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  1. yes. And after you have installed the perl and detected which driver for the sensors for your motherboad, you can delete the perl package from unraid as it is only needed to detect which driver is used not to run the sys temp plugin etc.
  2. I also had that problemon both 750ti and 950 so just passed through the on board sound instead. I will try this method now.
  3. You have 2 cores on your cpu. No hyperthreading. So you have 1 assigned to one vm and 2 assigned to the other. What this means is one virtual machine will use only one core whilst the other can use both. When both machines are running they will share one of the cores, whilst the virtual machine with the two cores will share one core with the other vm and have one to itself. Unraid will always have access to your cores so you dont have to worry about that. Think about it like running programmes on a computer. each vm is a programme and unraid is the os. I hope this makes sense.
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