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  1. Make sure you have booth GPU selected in the GPU Statistics. In the Dashboard:
  2. Update 2: I did a clean install of 6.12.4 and just copied my plus.key and network.cfg from my backup. The GUI felt much faster, but not so fast as 6.12.3. After I did some changing in the network settings: Disable bridging, using bonding since I have multiple interfaces (eth0 and eth1) Settings > Network Settings > eth0 > Enable Bonding = Yes Settings > Network Settings > eth0 > Enable Bridging = No Edit VM Manager to use vhost0. Docker settings, nSettings > Docker > Host access to custom networks = Enabled Saved the settings, and back to slow gui again. Take much longer - around 15 seconds to open the Dashboard So I go back to 6.12.3. That one was working great. With Bridging enable and use of br0. Never seen any call traces because of this. Update 1: I tried again today to upgrade to 6.12.4. Sorry to say, same problem again. Takes 7 - 11 seconds to open the Dashboard. Can't see anything in the: htop at that time. Only did an inspection in the browser. This time I disable autostart of Docker and VM. Only the array was started. I don't see any special errors in the syslog either. Update 3: Revert back to 6.12.3. Here is the dashboard.
  3. I'm gonna give 6.12.4 another shoot later. First time I run into some problems, i have posted in the bug reports. So I had to revert back to 6.12.3.
  4. This going to be a problem for me. I'm running VM's on my unraid with Network Source: br0. So I can give every VM a static ip address. So I can RDP to my Windows 10 VM. So how do I gonna resolve this with bridging disable? My win 10 vm:
  5. Hi, Any news around my issue, Did you found something wrong in my diagnostics?
  6. Hi, after upgrading from 6.12.3 to 6.12.4 my Webui has been very slow. Special on docker tab and dashboard. Takes almost 12 sec before the page is visible. I can see my CPU are wokring MUCH more when i try to open DOCKER tab or the Dashboard. Never seen a behaver like this before. I tried to stop Array, but Dashboard is still slow 12 seconds to open it, normally it tooks 2 seconds. Tried to remove some plugins, but still the same EDIT 1: After removing more plugins and multiple reboots. The issue is till there. EDIT 2: I decide to revert back to 6.12.3. And guess what, it working normally again, fast like it always was So can someone please explain me why I had this kind of issue with 6.12.4 ?
  7. I took the risk and updated now,. Seems to my everything went smoothly. Only one thing i noticed, the DOCKER page took much longer time to open, hmmm That's probably why? It took 12 sec top open the DOCKER tap.
  8. Hi, Is this update gonna make some problems for me when I'm running like this? I do have ab firewall that don't like when I use IPVLAN... when you have over 30 containers and all of the came up with same MAC address with different IP, I had problems to access my containers. That's why I use MACVLAN. Never hade any CALL TRACES error before. Almost all my containers are using br0 network.
  9. Thank you very much for this update. Everything seems to work perfectly. I used to get this message after upgrade to v. 6.12.X But it seems to work after an reboot then.
  10. I have the same problem, I have an HP Proliant ML 350p G8
  11. Hi, Anyone still using ML350p G8 with Unraid? Is it working? I've got my hands on an ML350p G8 with 2 x E2697v2 with 128GB ECC memory with P420i controller with HBA mode enabled.