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  1. Hello, Appreciate the follow-up. I did not try those ports via the webGUI IP:PORT I will do my best to attempt these suggestions, since I am remote from the system assisting a friend, I will have them setup my remote connection back to them and see if these suggestions allow me to access the webGUI. If they do, would I be required to suggest for them to always user IP:PORT to access the webGUI moving forward, or where do you think the problem resides after investigation? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Working on a friends system remotely who said they can no longer connect to the GUI , which i confirmed. I was able to connect via SSH with the IP address, and pull diagnostics ifconfig /boot I also performed from SSH nano /boot/config/docker.cfg and change DOCKER_ENABLED="yes" to be DOCKER_ENABLED="no" To attempt to see if it was a docker port, but that didn't seem to resolve the concern Have still been unsuccessful ... trying to figure out why webGUI is not triggering. I was curious if someone could review the attached to point me in the correct direction, if the diags show anything? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello, Ah ok -- the old ones in 6.12.* do not say deprecated on my instance. I will install 'Appdata Backup' - KluthR's Repository plugin: installing: appdata.backup.plg Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks plugin: downloading: appdata.backup.plg ... done Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks Checking some pre-install things... Plugin files were not present. Fresh install plugin: downloading: appdata.backup-2023.06.23.tgz ... done Extracting plugin files... Checking cron. Checking cron succeeded! ---------------------------------------------------- appdata.backup has been installed. (previously known as ca.backup2) 2022-2023, Robin Kluth Version: 2023.06.23 ---------------------------------------------------- plugin: appdata.backup.plg installed Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks Thank you for clarifying the process. All looks well. Will monitor the backups moving forward and see if there are any concerns. Thanks for all your hard work, new GUI looks great!
  4. Right. So what am I missing? I attempt to install 2.5 (update) which states it's already installed. Regardless what I select, it states it's already installed? What am I missing to perform this installation and migration?
  5. I attempted to update to 2.5 using the action menu Output plugin: updating: ca.backup2.plg Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks Skipping package ca.backup2-2022.12.13-x86_64-1 (already installed) ca.backup2 has been installed. Copyright 2015-2020, Andrew Zawadzki Version: 2022.12.13 plugin: ca.backup2.plg updated Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks Updating support link I see this as well, but I am confused with the process I suppose Thoughts?
  6. Hello, I have pushed up to the latest OS. Quick question, when I attempt to search apps, I am able to find the latest backup and restore app. However, it states to update (from the actions menu) rather than install a new instance. If I proceed will it overwrite my current instance and migrate the settings? Based on what you stated, I was understanding it as a new instance would be installed, and then migrate from the old to the new?
  7. Hello community, Reaching out as I had a question regarding the proper process to change over to the new plugin. I have been meaning to push up my global server version from 6.11.1 to the current stable branch 6.12.1 As I usually run the update assistant before pushing the server up to the latest branch, I have one 'plugin error' pertaining to 'ca.backup2.plg' Checking for plugin compatibility Issue Found: ca.backup2.plg is deprecated for ALL unRaid versions. This does not necessarily mean you will have any issues with the plugin, but there are no guarantees. It is recommended to uninstall the plugin Before I proceed, I was curious if it is best to remove this plugin as a whole, then push up to 6.12.1, and install the new plugin. or Push up to the latest server version, then remove this old plugin, and install the newer one? Also, changing over to the newer plugin, will I have to reconfigure the settings or can I pull a backup from 'ca.backup2.plg' to import them into the newer plugin. I appreciate any feedback regarding this, and thank you all in advance :-)
  8. Ah OK. Appreciate this information. I have been checking my share where my backups populate with 2.0 (which I currently have deployed) everything seems OK, however good to know regarding the reporting that 2.0 does not inform/log. I suppose I can wait until 6.12 (stable) before updating this app. Once 6.12 stable releases, this app (2.5) will be EOL as you stated. Will there be another new thread created or forked to 'Appdata Backup/Restore v3'?
  9. Hello, Wait till 6.12 is stable, yet update to 6.12... that's confusing. (yes I saw the first post). Was reaching out to clarify what maybe was missing. I understand 'Appdata Backup/Restore v2' is EOL, however there were concerns with V2.5 when it was picked up and maintained, so I stuck with 2.0 until 2.5 became stable. I suppose sticking to 2.0 until 6.12 is released will be the best course of action as auto-backup is currently not operational (based on the first post) in 6.11.x
  10. Hello, I am currently still deployed on CA Backup / Restore Appdata, due to some of the concerns when the repo was forked a few months back as there were dev concerns reported (previous thread). I am curious how things are coming along as I would like to consider moving to the latest repo. Anything to be noted before moving to the latest (issues, bugs, errors, specific deployment processes)? Current version: Thank you.
  11. Hello, Appreciate you looking into this. I was doing my best to skim the diagnostics. Yesterday I moved the flash to a USB 3.0 port, as I have been using the 2.0 port(s) since my inception of UnRAID over 10 years ago. As I saw in the kb's over the years that 2.0 is the preferred port, I will take a gander at the 3.0 for the sake of testing. The flash drive was replaced 2 days ago, as a heads up. Who knows, it may come down to a whole system board, CPU, RAM replacement. Hope the port resolves it, but I should prepare to start looking into new hardware. If you have any hardware suggestions let me know. Thank you.
  12. Here you are sir. Thank you kindly :-)
  13. Hello, Been recently noticing after my last flash drive started to toss corruption errors that even when replacing the drive for a brand new flash drive the corruption reoccurs after 1 to 2 days. I am attempting to determine if this is a motherboard USB port error, or if the USB flash is taking on more writes than normal. Took approx. 1d 22h for the corruption to reoccur Rebooting the server seems to fix the issue, but I am sure it will reoccur again. I suppose I will wait to see if the I/O port swap helps the situation, or if it is software. I am open to suggestions. Thanks :-)
  14. Well I am sad now. The new flash drive seems to be doing the same thing. I wonder what is causing the corruption or if the motherboard is failing ? Took approx. 1d 22h for the corruption to reoccur Rebooting the server seems to fix the issue, but I am sure it will reoccur again.
  15. Hello. I was wiped out from my Friday work day, and cannot recall my order of operations. I was referencing my previous USB flash drive file structure which did have 'EFI' If I am correct I did run makebootable.bat when the folder was set as 'EFI' without success. I want to say for some reason this USB 3.0 drive paired with this older Asus motherboard may be the concern with the BIOS is on it (I am not 100%). The reason I say this is because I took that same USB 3.0 flash and tossed it into the Dell laptop for kick to see if the flash would boot, which had success (there was one time it didn't). Then again my Windows Server 3.0 USB (UFEI) created with Rufus booted with no issues... blah who knows :-) Regardless, going back to the good old trusted manual method seems to be tried and true. Flash drive replacement happens so rarely, clearly forgot some of the little nuances that come with it. I do apologize that I was a little frantic last night after a long day. (I laugh at myself because the simplest of things can be so hard somedays) As always; the community comes though time and time again, and really makes this product even better overall! The developers, support personnel, and end-users all coming together. Really appreciate the back and forth here. Sorry to be posting on a [SOLVED] thread, but I suppose we can add this to the 'solved' discussion :-)