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  1. bombz

    [SOLVED] - Help with Specific Error

    Good to know. Moved to onboard SATA (had one port available) haven't seen the error yet Many thanks! Thank you! SOLVED
  2. bombz

    [SOLVED] - Help with Specific Error

    Thank you, apparently I don't know how to 'query' well (making fun of myself) I do appreciate it :-) Love UnRAID, Love you guys, and the community and support!
  3. Hello all, I have been getting notified from my server of an error. It seems to be related to the cache drive from what I can tell anyway, but I am not sure how to fix or correct. Perhaps someone can shed some light on my concern? Here is the error (I get pushed to email notifications) Email Topic: cron for user root /sbin/fstrim -a -v | logger &> /dev/null Email Body: fstrim: /mnt/cache: FITRIM ioctl failed: Remote I/O error Thanks :-)
  4. bombz

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    OK installed CA Mover Tuning. Perhaps I should look to enabling cache for some of my shares, and read up about it more. Perhaps I clearly don't understand it. If I were to guess right now, if you turn on cache settings for a specific share or disk, when you copy data to a folder, in this example lets say: Physical Desktop Drive C:\video\video.avi to Physical Disk9 (server) \\unraidserver\video\videonamehere\video.avi the data will copy to a spot on the cache disk, and reside there until you schedule mover to move all data from the cache to the 'disk' in the array Perhaps I have that right ?
  5. bombz

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    Hmmm, I am all ears for a proper method :-)
  6. bombz

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    I never did use mover, I am pretty sure I disabled it via GUI (option) So if I remove that line, do you have a suggestion?
  7. Hello all, I have a quick question regarding my 'go' file which 'update assistant' has reported a problem before I attempt an upgrade. I am having trouble understanding what I need to remove (what line of text) needs to be removed from the 'go' file. Current unRaid Version: 6.5.3 Upgrade unRaid Version: 6.6.5 Here is the following error: Checking for extra parameters on emhttp Issue Found: emhttp command in /boot/config/go has extra parameters passed to it. Currently emhttp does not accept any extra paramters. These should be removed Let me know if you need the 'go' file details. Thank you :-)
  8. bombz

    udma crc error count

    Any thoughts on my post? unRAID Disk 10 SMART health [199] Warning [UNRAID] - udma crc error count is 8731 WDC_WD20EARS I have done cable replacements, the drive itself has 12GB free, could that be a prob? The drive is old.
  9. [SOLVED] (so far) Interesting. Parity finished. I stopped the server to give it a fresh shutdown and reboot and saw this: Jul 24 18:06:46 UnRAID emhttpd: error: send_file, 139: Broken pipe (32): sendfile: /usr/local/emhttp/logging.htm I think I am going to swap to a USB 2.0 and re-key tonight Edit: USB 2.0 Key made bootable.... waiting on reg info (fingers crossed!) Edit: Seems the new key has been holding strong.
  10. Ah OK. Well, I do have other flash drives here (2.0) This was what I had handy at the time as I couldn't upgrade to 6.0 at the time. I was still using my original USB for years that I bought from UnRaid (version 4.5 era). I will get a 2.0 device going tonight and request a new key. Thank you for the heads up.
  11. I have changed USB port to 3.0 as I was on the 2.0 header I also changed the boot device which I think may have been messing it up (but we will see) I was on: UEFI - Kingston Flash Changed to: Legacy - Kingston Flash Array is in parity sync now.... again. As whenever this issue happens I have to use the 'powerdown ' command from console, which then shows 'unclean shutdown' when I boot (When this error happens). I will know in a few days I am sure if I am running into concerns.
  12. Same with me, this happens every so often I have formatted my USB to clean it up thinking it was the concern, but clearly, it hasn't helped anyone know what the issue may be ? Flash DataTraveler_3.0 - 15.5 GB This has seemed to happen since I switched from my original flash drive to this one as I needed more room than my original one from Unraid Jul 23 13:43:41 UnRAID kernel: blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1Jul 23 13:43:41 UnRAID kernel: blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1 unraid-diagnostics-20180723-1751.zip
  13. bombz

    UDMA CRC Error Count

    WDC_EARS UDMA CRC error_output - RAW VALUE = 8731 Power on hours = 7y 9m 4d 16h This is on my LSI card, but I changed the SATA cable to my on-board sata port (to swap the cable) rather then using the LSI breakout cable and still prone to the error. I think due to the age of the drive it needs to be replaced to be honest. Let me know your thoughts Thanks