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  1. On 12/13/2022 at 9:49 AM, KyleS said:

    Unraid doesn't seem to have any real thought put into it. Mover continues to move to full disks and ignores quota assignments. Disk splitting continues to just fill full disks (500G is reserved, which I find to be ridiculous that this is ignored and disks fill to 64KB). Does anyone actually use this seriously? Besides shfs everything else seems to be completely worthless.


    What am I missing?


    Some of us have been using unraid since 2009 or earlier. Trust me it works. It might be just a slight misunderstanding of how things work or how they are to be setup. 


    Looking at your Split Level you have it set to first level only. That means only the main folder will be split. 

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  2. Not exactly the same, but I used a find command that checks a folder and it copies from A to B and moves to C. 

    find /mnt/cache/uploads/incoming/* -iname "*.mkv" -type f -mmin +10 -exec cp {} /mnt/cache/uploads/2check/ \; -exec mv {} /mnt/cache/uploads/Tv-Incoming/ \;

    So it checks Incoming folder and copies to 2check then moves incoming to Tv-incoming


    So this kinda does what your asking, but not exactly.  You could look for some code that utilizes inotifywait

  3. I know at one time unless its still active Plex added a feature that would save your viewing in the cloud. I don't know if its for all users or just the main account. 

    Maybe your experiencing the cloud watched status. I don't think I personally opted in for the cloud watched status, maybe you did?

  4. I've never done it, but I probably would of copied my database from the VM install into the new docker which, should of captured your watched status, list of movies and tv shows. 

    I've only really copied info from docker to docker which ideally is the same. 

  5. Can't you use Direct Streaming? If the Playstation 4 is capable of playing 4K directly then it shouldn't need to transcode. I have 4 AppleTv's in my house and I use direct streaming so their is no need to Transcode anything. 


    I don't use 4K since most of my content is ripped to 1080p so I can't truly comment on 4k content. 

  6. Please note. 


    This thread is for Announcing the newest release and mentioning any issues you might have. Please make another post in General requiring any technical support and link to it


    This is one of the only times we are asking you to cross post. ;)


    By doing this it reduces the amount of clutter that might happen and direct others that might have the same problem to the discussion. 

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  7. On 11/30/2022 at 11:29 AM, JonathanM said:



    I'm guessing that wasn't what you were looking for.


    Lol No. I was hoping for something in unraid not my garage. All fixed now.  Well the garage is. I haven't restarted MyPlugin. I'll tinker with that this weekend.

  8. 4 hours ago, ljm42 said:

    Sorry I can't help with the other stuff :) 


    PFt..... I'm taking you out of my will then. lol

    Nah I just wanted to give you some context of my above frustration. I know sometimes text doesn't convey feelings/body language and I honestly didn't check to make sure I didn't come across as overly aggressive or annoyed in my Original post. 

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  9. I'll look into it again. This weekend was a 4 day and if it could happen it did. Server was acting wonky, my kid backed out of my garage and wrecked the garage door, Thanksgiving everybody was late. Lol


    Thanks I'll look into this again. I really enjoy remote access and security. Not sure why I started having a few issues when its been running flawlessly for months.  Didn't help that I have ssh and telnet disabled and at the time my monitor wasn't connected. Lol


    Ah you can temp disable via console. Nice I was hoping for a pseudo back door in. 



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  10. This site can’t be reached

    Check if there is a typo in



    I'm getting this for some odd reason. I can't admin my server locally and now I'm sitting at a black screen because I'm trying to use the GUI. 

    Is there a way to disable all this temporary so I can admin my machine with a browser?


    When I type in my URL I get the above even on my local network. Do I have a setting turned on or is there a way to disable that. 


    I finally was able to login using GUI no plugins, but I can't disable the plugin since its not installed. I just want to get rid of that bizarre URL that isn't allowing me to manage my server until I figure out what is going on. 


    Update turned off Strict so I can resolve the URL and connect internally. Was finally able to get in via no Plugins using GUI. 

  11. 1 hour ago, tuxbass said:

    Ye not complaining, just taking a note. I'm relatively new user myself, only been with unraid since 2016. The releases used to be rare, same with patching. Now the patches follow minor version releases in rapid succession. Have really vanilla needs though, so haven't been affected.


    Totally understand. I've seen people get really heated because of to slow releases or to many rapid ones. Just wanted to clear the air just a bit. ;)  I can't speak for limetech, but when your constantly innovating or trying to come out with little upgrades knowing your users depend on insuring the integrity of our data things can be slowed down a lot. 


    I'll take the dribbling of little updates here and there knowing things are going smoothly vs HUGE changes that could cause problems in my Environment. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, tuxbass said:

    Is it just me or does it seem like QA is slipping with the 6.11? Last few releases feel like putting out fires.


    Exactly what users asked for. 


    it used to be a small group would do all the testing and it would take months. Everybody asked to be included in the process to speed up releases. Sure some of the changes can be annoying, but at least unraid allows us to report bugs, which you have to admit are addressed pretty quick and  roll back. ;)



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  13. 18 hours ago, Renegade605 said:


    Funny to get a reply to this so many months later. That's what I was doing, but I wanted to get minor revisions automatically because I spent way too much time flipping through the webgui of my server looking for routine maintenance to do. I want to tinker with the services I'm running, not the server they're running on.


    No one really seemed to care as the immediate reply was from a user who clearly didn't read what I wrote, and I got nothing else until this. Which (no offense) isn't what I asked either.


    I've since solved the problem on my own, in a way that I will not specify as multiple users will undoubtedly descend to tell me how wrong I'm using Unraid even though I paid for it and I can do what I like.




    AMEN!!!! It's yours and I would do like you want no matter what anybody tells you. ;)

    I often just give in sometimes and take the path of least resistance.  I don't want my VPN to update and crash all my stuff so I make sure I check it now and then and let the rest do its thing, but I totally get your doing something a tad different. 

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  14. 12 hours ago, itimpi said:

    It is always easy to manually achieve this for any release where you can obtain the zip of the release as detailed here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the GUI or the DOCS link at the top of each forum page.   GUI support would be nice though.


    Thank you for putting up the howto for it. I just figured when we are nit picking little features/addons like this we have come a long way. ;)

  15. @caynam


    Here you go. I messed up. I forgot to re-add the done to complete the loop when I was trying to make the folders generic enough. I should of just left well alone and let you edit/figure it out vs trying to be all slick. lol


    #Remove Spaces-Linux and spaces are no good together
    cd /mnt/cache/Media/in/
    for f in *\ *; do mv "$f" "${f// /.}"; done
    #Create Folder from name and move to final location. File types editable below
    for FILE in `ls /mnt/cache/Media/in | egrep "mkv|mp4|avi|vob|iso|MKV|MP4|AVI|VOB|ISO"`
    DIR=`echo $FILE | rev | cut -f 2- -d '.' | rev`
    mkdir /mnt/user/Media/in/$DIR
    mv /mnt/cache/Media/in/$FILE /mnt/user/Media/in/$DIR


    I just tested this in my 

    /mnt/Media/in directory


    I used Transformers the Movie.mkv which was actually a dummy file I created to make sure I'm not deleting the real thing. 

    It converted the file from Transformers the movie.mkv to and then put that in a folder named exactly the same minis the .mkv at the end. 


    So Transformer the Movie.mkv 






    It even worked when I did

    Transformers (2007) (720p).mkv


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  16. Currently when you look at the you see many versions simply because LimeTech gives us the ability to downgrade if needed. 


    I constantly see on Reddit and other places people asking if they can upgrade from their current version to a higher version, but they don't want the most up to date for one reason or another. Can the update script be changed to allow for any version that is available from the download webpage?

  17. I'll double check, but last time I looked Guest was disabled. 

    After re-enabling guest it was 192.168.11.* vs 192.168.7.*


    I disabled Relay in the network settings and its showing up as Local again vs Remote. I don't recall where I read it, but it seemed like a possible fix. I'm also not running required secure connections, which I've heard could trip up some machines. 


    I also re-started 3 phones and an ipad and they are all appearing as local too. I don't know why the relay setting was tripping up my setup, but I'm going to leave it disabled for a bit and see if it fixes the problem I also made sure to add in the Lan Network settings. I'm assuming that forces which ever Ip range is in it to be considered local. 


    Currently by disabling relay it seems to be working the way I want it, but I'll have to see what time tells.