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  1. I currently have an Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz CPU Benchmark and board that maxes out at 4gb of ram + a sata adapater, with 22TB of storage using 7 drives+parity+cache. It is time for a new setup because I keep running out of memory and it is overall pretty slow and pauses streaming to catch up, etc. I have an LGA1150 Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20GHz CPU Benchmark sitting in a box but I do not have a board for it. I am wondering if it is worth finding a board for this processor or just buying a newer vintage used board and processor off ebay that would surpass the processor I have for similar money or not much more. I know a lot would depend on what I am using it for, but that varies from 1-2 streams, some downloading, an off and on XP virtual machine. This will not be a heavily stressed setup, but ripping what I have apart and putting something new in the enclosure is something I don't feel like doing again anytime soon if I don't need to. Thanks a ton.
  2. Unfortunately, my server is cast off parts and is in need of some updating. While it kind of does the job, I would say an Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz with 4GB of ram is treading water, at best.
  3. Invoice March 12/2015 "unRAID Server Pro-2 $149.00 USD" and I have two emails with the same time stamp (3 second difference) with text and keys... "Flash GUID:guid is here" and the other email "Flash #2 GUID:different GUID here" The urls in the email for the keys is different. I guess it doesn't really matter to me since the ability to easily backup the USB is available now, and I have no need for two servers. I also may have purchased 2 licenses and not even remember doing it.
  4. I have the original email. Has anything changed, or am I just imagining that things changed? Previous posters have at least straightened out my backup, and I have the unraid.net app installed and backup of the USB going to the unraid servers.
  5. What is the benefit of using one of these plugins over the other? It would seem that My Servers is the easiest. Also, currently, the CA Backup plugin on my server states "NOTE: USB Backup is deprecated on Unraid version 6.9.0 It is advised to use the Unraid.net plugin instead"
  6. Thank you. So the proper method to have a backup USB is simply to have the downloaded backup file on a local drive or cloud, and if something were to happen to the currently booted USB, you would use the backup file to create a new bootable USB. The new USB would get registered with your license and GUID, and the old one would get blacklisted? Or do people have actual bootable USB backups that simply need to get registered if something were to happen to the old one? Thank you itimpi
  7. I have a pro license from 2015 and for some reason, reading the current backup methods, something isn't clicking in my head. I don't actually remember how things worked back then or if they are the same, but I have two USB drives, and I seem to recall having to register the second USB stick's Device ID in order to use it. I also don't recall if using the second drive deauthorizes the first drive or not, etc. Would someone point me in the right direction for backing up my current and booted USB drive knowing that I think I have a second registered USB? I could also be totally confused, which is highly possible.
  8. Thank you, appears to have gone off without a hitch.
  9. broken link now. I know it is an old post though.
  10. What should I move? unraid has been so stable since I first set it up, that I literally don't do anything with it, and totally forget everything about its workings.
  11. Thank you. I will check this out for sure. I posted my diag file and hope someone can take a look at it for me. I only know enough to be dangerous, not to know what I am doing.
  12. # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 90 & /boot/unmenu/uu cd /boot/packages && find . -name '*.auto_install' -type f -print | sort | xargs -n1 sh -c That is everything in the config/go file. What should I specifically remove?
  13. I meant that unraid seems to be working correctly, not unmenu. I wasn't very clear.
  14. I never remembered till now, but it is a very old plugin called unmenu, circa 2013 or so when I first put it together. I don't even know how to get rid of it! It seems to be working correctly but if I can do anything to make it better/faster/ or help futureproof it, that would help. Thank you tower-diagnostics-20191210-1622.zip
  15. I recently had my server down for a while when I was out of town for a week, and when I returned, things looked a little odd to me. I assume it started because my cmos battery must be dead. On boot, I had to re-assign boot order to the thumb drive, time, etc. Unraid Pro 6.7.2 Under Disk management it warns "array management - array status" : Not started, unRAID ARRAY is STOPPED 0 disks in array. Array is not protected by a parity disk: Parity disk not configured. (Photo attached) However, under "Dashboard," everything is loaded and states it is protected by my parity. (Photo attached) Can someone help explain this to me along with the red warning blocks? The drive that it refers to is my parity drive. Also, if I post any log or diagnostics files, is there someone willing to take a look through them? Please let me know what I should post. Thank you
  16. Is there a link to guide me in the migration from needo to linuxserver.io Plex docker?
  17. What is the benefit of running one plex server docker vs another? linuxserver.io vs plexinc vs limetech vs needo etc. I currently am a plexpass subscriber and have needo installed from way back. Which docker will be updated most frequently and have the most support? I realize that I am currently in the linuxserver.io thread and there may be some bias, but even so, how does one go about picking a repo, especially for the plex server? Thank you.
  18. FYI, Crashplan does not show up in the community applications when clicking Apps->Backup even though when you do a search for it, it is in the Backup category.
  19. I am getting the error [Oct 14 10:22:01] Couldn't update. Trying again in 5 minutes. Output from curl command was "<html><body><h1>400 Bad request</h1> Your browser sent an invalid request. </body></html>". I was successful with the below code saying "nochg (my current IP)" however no-ip.com does not update my ip address: USERNAME='<username from your conf file>' PASSWORD='<password from your conf file>' DOMAINS='<domains from your conf file>' curl -S -k --user-agent "coppit docker no-ip/.1 $USERNAME" -u "$USERNAME:$PASSWORD" "https://dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update?hostname=$DOMAINS" Not sure what to do next. Thank you.
  20. The update to 6.2 significantly increased the speed. my 40gig folder on 6.1.9 was an estimated 8 hour transfer, and with version 6.2 it is estimated at 44 minutes. Thank you.
  21. I installed glances and it has the Rx/s at 11MB which I don't think is right. 20 gigs left and an estimated time of 4 hours - per my mac.
  22. version 6.1.9. I am in the middle of the transfer and just letting it do its thing, so I can't update, but I will try this as soon as the transfer is done and then try transferring another file. Thank you for the idea. Do you know how to check the current transfer speed?
  23. Where is the current transfer speed reported in unraid?
  24. I have my desktop mac sitting next to my unraid server, both connected to a gigabit switch. I am transferring 40GB from my mac to the server directly to disk and not the cache and it says it will take 8 hours. On my mac, under activity monitor, it appears the current transfer rate is 1.89MB/S. (this seems slow to me?) My drive in the mac is a WD Black, and the unraid drives are WD Reds. Network card on my mac reads 1 Gbit/s and the unraid server says Network: eth0: 1000Mb/s - Full Duplex. All network cables are cat 6 from monoprice and I have tried swapping new ones in and it speed is the same. This doesn't "seem" like it is very fast, input is appreciated. I have no idea where to start. Thank you.
  25. Thank you. I have posted in the discussion of the plugin. Just to be sure, apcupsd will shutdown computers over my local network even if the UPS does not have a network card? UPS sends USB signal to unraid, unraid sends network signal over local network? I figure it is meant for the ~$200 units that can be purchased on amazon?