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  1. I am getting the same error, when I was writing plex.txz to my flash it is getting a write error 'target access denied' I shut down the server tossed the USB into my local system to write the update (no issues) put it back in the server booted and still have the 'target access denied' error. I didn't do a chkdsk on my windows PC ... yet. I will see if that solves the concern Kingson USB 2.0 (new flash) EDIT: Scratch that, I am 'dumb' I saw I wasn't logged into my admin account, ugh. Please disregard. Also, thank you for the tips above all!
  2. Good to know. Moved to onboard SATA (had one port available) haven't seen the error yet Many thanks! Thank you! SOLVED
  3. Thank you, apparently I don't know how to 'query' well (making fun of myself) I do appreciate it :-) Love UnRAID, Love you guys, and the community and support!
  4. Hello all, I have been getting notified from my server of an error. It seems to be related to the cache drive from what I can tell anyway, but I am not sure how to fix or correct. Perhaps someone can shed some light on my concern? Here is the error (I get pushed to email notifications) Email Topic: cron for user root /sbin/fstrim -a -v | logger &> /dev/null Email Body: fstrim: /mnt/cache: FITRIM ioctl failed: Remote I/O error Thanks :-)
  5. OK installed CA Mover Tuning. Perhaps I should look to enabling cache for some of my shares, and read up about it more. Perhaps I clearly don't understand it. If I were to guess right now, if you turn on cache settings for a specific share or disk, when you copy data to a folder, in this example lets say: Physical Desktop Drive C:\video\video.avi to Physical Disk9 (server) \\unraidserver\video\videonamehere\video.avi the data will copy to a spot on the cache disk, and reside there until you schedule mover to move all data from the cache to the 'disk' in the array Perhaps I have that right ?
  6. Hmmm, I am all ears for a proper method :-)
  7. I never did use mover, I am pretty sure I disabled it via GUI (option) So if I remove that line, do you have a suggestion?
  8. Hello all, I have a quick question regarding my 'go' file which 'update assistant' has reported a problem before I attempt an upgrade. I am having trouble understanding what I need to remove (what line of text) needs to be removed from the 'go' file. Current unRaid Version: 6.5.3 Upgrade unRaid Version: 6.6.5 Here is the following error: Checking for extra parameters on emhttp Issue Found: emhttp command in /boot/config/go has extra parameters passed to it. Currently emhttp does not accept any extra paramters. These should be removed Let me know if you need the 'go' file details. Thank you :-)
  9. Any thoughts on my post? unRAID Disk 10 SMART health [199] Warning [UNRAID] - udma crc error count is 8731 WDC_WD20EARS I have done cable replacements, the drive itself has 12GB free, could that be a prob? The drive is old.
  10. [SOLVED] (so far) Interesting. Parity finished. I stopped the server to give it a fresh shutdown and reboot and saw this: Jul 24 18:06:46 UnRAID emhttpd: error: send_file, 139: Broken pipe (32): sendfile: /usr/local/emhttp/logging.htm I think I am going to swap to a USB 2.0 and re-key tonight Edit: USB 2.0 Key made bootable.... waiting on reg info (fingers crossed!) Edit: Seems the new key has been holding strong.
  11. Ah OK. Well, I do have other flash drives here (2.0) This was what I had handy at the time as I couldn't upgrade to 6.0 at the time. I was still using my original USB for years that I bought from UnRaid (version 4.5 era). I will get a 2.0 device going tonight and request a new key. Thank you for the heads up.
  12. I have changed USB port to 3.0 as I was on the 2.0 header I also changed the boot device which I think may have been messing it up (but we will see) I was on: UEFI - Kingston Flash Changed to: Legacy - Kingston Flash Array is in parity sync now.... again. As whenever this issue happens I have to use the 'powerdown ' command from console, which then shows 'unclean shutdown' when I boot (When this error happens). I will know in a few days I am sure if I am running into concerns.
  13. Same with me, this happens every so often I have formatted my USB to clean it up thinking it was the concern, but clearly, it hasn't helped anyone know what the issue may be ? Flash DataTraveler_3.0 - 15.5 GB This has seemed to happen since I switched from my original flash drive to this one as I needed more room than my original one from Unraid Jul 23 13:43:41 UnRAID kernel: blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1Jul 23 13:43:41 UnRAID kernel: blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1 unraid-diagnostics-20180723-1751.zip