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  1. Sep 14 15:32:35 Media-Server  shfs: cache disk full




    On your Cache drive your need to adjust the Minimum Free Space because that monitors the entire drive not shares. Shares are drive level Disk1..Disk2 so on. 


    In order to adjust this you need to do the following. 

    1. Stop your array

    2. Click on your Cache drive

    3. Set the minimum

    4. Restart array 


    I have mine set to 20GB, but I might need to adjust that since I sometimes have files that are sometimes a little larger, but luckily I haven't had any issues since my Mover normally catches it before its to late. 



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  2. 1. Depending on which version of unraid your running you could use Dynamix File Manager. You need 6.10 installed to use it thou. 

    2. Also you could use the user.scripts plugin and create a few scripts that will copy or move things for you at certain date/time

    3. Make sure you install the Backup/Restore plugin. Its great for backing up and restoring  your SSD if it ever happens again. 

    4. You could use the unassigned devices plugin to connect your USB drive and copy/move to it as well. 


    There are a log of solutions depending on your needs. 


    like @trurl was more or less said. I've followed threads with him helping people and he literally holds peoples hands telling them exactly what to type to the point of "are you kidding me", but he has the patience and wants to help. There are several people that do that here. . 

    I don't have the patience myself or the skill set, but I have no problems throwing a few buzz words or suggestions to give people at least enough so they can travel the path and figure it out. 


    Nobody here will leave you high and dry. We all want everybody to be successful. 


    I personally couldn't help much because I use Plex and to this date have never tried Emby so I didn't focus much on this post because I would of even more lost than you. Lol

  3. On 9/10/2022 at 7:23 AM, koenjdejong said:

    Hey there!


    My Unraid 6 configuration is not behind a Router / NAT, which is what I would normally use as a firewall with port forwarding.

    What are the best practices for an Unraid Firewall considering my situation?


    Thanks in advance!


    I guess the question should be what is your intent? Nearly everybody has their server behind a router.

  4. A lot of people will opt not to enable Parity until their large moves have been completed, however I've always been about protecting my data than speed so I just enable parity and let the slow right do its thing. 


    Like @trurl pretty much said up above. Cache allows for fast storage and if your loading up apps Dockers/Plugins you will want them on the SSD/Cache because it insures speed and you don't have to wait for the Array to spin up for them to perform. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Squid said:


    The entire docker FAQ.  Not a huge issue in the greater scheme of things.  After all, no one ever actually looks in there when they have problems....  😜  (Told you I'd never let you forget it)


    That's the one!!!! I felt so bad and stupid at the same time. I'm glad everybody stepped up and rebuilt it too. I Knew you wouldn't forget nor stop reminding me. Keeps a person Humble. ;)

  6. Maybe a small Rockstar.  I’ve had my fair share of mistakes. I’m pretty sure I accidentally deleted a HUGE Help threat one time vs moving it.  Eeeeekkkkk

    Thanks for recognition @SpencerJ I’m just a small gear in the larger machine here. There are so many people here that put in so much effort in comparison, but I do love the community and I’m here for the long haul.  

    Bring on the Roasting.  I’m sure I’ve said or done some questionable things over the years.  Lol.  


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  7. 18 hours ago, Braulio said:

    Yes, I verified that´s possible.

    The cache works the same as the UD (as a disk outside the array). But I thought the cache files needed to be moved to the server to not risk losing it. I thought they will stay in memory until moved.

    So, in short, does the cache just send files from one side to the other (cache / array)?


    Yes the cache works like UD does. Keep in mind it was always the intention of the SSD/Cache to house your VM's, Appdata and shares. UD came along as a hot swappable plugin so you could backup things to a USB mounted drive with some scripting. It was later expanded to do other things. I can't think of a reason at the moment to say you shouldn't house your VM's, Appdata there. I'm sure there are Technical reasons why should do one or the other, but if it works for your work flow then so be it. 


    I'm running two 1TB SSD's in Raid 1 for my Cache/SSD to insure my Appdata is "more" protected. I don't know if Unassigned Devices can do that.

  8. 49 minutes ago, Braulio said:

    Please, a doubt.

    1) Does the cache move all files to array every day?
    2) How to leave the files (Vms, Dockers...) in the SSD cache?


    My VMs are in the UD, every week I make backup with CA Backup.
    In the cache they are at risk of corruption (that's what I understood)? It doesn't seem safe to me.


    You set the shares you never want to move to ONLY on your share settings, so it leaves all files on the SSD.   Appdata, ISO, Domain


  9. There you. Now you can try both OS's and get a feel for whatever fits your needs. That's exactly what I did long long long and I mean long time ago. I tried TrueNas before and unraid. I tried to give them both a week or two to do a fair comparison. Of course back then everything was super simple and basic. 


    What really sold me was disconnecting a drive and watching the system emulate the dead drive on the fly. Either way we are here to help with questions. 

  10. Ok you have 2 choices on this. 


    1. When you see all of your Dockers DO NOT click the update all button at the bottom. Only click the link to each docker in your list. 

    2. If you use the Auto update plugin go into each Plugin/Docker and you can select the update all button and turn it off. Then you are presented with the buttons to turn off/on auto updating for each Plugin/Docker. 


    I use #2 Myself because I don't want the MyServer Plugin to auto update on my system because I'd rather be sitting at my system when a remote application updates. ;)  I do want all other Plugins to update. I also do not want my VPN to autoupdate because its been known to take down a few Dockers so I do it myself when I'm at the machine. 

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    • My 2cents. I would set the free space to something other than 0. For instance I know my Typical backup size for my Dockers are around 36GB so I set my Minimum space to 50GB so I know that when a drive gets that low it'll automatically pick another drive.
    • I also normally target a specific drive for all my backups. I use disk1 for all my Restore/Backup stuff, but that's just me and in hindsight might be a bad idea since if that drive dies no other backups are anywhere on my array. Lol, I might have to rethink that, but It'll do for now since I do have offline backups too.  


    I know what I typed up above contradicts each other since I pick a drive, but I use the Minimum Space on all my shares to insure they don't get full.



  11. Are you running any Power Splitters like a Molex to Multiple Sata or anything else out of the norm?

    I'm only asking this because I had two drives go "bad" when it was just a bad cable to 2 different drives. 




    Drive Cage aka box that holds Multiple drives has a bad power connector or Sata Connector on the can cause issues too.