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  1. Awesome thanks! Docker update pushed, updating now.
  2. Hey, Awesome! I appreciate that. Glad to hear it is still alive and active. Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to more posts moving forward. Thank you to the whole community as well!
  3. It would be nice to see a way to manage user 2FA from the admin GUI. There was a time I had a user created, but lost the 2FA code on the phone. The only work around was to make a new ADMIN user on AG and disable the old one as there was no way to reset that previous ADMIN user to setup 2FA again on that user (if I explained that correctly) Love the app, looking forward to new updates to come down the pipe!
  4. Fair enough. Find it odd the change required on the workstation side, never had to have RDP exception enabled on the local workstation in the past and was functional with AG.... It makes sense it needs to be, was puzzled was all of what changed recently. Thanks again for the support and fast response, I wasn't sure if this thread was 'dead' Appreciate it !
  5. Hello, Yes that is correct. Hostname = internal IP of system Port = RDP port Confirmed -- "GUACAMOLE PROXY PARAMETERS (GUACD)" are empty I was messing around with the local workstations 'Windows Firewall' It seems: Disabling the local workstations firewall allows AG to connect Adding the RDP exception to the windows firewall (while the firewall is enabled) works as well However, I am worried that may be a potential security risk of the sort. Thoughts?
  6. Hello, I was using AG with no issue and recently have ran into this concern I can connect to everything else but this one system. I can't see to track down what the concern may be. Anyone else have this concern? guacd[758]: INFO: User "@5835a4e1-fbd6-4273-a68c-b90cb9634f11" disconnected (0 users remain) guacd[758]: INFO: Last user of connection "$bc849b57-11d4-4807-83b1-39f9b0482739" disconnected guacd[30]: INFO: Connection "$bc849b57-11d4-4807-83b1-39f9b0482739" removed. guacd[30]: INFO: Creating new client for protocol "rdp" guacd[30]: INFO: Connection ID is "$0b6b9b
  7. Running into a concern with AG. I have setup everything successfully, and I can access the drive share remotely, but I can only upload to the drive share. I cannot download or add any files to the download directory \\guacamole\rdp shares\<hostname>\Download when I attempt to access this share on the local system over the LAN it states I do not have permission to access the share. When I try to change/add an owner to this share, it does not allow it.... I get an error "an error occurred while applying security information to: <share name here> failed to enum
  8. OK. I will let you know next time I cycle the array :-) Cheers!
  9. Yes, I suppose no one knows a proper fix for my work around. Perhaps in time as the docker updates in the future. My workaround seems to be OK, but I would like to clean up AG docker so so I can better manage the users. Thank you for all the hard work, it's a really great docker!
  10. Hello see attached I should be able to delete the .txz and plex should disappear However, in the past when I have done this. Unraid GUI still shows plex as installed within the 'settings' page. Any thoughts?
  11. Hello, Yes I am going to attempt via UD, that's where I saw it last time. If I can confirm the mount point I should be able to alter the docker host path to the SMB mount point I don't think I will need another path on Tautulli docker, as the main host path by default points at the cache DIR (plex metadata) I could be wrong though. I will know more this week while I attempt this change.
  12. Hello, I was using a docker in the past with the data on my cache drive. I have since moved to the Windows application but looking to move back to the docker app. My concern is The data needed is on a Windows VM (another physical machine) That data will remain on the Windows VM (another physical machine) How can I point the docker to the Windows VM folder share I would like to use. I will be editing the default Host Path 1 of the docker to the SMB share on the Windows VM. Would I need to create this as a new 'share' within the unraid 'shares' section before the docke
  13. Hello again, The only work around since I could not figure out how to reset 2FA/TOTP was to Login to the original admin account without 2FA/TOTP enabled Create a new admin user Log out of the original admin user Enable 2FA/TOTP on apache guacamole Login with the new admin user Was then prompted with a QR code for the new admin user Disable the original admin user Everything seems to be OK with the new admin user. However, I cannot edit the details of the new admin user (see attached) Not to sure why that is the case, any ideas?
  14. Is there still no current way to perform a TOTP reset to generate a new code to setup on a different device? I did record the secret key initially when I setup TOTP but not sure if that is of any use with this current concern. I don't understand what you mean regarding clearing the database columns.... can you provide some insight?
  15. Hello, How can you reset 2FA on Apache Guacamole (GA). I can disable 2FA successfully, however when I re-enable it, it asks for a code, and doesn't display a QR code to set it back up. I am looking to generate another QR code? Is that possible?