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  1. How's delugevpn running these days? I had switched to binhex qbitorrentvpn after having issues with the webui crashing on me too often when not being able to handle too many torrents in the queue, and not picking all my magnets. I last used it about a year ago. I don't really have a reason to switch, I'm mainly curious what the webui looks like now Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. wow, insanely fast response, thanks! I'm not using blackhole for nzb just nzbget so I will ignore the /data path then.*
  3. is the /data path supposed to be my downloads directory for nzbs?
  4. will we ever get in-place encryption for pre-existing xfs disks? Like, without having to go through spaceinvader's steps to do so.
  5. What I like most is the community. I use the subreddit and forums and my questions always get answered. Shout out to spaceinvaderone! Best tutorial videos 😎
  6. lately I've been having this issue wher plex isn't scanning my new shows/movies unless i manually go and select "scan library files". I do and always have had ticked "scan periodically" and "scan automatically". I even set the scan library interval to every 30 minutes but still doesn't populate unless I go and scan manually. This started a week or two ago
  7. Thanks! Good workaround. I'll get to it eventually... but with 24 disks in my array I prefer to be a little lazy lol
  8. is there any way to adjust the warning/critical temperature for unassigned devices? My SSD's can operate up to 70C and i'm getting too many warnings at 45C.
  9. I can't seem to get my mover to work... Am I doing something wrong with the settings? I set it to 40% but after 200/500GB are utilized nothing happens on its own. It will just keep going to the brink of capacity on the SSD and dockers will just stop running if they're on the cache. EDIT: just saw on the previous page to set it to hourly and it will basically check to see if the threshold is reached *per hour* Will try that out now UPDATE: Next hour has started and still nothing, mover is not triggered at all. My cache is nearing 70% f
  10. Is there any way to disable that message? I'm getting it too. EDIT: found it. Last question, how to configure the proxy settings? I use privoxy from PIA on the binhex-delugevpn docker container. should i do [IP ADDRESS]:[PORT] ? all in one line? I didn't see a port option like in binhex-sonarr.
  11. I'm having the same issue as carlos and a few others just with the last update or two. large files fail to play, not sure what to do. i hadn't messed with any settings. btw, these same files worked just fine before.. Update: I've narrowed down my issue to only be affected by files with EAC3 audio.. everything else such as DTS plays just fine. Can someone else replicate this issue? Any solution? Final Update: This was the solution for me.
  12. Since the new update, I keep getting this every time I try to open plex web. Even though I had already set it up over again one time. Also, I can't access the server tab in devices. Says "unavailable" EDIT: Looks like going "back" on my browser takes me back to my server. Still annoying, why's this happening?
  13. I recently got plex pass. Is there any difference between this docker and a plexpass version?
  14. Thanks for the input, i really don't know much about how it all works. Since I'm on the US east coast, I just assumed speeds would be better with a US East endpoint. I haven't really noticed better speeds as of yet, but that could be the torrents themselves. Is there a specific endpoint you'd recommend over the others? Currently on the netherlands one. Also if this is the better route to go through, I will take your word on it. You clearly know what you're doing, and I would be lost without your binhex dockers. Edit: Also, what do you mean problems for
  15. so why is it that we have to use the port-forwarding supported locations now? I really know nothing about this, just followed the advice on this thread to get it working again (changing to TO-Canada). Does this mean we won't be able to use US endpoints on delugevpn again?