnames... I'm just not sure what to change it to yet...the bottom line is the container won't work out of the box without changing it.