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  1. Hello - I am running the original "Pi-Hole Template" and I recently found out about this DoT DoH version. After downloading DoT DoH, I have disabled/turn off the original PiHole. I have matched all the same fields into the DoT DoH version: 1) Fixed IP : 2) Server IP : 3) Router DNS 1/2 : After doing so I am unable to access the WebUI. I am however able to access it if I switch the IP to xxx.197 and turn back on the original Pi at xxx.198. In this situation I am able to run both UIs, but clearly t
  2. Does this require port 80 to be open? My ISP blocks that and I only have access to 443/SSL. I believe this was an issue before when I tried using DNS validation... is this still accurate as of today? thnx
  3. Is there any way to remove/disable the login password prompt?
  4. I modified this file: /mnt/cache/appdata/letsencrypt/www/index.html to have: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=''" /> This just redirects to since I don't use my root domain.
  5. Yes I was able to get it working with Letsencrypt. Sure would be great with your user interface!!
  6. How do deal with port 80 being blocked by ISP?
  7. Cant get webgui to start. Here is my log file. supervisord.log
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am running that now. Hopefully goes quickly. Before I was able to access the individual disks by doing smb \\\disk1 (or maybe it was \mnt\disk1 - can't remember now) Is this still possible? Nothing shows up expect my folder shares. Seems I cant access any of the individual drives or cache drive. Feeling super rusty, I used to be good at this!
  9. I upgrade to v6, can I just add some new drives in, disregarding the 1 with issues and run New Config, so that the parity rebuilds based on that removal of a drive and multiple additions?
  10. I've been out of the Unraid game for about 4 years and so has my server. I turned it on today and now showing a faulty drive, which is weird because it was working perfectly before and it's been stored safely. I want to use Plex, but it looks like mine is out of date now. I guess what should I do at this point? How to treat this drive and upgrade to a fresh clean install of v6? Once that is done, how do I install apps? Thanks =)
  11. Thanks buds, I hope that resolves it. I got some work ahead of me, I got a bunch of dupe folders =/
  12. Currently it is not set. The other part of it is that I drag in drop movie into my Movies Share and it spreads into one of the many drives using the Most Free method, which is perfectly fine. The problem is, going back at a later date into the Movie share and adding files, it just ends up getting created into a new folder on a new drive under the same name.
  13. Maybe you could elaborate, I have 10TB of movies, spread across 10 drives. If I add a file to an existing folder at a later date, I want files to merge to their original location, without directly opening every 10 drives to find the specific folder.
  14. If I open /Movies/Blah and copy in a file, it never copies to its original /disk1/Movies/Blah it will create a /disk2/Movies/Blah so now I have a bunch of /disk1/Movies/Blah/movie.mkv /disk2/Movies/Blah/ How can I prevent this without manually finding each starting disk?