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  1. Hi all, I upgraded to the latest BETA release of unraid and since then I have had regular crashes overnight on a daily basis with messages like:## BAD RIP VALUE KERNAL STACK IS CORRUPTED I'm downgrading back to 6.8.0 but thought I'd post this in case it helps (?)
  2. I too started getting errors after I upgraded. Server has been running stably for years until now.
  3. Perfect.. worked after deleting the interface variable and switching to BRIDGE...
  4. Yes it was already posted ... I think there is a link already to them? (in between the two screenshots) Thank you
  5. Help, this has been happening so many times over the years, getting a little X by a hard drive saying its been taken out of the array. When I do a SMART scan and a preclear there are no issues revealed and adding the disk back into the array works. Then another disk will fail like this a few months later... I have provided the disk extract below - very very grateful for any help: Nov 4 10:47:28 FoxServer kernel: sd 1:0:9:0: [sdl] tag#0 CDB: opcode=0x35 35 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Nov 4 10:47:36 FoxServer kernel: sd 1:0:9:0: [sdl] Synchronizing SCSI cache Nov 4 10:47:36 FoxSe
  6. @gridrunner If there was any way of showing how you would setup pfSense with VPN functionality (PIA for example) but excludes the Plex Media Server so that sits outside the VPN network to allow remote connections... then sire I will have your babies
  7. I have now upgraded to 6.5.1-rc6 Seems to work alot better. No problems so far... thanks @Squid
  8. Upgrading to 6.5.0 seems to have made my UNRAID server quite unstable. Call traces, missing apps, docker page hanging. perhaps a downgrade is needed? Errors in the logs: Apr 16 23:17:59 FoxServer nginx: 2018/04/16 23:17:59 [error] 10515#10515: *390911 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerUpdate.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "", referrer: ""
  9. Ok I resolved this by putting the container back to "Bridge" mode, instead of giving it a separate IP address...
  10. Cannot get this to work. Installed ok, but getting errors, unable to communicate with PMS: ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin 2018-03-19 19:58:24 - INFO :: CP Server Thread-13 : Tautulli WebSocket :: Disconnecting websocket...2018-03-19 19:58:24 - WARNING :: CP Server Thread-10 : Failed to access uri endpoint /:/prefs. Is your server maybe accepting SSL connections only? HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=32400): Max retries exceeded with url: /:/prefs (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x14971519cad0>: Failed to establish a new
  11. Just to say I exactly did what shazahm1 did to get mine working... including the running samba restart twice.. I checked the /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf file beforehand and the recycle bin entries were in it already
  12. Thanks @Jonathanm I'll stick to a single XFS cache drive and use the second drive unassigned.
  13. Can I check if you can have a RAID 0 cache pool with two SSD drives both formatted with XFS? I am trying to avoid using BTRFS due to issues with the available space and needing to constanlty balance it.
  14. I had similar problems with this. but instead of "/mnt/disk1/appdata/unifi/" i had to change it to "/mnt/cache/appdata/unifi/" The previous setting "/mnt/user/appdata/unifi/" generated lots of these error messages: Dec 27 13:12:34 FoxServer shfs/user: err: shfs_write: write: (22) Invalid argument