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  1. Can you post your node settings? I am super confused as to how I am supposed to set this up.
  2. Stupid question - do I need both the tdarr and tdarr node installed if I am only using my server? If so which docker do I add my NVidia variables to? edit - found an answer on reddit, just the node needs GPU
  3. Couple other people along with myself are having the same issue. No idea how to fix it, as there is no appadata folder to reset.
  4. Same issue here. I noticed in the docker template there is no appdata folder, is this by design?
  5. Getting prompted for an update to 2.8.2 can the docker be updated?
  6. Thank you, maybe the documentation can be updated?
  7. Did you use the console by going to the docker, or did you use the unraid terminal? I am getting errors both ways. Docker console: root@XXXXX:/data# su - archivebox cd /data archivebox init archivebox manage createsuperuser -sh: 0: Can't open cd root@XXXXX:/data# Unraid terminal: root@Alexandria:~# root@XXXXX:/data# su - archivebox cd /data archivebox init archivebox manage createsuperuser -bash: root@XXXXX:/data#: No such file or directory root@Alexandria:~# -sh: 0: Can't open cd
  8. Do you know if you can use the same config file with multiple dockers? Looking to use this authors jacket docker.
  9. Thanks - I made sure to not select IPV6 when creating my mullvad file, I will take a look. Ah - I missed the second IPv6 option on mullvad. A new config file worked.
  10. Thanks for this docker. I created a wireguard conf file via mullvad. I renamed it and it looks like the docker is picking it up, but I am getting this error at the end of my log file and I can't access the webui. I do have WIreguard configured using the plugin, and I have a wg0 network - could this be the issue? [#] ip link add wg0 type wireguard [#] wg setconf wg0 /dev/fd/63 [#] ip -4 address add dev wg0 [#] ip -6 address add fc00:bbbb:bbbb:bb01::2:e336/128 dev wg0 RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied [#] ip link delete dev wg0
  11. Yep I have had one for probably a year now. Pretty pleasant to build in, and no real issues. Fans all work pretty well and its pretty quiet.
  12. Apologies as this is the unmanic thread, but I have been happier using tdarr, you might want to take a look and do some testing. My main issue I was experiencing using unmanic is larger file sizes than the original file. With tdarr and the plugins I am using I have had no such issues. Tdarr seems more resource intensive but I haven't minded.
  13. I see the size issue as well. Usually with AVI and WMV files so I stopped converting those. I also just copy my files into a unmanic folder and see they are larger. Kind of a pain but oh well, there is an open issue on github for this