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  1. I am running 6.1.9. It seems there's no harm done. Most of my array is 2TB WD drives, but parity, cache, and non-array drive all happen to be distinctive so it was easy to reassign drives and get going. The array drives other than parity are presumably not in the same order as before, because I couldn't find my printout of the assignments (I usually do keep one).
  2. Well, I just assigned the disks including parity, cache and non-array drive, and all is well - doing a parity check just like a new config, but dockers and VM are all fine which was my main concern. Odd.
  3. I have been UPS-less for a while, unfortunately, and a power drop out today created a problem. On power up, I simply have a big list of unassigned disks and unraid not running. I am afraid I rebooted before grabbing a syslog. But where is the disk assignment info recorded? I for some reason thought it was in disk.cfg but it doesn't seem to be. What could have caused unraid to lose this info? I can't see any signs of corruption on the memstick. Jason
  4. Much the same here. I have a small VM running XP that handles a number of tasks that I really like to leave running 24/7, but that I can't yet find a docker for, or that just happen to be easier to run this way. It has Calibre downloading some periodicals for me, a gmail pop3 checker running in chrome, and a few other things. I am about to set up a selective dropbox sync on it as well, and I will probably set up google drive at the same time. I would like to have a google drive docker but since I need the VM running, this is a pretty reasonable solution.
  5. Has this been explained yet? I have been getting this message the last few days. I just got it with no dockers running. It doesn't seem to have any effect other than to mess up the display on Midnight Commander if I happen to be using it.
  6. This worked perfectly for me; Headphones is now actually useable. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I have since found a few threads on this that I didn't see when I first searched. Still reading.
  8. Hi, I am trying to improve the WAF (wife appreciation factor) of the unraid server. What I would like to do is map some of the dockers to more natural URLs. For example, instead of a docker GUI being at, is there a way to make it appear at a subdomain or something instead? With DNSmasq on my router, I can turn make a URL such as unraid.local point to, but I don't think I can make it point to a particular port. Ideally I'd have a bunch of links like plex.unraid, madsonic.unraid, and so on, or maybe un.raid/plex... you get the idea. I do want to keep everyone but myself out of the parts of unraid that can get broken... breaking unraid is my job! Jason
  9. Any help? Or am I the only one with this issue? Within Sab, what's the permissions set to for completed downloads? I've got mine to 777 and don't have an issue (CP / Sonaar actually move the files to the array) Well that's embarrassing... the field was blank. I imagine this will solve the problem - thanks.
  10. Any help? Or am I the only one with this issue?
  11. Hi all, I seem to have a problem with permissions. Everything that the sabnzbd docker downloads gives me "access denied" errors for any action (on my windows machine) other than reading. Of course on my windows machine I am connecting as a user who has access to the "Apps" share on the cache drive that houses all my docker stuff including the sab downloads. If I ssh in as root and use midnight commander, I can move the files around but they are still 'access denied' even when I put them in a different location. I ran the new permissions tool which fixed the problem for existing files, but new downloads overnight came in with the same problem. I have tried to search on this one but I am either not understanding the results or my problem is not the same. I suppose I can run "new permissions" on the cache drive regularly but I am hoping there's a better fix. edit: I ran chmod -R u-x,go-rwx,go+u,ugo+X *.* and chown -R nobody:users *.* in the folder I moved the sab downloads too, and now I can use the files as normal from windows. Some items were owned by nobody:nogroup, some permissions were also wrong I think.
  12. Thanks, I will give it a go and see what happens!
  13. Thanks for this, and sorry to sound dumb, but how do those mappings relate to the settings in the docker set-up, ie: /config /data /media Are your "downloads" media or data? I am not sure I have the mechanics of it right - SAB downloads the tv ep (or whatever), and parks it in a folder where Sickbeard can grab it, rename it, and move it to a media folder on the array..? Or are the steps not quite like that?
  14. Funny you ask this, I was wondering the same thing. My thinking was, on my cache SSD: ..../sabnzbd/config/ ..../sabnzbd/data/ [which sickbeard also points to for its /data ] ..../sickbeard/config/ and on the array: /media for sickbeard pointing to wherever I keep my TV shows. And couchpotato set up the same as sickbeard. I haven't tried getting it up and running yet though as I would rather get advice on the best folder arrangement before I start screwing around with it. I am also wondering where to put .nzb files so that sabnzbd will grab them, for manually downloads.
  15. ... but I seem to have screwed something up. I did some fiddling, Plex stopped working. No problem, I decided to just delete and reinstall it... the result, though, is Plex but not Plex Server. It just has client settings, no server settings, no option to add a local library or anything. Any suggestions on what error I have made? It is probably something dumb on my part. Edit: I think my error was to use "bridge" rather than "host" mode. Woops.