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  1. Thanks for this container, @coppit! I swapped from sparklyballs as I could never get the hotfolder processing to work properly. I think I've found a bug though, is anyone able to confirm they're seeing the same behaviour as me? Clean install of container, only set the folder mappings Container stops automatically (expected) Edit user and group ID in config/HandBrake.conf Start container. Starts up fine. Stop container. Edit preset in config/HandBrake.conf Start Container. Error. Container won't start. Revert change to config/HandBrake.conf Start Container. Error. Container won't start. At this stage no matter what I do I can't get the container to start. To restore functionality I have to delete config/HandBrake.conf and start over from step 3. Funny thing is, if do the preset edit at step 3 together with the user/group edit, the container starts up fine. It's like you only have one shot at editing config/HandBrake.conf, and subsequent edits will brake the container.
  2. You can fit at least one SSD behind the front panel. And if you go with sfx psu (highly recommended) and mount it on the case floor, you should be able to add at least one more on top of the psu. You can also mount a ssd on the outside of the drive brackets closest to the case sides. (So that's 2 extra drives) If you haven't come across it yet, OC has a great owners thread on this case, lots of info for cabling and configuration options: Have fun!
  3. Finally received the new Fractal Node 304 brackets that have been redesigned to fit these drives. Not sure what I was expecting, but all they did was to add another mounting hole so the drive can be attached at three points instead two. Seeing how my 8TB drive was held in place by rubber bands up until now, I'll call it an improvement! Old bracket, drive can only be mounted to the two holes on the right: New bracket, with the extra mounting hole at top left:
  4. ok so it looks like it does write lots of crap to stdout in console mode, i think the timestamps your seeing are triggered from the auto refresh for nzbget web interface. i have tweaked the image again and it now closes stdout, ive also created /data/dst as for some bizarre reason it doesnt create it, even though thats where the logs go, sounds like a bug to me but hey its now fixed for the docker image, so please pull down the latest and give it a whirl. Success! Logs are nice and clean again. Thanks for the quick fix, and thanks for putting so much effort into these dockers, it's very much appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just updated today, and now the docker log is getting spammed with this: 2016-10-07 22:09:27,019 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m8[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:28,029 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m9[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:29,044 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m40[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:30,054 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m1[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:31,061 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m2[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:32,071 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m3[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m 2016-10-07 22:09:33,078 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [1d[37m[44m4[24;80H(B[m[39;49m[37m[40m New entry every second. Is anyone else seeing this? I did change Setting/Logging/WriteLog within nzbget from 'Append' to 'Rotate', but no other changes made apart from this. I've reverted that config change but the logs are still getting spammed.
  6. You might get away with using your tv remote to control Kodi via HDMI CEC. This works well for Openelec on a raspberry pi, but I have no idea if an openelec VM can support CEC. Your TV also needs to support it. Just another option if you want to look into it. You mentioned Netflix above, I had problems finding a good Kodi Netflix addon when I looked into it a few years ago. Things might have changed though, just want you to be aware of potential problem there since it could completely ruin the WAF... Hopefully someone else have hands on experience about Netflix on openelec and can comment on this area. Also, I'd like to echo the advice above about noise levels with the NAS close to your TV. I specifically built my server for low noise since I have no choice but to place it in my living room, about 3 meters away from the couch. I've since spent a lot of time and energy trying to make it as quiet as possible, but it's not completely silent. In quiet movie scenes I can hear the drives and some fan noise too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. That's how I do it, and it works very well. But there is an alternative that lets you achieve an all-in-one nas/htpc. It's slightly more complicated though... If your hardware supports it, you can run openelec as a virtual machine under unRaid, effectively turning your NAS into a server and client at the same time. For this to work, both your CPU and motherboard must support virtualization with vt-d. You'll need at least an i5 for this, make sure to check the specs for vt-d support as not all of them have it. You also need a separate graphics card for the openelec VM. You might want some other parts too, like an IR receiver for a remote control, but it's not required. Something else to be aware of if you go down this path and also stick with the node 304: you're limited to a mini-ITX motherboard. These only have one pci slot, which the extra graphics card will occupy. This leads to two things: 1. Your CPU must have integrated graphics for unRaid to use 2. You can't add any more expander cards if you need more sata ports etc. in the future Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Temps are within reason, around 40 for each disk during parity checks. I built my server with silence as a priority though, so very low power components and minimum heat generation. Just a note on the new brackets: I haven't received mine yet, nor seen a picture of the new design. So they may or may not exist in reality. I'll report back when/if I receive them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Might be worth getting in touch with Fractal support. I have the same problem with my node 304 and when I contacted them about the problem they said they have redesigned the hdd brackets to fit drives without the center holes. They even offered to send me two of the new brackets once they had them in stock, free of charge! I think the R3 have different brackets, but worth a try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I finally got around to upgrade my BIOS to the 2003 version and tried switching on the virtualisation. I found the VT-x setting but there is no VT-d setting. Could be because my CPU does not support it!! i3-4130 does have VT-x but not VT-d Can I still do virtualisation in unRAID? What would be the restriction? Thanks Yes you can. I have this mobo with an even lower grade CPU (celeron) and I manage to run two VMs. One Linux and one Mac OS X. VT-x lets you do VMs. VT-d lets you pass through hardware to the VM, for example a dedicated GPU for gaming. So dependent on your needs, VT-x might suffice. If not, you need to upgrade your CPU to something that supports VT-d (the mobo does already)
  11. I had the same errors for Appears to have been solved by editing the first line of the script to: #!/usr/bin/env python2 Apparently the script is written for python2, while this docker defaults to python3 and it runs into compatibility issues. The edit above makes the script run under python2 and all is good again. I'm new to the linux world and it's a steep learning curve, so please everyone let me know if I got this wrong.