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  1. Not sure if it helps, but it seems the card is not recognized out of the box by OS X Maybe you can find any interesting post on that thread regarding your card?
  2. Ummm what if you change the controller for the disk for something like legacy like IDE? Just an idea!
  3. Nice! if you like it and find it interesting maybe someday we will get a docker for it . There's one on the Docker hub but not sure how it will work, I guess I will try to install it tomorrow when I'm done building my unRAID rig! Thanks
  4. Yeah! they are using the E5 2699v4 which has 22 cores... X2!!!
  5. The beast is here! 2698v4 20 cores!. Super micro motherboard and RAM should be arriving tomorrow and I will have all I need to build this thing!
  6. I only tested it once, but yes perfomance will be "near" bare-metal. (like GPU -> 95-99%) Sorry to ask you again, just to clarify... you tested once doing a SSD passthough and got 95-99% of performance in comparison to bare-metal? Because if that's what you meant, that's absolutely perfect for me! (using QEMU/KVM caching/improvements?) Also when you mentioned 50-70% of bare metal performance, were you referring about using vdisk running on the cache pool? On this percentage did you included the caches and other improvements QEMU/KVM offer? Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot for this! I will be doing it in a few days, also building an unRaid disk and Home Assistant Is it possible to map the USB device with a udev rule so it's always mapped to /dev/ttyACM0?
  8. Hello! I've seen that you have a Zoneminder docker... have you tried by any chance? It seems to have a very nice UI and feature set. It's supposedly free, as far as I've read.
  9. This is like the BEST PLUGIN EVER! Thanks a lot for this
  10. Yep! So as long as you run unRAID on Apple Hardware you won't be violating the EULA
  11. I know you can install OS X on unRAID, I'm just wondering why there isn't a OS X VM template as there is for Windows 10!
  12. Loved to see the process, thanks for sharing it! May I ask what's all this equipment for? (feel free to not answer, I'm just curious to see what you can do with so much power!). Also, are you going to use one of the VMs to work (if you happen to need one, of course) or you have a dedicated machine for you? (just wondering to see how serious people takes VMs to do "real" work) Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello guys! For another reason (trying to get the OSK key from my Mac) I found this website which says I thought that this might be only referring to OS X VMWare's app, but creating an OS X VM is also supported on ESXI 6 So, shouldn't unRAID have official support for an OS X template then? Other huge companies are doing it which leads me to think that they find out if it was legal with an army of lawyers. I could be running unNRAID on genuine Apple hardware so having support for adding a OS X VM seems to not violate any laws.
  14. I can edit the first post and start adding all the things we find interesting to improve disk performance, what do you guys think?
  15. Thanks daigo and gridrunner! Would love to improve as much as I can my VMs so I can actually work with it. My idea is to have very powerful hardware so even considering overhead and latency it won't be noticeable (or actually it will be even more performance from my current iMac)... for work usage (graphic design is what I mostly do) Can't wait to hear more! Also this week I should be receiving the rest of components to finally build my own unRAID box! I honestly thought that passing through an entire SSD would give almost bare-metal performance (as it does with GPUs)... So if performance is not that good it might not be worth to have a separate SSD and just use the cache pool.
  16. Take a look at the wiki or the KVM forum, there's a lot of threads for USB pass through! Maybe with the disk mounted there's an easier way to find its bus and add it to the VM
  17. umm maybe it's because some setting in the VM rather than the benchmark software?
  18. I'm not familiar with unRAID yet but it might be because the disk cannot be mounted for some reason. Have you tried using the Unnasigned disk plugin (or similar name, sorry I'm on my phone). I think it's used to mount/unmount drives separately from the array and maybe it could help or give more light about the problem
  19. Umm hard to say but maybe if you unplug it and run lsusb again could help to identify it!
  20. Do you see your USB devices when executing lsusb?
  21. I think they are off because caching stuff, I have no idea how to avoid this other than passing-through the SSD entirely
  22. Thanks Lebowski! the problem with using the cache pool is that you get this weird cached-unrealistic results . I think that the best way to test real performance is to passthrough the disk completely and see what results gives there Thanks a lot anyway!
  23. Anyone else got something to share?