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  1. Again, amazing work. Just wanted to report that when adding a new VM there a few unstyled sections. Can confirm this is not an issues on a created VM. Probs why it was missed.
  2. Posting this just incase anybody else comes here looking for a solution to this. I ran into this issue this evening when trying to pass through a pcie usb card. The reason this happened was that I had the items plugged into the usb hub previously passed through, but when you reboot the server after altering your system file, they are still in the xml. I fixed this by doing the following: 1. Remove the usb items from the card and place them into another slot. 2. Reload the vm template. 3. Uncheck the previously loaded items. 4. Save the template. 5. Re-enable your newly configured card 6. Save the template again.
  3. I took the weak ass way out and just killed my config and started fresh. I had done it a couple of years ago and my letsencrypt config was hacked together from here and there. Much easier now thanks to the LS.io team. 👐
  4. Did you find a solution for this? I just updated the container yesterday and now all my sites are down with this error. EDIT: I eliminated this error by commenting out the ssl on; because apparently its not needed with the listen 443 ssl http2; However, in doing this, I now have a new error: nginx: [emerg] the size 52428800 of shared memory zone "SSL" conflicts with already declared size 10485760 in /config/nginx/ssl.conf:3 I am not finding much on google, any advice is appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. I installed this from the marketplace within the Code Server instance. I have created an issue under the github extension but I will do the same for Code Server. I think this is a pretty popular extension so I cant imagine it will last long. EDIT: Created issue https://github.com/cdr/code-server/issues/1168
  6. I am having issues when installing the extension Live Server. After install and reloading I get the following error: Activating extension 'ritwickdey.LiveServer' failed: Cannot find module 'live-server'. Has anyone else run into a similar issue?
  7. Thanks for the reply @jonathanm. I did try gparted but I was to lazy to try and get it to work. I ended up downloading some shady piece of software which allowed me to get rid of the random windows partition in the way (risky probably?). Anyway it ended up working. On a less positive note, China is probably using my VM in a botnet right now. 🤦‍♂️
  8. Unfortunately, this video doesn't consider the case where windows has placed some random partition to the right side of your main partition. From what I can tell, when this happens you cant extend (its greyed out) the volume to your newly added space. At the time of writing, I haven't figured out how to get around this...
  9. Hi @ijuarez, I have no idea about the DHCP lease time? I cant even find that in the settings. What should it be set to? Regarding the shares, after painfully working on this for hours and hours with no success I decided to try NFS instead. It took me under an hour to get this working. It is really unfortunate that I spent so much time focusing on SMB. Lesson learned I guess. The only troubling part is that I was never able to get SMB to work so I cant pass on any useful advice 😬. Well, other than use NFS lol.
  10. @SpaceInvaderOne is there any chance that you can update the repo with some of these icons? I am especially looking to use one of the Linux Mint icons.
  11. I haven't looked at the diagnostics. I am not sure what to look for? I don't see anything odd in the syslog. I have attached my diagnostics for reference. Screenshots of the share is below: skynet-diagnostics-20190408-1930.zip
  12. Bump! If anyone could point offer any advice on this, I would really appreciate it.
  13. So I have a RaspberryPi running motion for use as a security camera and I am trying to configure it to dump the data in a shared folder on my unraid server. I am mounting the share using cifs and fstab and have been able to do this successfully. Where I am running into the problem is that after I have mounted the share, I cannot write any data to it from the RaspberryPi, I get permission denied. I have been feverishly googling to find the solution but I haven't had any luck. I have listed details of my setup below. I am sure I must be missing something, so any help to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. 1. I have created an account on the unraid server that has read and write access to the shared folder I am trying to write to. I am using these credentials to access the share via cifs. 2. I am using the following command: // /home/pi/PiCam cifs -o uid=109,gid=113,credentials=/home/pi/.cifs,x-systemd.automount,iocharset=utf8,noperm 0 0 3. A local account on the RaspberryPi called motion needs access to this folder to write the footage recorded by the camera. I have given ownership of this folder to this account and it can write data without a problem prior to mounting the share. I am starting to lose my mind trying to figure this out and I am sure its something stupid that I am missing me. Save me!