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  1. Hello, I have been recently running docker containers ombi mariadb swag (as the rev proxy) As of late when I trigger a cron job in ombi I am seeing this in the log that seems to relate to the mariadb instance Error when attempting to create newsletter System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (104): Connection reset by peer at MySqlConnector.Protocol.Serialization.SocketByteHandler.DoReadBytesSync(Memory`1 buffer) --- End of stack trace from previous location --- at MySqlConnector.Protocol.Serialization.BufferedByteReader.ReadBytesAsync(IByteHandler byteHandler, ArraySegment`1 buffer,
  2. Hello, I have swag up and running and there has been no issues. However, recently I saw this pop up in the container log: [services.d] starting services [services.d] done. nginx: [alert] detected a LuaJIT version which is not OpenResty's; many optimizations will be disabled and performance will be compromised (see for OpenResty's LuaJIT or, even better, consider using the OpenResty releases from Server ready Has anyone ran across this or can shed some light on this? Thank you,
  3. I would like to report you can migrate from Ombi v3 to Ombi v4 Current setup before upgrade: Ombi - version 3.0.5227 Branch - develop <linuxserver/ombi:development> I would recommend to stop your containers and make a backup before doing so. Stop databse download / copy (to a safe location) Start database Update Ombi ** of course if you're running rev-proxy as well as ombi, you can make backups of those too** If you have any concerns with the update and need to revert you can perform the following: Stop Ombi top MariaDB Delete MariaDB directory
  4. An older thread to say the least. I have had this HP system in a box brand new for years, and would love to get it working with UnRAID. Anyone finalize this project more so in the recent years?
  5. Sorry for the delay here. I haven't had a chance to shut down the server to re-add the disk to pull diags from as of yet. It is on my mind, and when I attack this concern again I will be sure to come back here for some feedback. Thank you again.
  6. Tomorrow in the AM I will for sure. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I am also running into this concern. I had (1x) cache drive. I made a duplicate of it for backup before I proceeded. I put the cache drive back into the server. added slot 2 cache disk for - RAID 1 cache setup When I start the array my main cache disk states: Unmountable: No pool uuid <xfs> It also stated it required to format my main cache disk -- I assume UnRAID stated this as that is the process to make a new RAID 1 cache pool So that was not good. So I stopped the array removed <unassigned the second cache disk> edited the slots back to (1X) ca
  8. Hello, Hope this is not an 'out of line question' What is the purpose of the libvirt.img? Is it created when you ONLY deploy VMs within the UnRaid environment? I am using CA backup plugin, and have this set to backup, yet I am not seeing any libvirt.img in this location I currently do not run any VMs on my UnRaid array. Any clarification would help. Thanks.
  9. My apologies. That got it, and Mariadb needed one, awesome. Thanks!
  10. Gotcha. Not sure where I can select 'check for updates' under the options when you select the icon, it doesn't list that as something to select.
  11. Good day all, I have been using Mariadb for some time and recently I have noticed that on my docker setting page I see the following 'not available' action where it generally says 'up-to-date' <see attached screen> anyone else encounter this concern or know a fix? Thanks
  12. Good call here I followed the same instructions 01. crated a new folder appdata/swag 02. copied content from appdata/letsencrypt/ to appdata/swag 03. located swag docker in app store and used the same settings from appdata/letsencrypt/ 04. Applied settings ** note: if you have letsencrypt running and you copy settings the docker will download BUT not start as the same ports for letsencrypt are allocated ** 05. stop letsencrypt docker 06. start swag docker 07. tested container 08. successful
  13. You bet! OK, I will plan to work on this update Friday this week and hope everything goes smooth. Thanks for the heads up on Nextcloud, currently I don't have that running, only a few containers at this point. Hope this goes smoothly.
  14. Good to know. That was my plan going into it. I was not sure if it would cause other concerns. I suppose I will backup all directories as well as take a copy of my docker.img and move it to a safe place, in case I need to restore back if I run into any concerns.
  15. Did you only edit the repository from linuxserver/letsencrypt to linuxserver/swag and start the docker, and everything worked ?