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  1. i might be interested in this -> which solution is $80?!?! also currently running plex on unraid , but no amount of explaining can convince the users to not use transcode...sigh. upgrading cpu will only get me so far, and no slots available for an nvidia card (or probably i believe it will limit bandwidth on other slots if i install one)
  2. i unfortunately cannot give 100% answers. I do know i had similar issues (to a lesser degree, but still) with a bad quality SSD (was the cheapest drive i could afford , but i brought the system to a halt everytime large write/read actions was running on it. Dockers didnt crash, but a plex database query for example timed out in many cases. Maybe see if system stability increases when bypassing the cache( guess it is a given that it will), and test from there onwards. maybe check if your PCIE bus is not being stressed? (eg all the drives pushing through one x16 slot?) -> lo
  3. AM I GOING CRAZY? i saw a post yesterday saying that mergerfs did not install after a reboot (have me quite scared lol since we have regular power problems.) assume it resolved itself?
  4. Hi guys i might be 90 pages late on this. can someone give pointers on what i should configure the script in the following scenario : have /mnt/user/Movies and mnt/user/Series which still contain files (and will be for the forseeable future) i also have /mnt/disks/google/Movies and /mnt/disks/google/Series (rclone mount) which contains a portion of my data which i loaded the last year. using a variation of the upload script to copy from /mnt/user/Series currently , where i will then selectively delete data on the local share once i am happy full series has been
  5. i am using CA appdata backup it does however seem to be focused on appdata, but includes backup options for flash as well as vm's works very well
  6. Can confirm this feature works. however, is there possibly a method/setting to revert behaviour to work as before? i have situations where i want the mover to complete quicker rather than delay due to a single active stream (that uses Kb's odf data verus about 50MB's of transfer speed that is unavailable for the mover.
  7. Confirmed issues is resolved. thus configuration issue only. Thank you sir for picking it up! Might not be a bad idea to update the GUI to show entered numbers in more readable units. (i was caught off guard that it is multiplying the entered value by 1024...
  8. very interesting (although why only allocate 130GB when 147GB is used according to the GUI and DF -H? DOH i didn't read the guide properly. changed it to 20GB now. will test normal operation and report back thank you!
  9. Hi guys since i am running a RC, i believe it is better to ask for help here. I have a case where my dockers started crashing /misbehaving. i also noted that some data was written to the array even though the shared is set to use cache as preferred. giving the system a reboot last night , i thought that would resolve the issue. no luck this morning i could focus a bit more on the issue, where i found in the syslog that it reports "shfs: cache disk full" this is odd, since the GUI shows that there is more than enough space (i have mover scheduled to run on a d
  10. thank you sir! Time to watch Library = Movies Days = 748 Library = TV Shows Days = 3203 Library = other videos(view by folder) Days = 24 a cool 10.9 years . I might need to retire sooner than i thought
  11. how did you get this measure? checking on tautilli now, it only give me Played statistics. sitting on 10,509 movies and 3042 tvshows(131169 episodes)
  12. /bump anybody have ideas i could try? i attempted to switch to a pre-installed windows 10 with drivers already loaded, where some progress was made, but it still seemed unstable (no crashes, but was unable to get any software/games started that required 3D) will try to install drivers again , or if all else fails, see if i can get a secondary card installed (challenge being that i need to sacrifice an 8 port SAS card which will reduce my array capacity by 8 drives )
  13. Hi Ryzen team hope somebody following this thread have advice. I am having a challenge, where passing through the only ATI card to a windows VM on a ryzen system is working (Seabios without UEFI) , but then the $%$^ hits the fan when i install the ATI drivers (crash during driver install, and after that VM wont start again. anybody encountered this and maybe have a possible thing i could try? more details here : thank you team!
  14. Hi everybody i am running at wits end here, and hope somebody with a similar system/setup can provide guidance - especially since it seems like with an ATI system i should not be encountering this I am trying to get a stable windows 10 VM running for gaming purposes, in an attempt to save on buying additional hardware for two machines. some notes Asus primce X370 Pro (latest bios loaded) Ryzen 2700x CPU HIS ATI RX 480 GFX ( only card installed, no onboard graphics available) 2 x 8 port SAS cards ( thus utilizing all three PC
  15. hmm ok that looks more like what im planning. are you doing passthrough though? your mb/cpu does not provide onboard graphics capability. and then another question about headless passthrough i am trying to figure out. what happens if you shutdown the VM? will the unraid-host remain on and then display unraid CLI?
  16. thank you! That looks like it might fit the bill care to share your build? (eg what cards installed, and if you are able to do headless passthrough?)
  17. sorry for jumping in here , but hope you guys can help. i am planning to upgrade to a ryzen build - possibly 2700x, but i am having a challenge to select the MB. i have a 24 slot chassis, using all of the drives + a cache. I have currently 2 x 8 port SAS cards PCIe, and then a combination of onboard sata ports and older generation PCI cards providing the remainder. i want to go the passthrough route (ie one main system that performs both unraid and dialy usage) thus i will need : PCIex16 for main system graphics (im currently running an RX480) - my wish would be to have t
  18. must admit - stubborn me did not want to believe it, but seems like temperature was indeed the cause. just the stubborn, errr i mean loyal old server, wanted me to remove it from the server cabinet and put it right next to my bed before it started to complete a parity sync (combined with a massive 75 cm fan for the warmer times of day. i believe there is other possible issues afoot - possibly some of the controllers, as i had 4 drives drop out of the array yesterday during fan troubleshooting, which required me to run xfs_repair before i could mount them again. will monitor it c
  19. thx guys. i will put a temporary measure on to see if i can drop the temperature. currently air is being sucked over the drives and pushed through cpu and then out, so shouldn;t be an issue. might be that the fans is a bit low CFM, but will try to manage/upgrade witha controller.
  20. Hi team any ideas as to why a parity sync will all of a sudden drop 50% in speed? i am trying to complete a parity rebuild to a new 8TB drive (tested with preclear before the time), and for the first +-13 hours it was performing admirably (roughly 35MB/s). since this afternoon however, it dropped to 10MB/s I dont have anything writing to or reading from the array, so it is really strange to see this : I have disabled anything extra (cahcdirs , and now for troubleshooting even the docker and VM services). No details in syslog as to a caused. can anybody maybe
  21. you had me saying "DUHHHHH" out loud in the office. (although i always base it on a percentage). will balance/move some data around tonight to test, but i believe this is definitely the answer! thank you guys!
  22. didn't touch split level for a long time (data equally distributed across the other 18 discs). believe it is level 2? sample directory under a share : share name : Movies Folder 1 : " A" / "B" / "C" etc Folder 2 : "Movie name (year)" currently all the drives contains "Folder 1", with "folder 2" being unique on all the drives.
  23. Hi unraid team i'm having a very very odd problem, where my user share just refuses to utilize one of my drives. - Setup is very stable(8 years stable), and is working fine, even with a drive i added as little as a month ago(Disk#18 in screenshot) (pre-clear and added). the drive giving issues now(Disk#19) was previously a cache drive, but pre cleared before adding to the array. Unraid version 6.4.1 *edit - upgrade to 6.5.2, same issue persists* some of the things i have tried : Check on Global share settings (with array stopped). Drive is enabled (nothing e
  24. Hi Binhex reverse question lol. which torrent providers are you running on MG?