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  1. @itimpi Thank you for pointing out the obvious. You are correct I did not press the balance button I thought it was more an information bubble and "done" would apply all my changes. I've just tried tapping that button, let it run, and success. Thank you again.
  2. Sorry to be dense, but I'm not sure if I'm doing this right and it didn't work for me. I go into first pool drive named "cache" and it looks like this: A little further down there is the "Balance" and I selected Then to the bottom of the page and I select Done and nothing changes. Below is an image of the 2nd cache drive. Note it doesn't say btrfs. Not sure if that means anything or not. The full diagnostics are linked on top post. Not sure how to proceed. Please help. Thank you!
  3. A few days ago I shut down my unraid server in order to remove a failing 3TB drive from my array (the cache drives were not failing, they were fine). I had to unplug a lot of things to remove the failed drive and when booting up Unraid I forgot to plug in one of my two 240GB SSDs which are cache drives in a Raid1 through the unraid software. As soon as I brought the server up I had the "oh shoot!" moment so I shut down again and plugged in the SSD that I missed. When I did that I received an error Cache Drive error Unmountable: Too many missing/misplaced device Along with this none o
  4. Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I did exactly as you said, and all has returned to normal!! I don't see any "buy me a beer" link but if you reply with one I'd be so happy to!!
  5. TLDR: Check you Windows 10 Driver to ensure you have the up-to-date from manufacturer and NOT the rando Microsoft NIC driver. Found this thread through a web search as I was having same error code when transferring a 100GB file. Tried all the things then finally looked at my driver on my Windows 10 Dell system. It's a Realtek PCIeGbE Family controller. And guess what the driver loaded on my win 10 rig was provided by Microsoft dated 2015. Well I run Dell's support Assist monthly and this software is SUPPOSED to keep my drivers fresh (and often does) but apparently it ignores t
  6. OK Thanks again for your help I first suspected a thunderstorm last night but here's what happened. Even though I did this to myself I thought I'd post for the future person with this error: I was running a minecraft server in a docker and every day it writes a new 1.25GB backup file to my cache drive. My cache drives are 240GB and I forgot about this and the cache drive filled up. Stupid me. Thanks so much for your help. I deleted a bunch of wasted backups. I'm up and running again!! I don't know how to point these backup files to my array where I have 4TB becaus
  7. OK Thanks! I am able to boot into safe mode (picked no GUI). I can bring up the graphic panel on my laptop on the network. It says Array Stopped autostart disabled (safe mode). So I restarted the array (from safe mode). It started OK. The dockers aren't working says service failed to start... maybe that is because I'm in safe mode. I ran diagnostics. Does anyone see anything? I haven't tried starting the array yet still in safe mode. I'd appreciate further advice.
  8. Unraid 6.6.7 My unraid unexpectedly is giving this error and won't allow me to login and I've no idea why. Not sure when it started happened could have been any time in the last several days or more. Have a LCD on the console and this is what it said: I can press power and get what seems to be a clean shutdown. But I've not a clue how to login since after it reboots within 20 seconds it gives the error and the keyboard just beeps. The computer is a dell server with two 4tb drives and two SSDs. Any help / advice appreciated. Maybe the computer mo
  9. Cool thanks for your help. Working now. Used different port. Appreciate your help.
  10. ug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: docker0: port 2(veth13e8777) entered blocking state Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: docker0: port 2(veth13e8777) entered disabled state Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: device veth13e8777 entered promiscuous mode Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): veth13e8777: link is not ready Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: docker0: port 2(veth13e8777) entered blocking state Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: docker0: port 2(veth13e8777) entered forwarding state Aug 26 08:21:15 UnraidServer kernel: docker0: port 2(ve
  11. Had installed as docker before but haven't ran in a long time. So I REMOVED it. Went to appdata, and deleted zoneminder and subdirectories to completely remove. Reinstalled Zoneminder docker. Now getting same error as another here "Execution error Server error" Any advice appreciated.
  12. OK Thanks I did click the link and read the thread... I'm installing tips and tweaks now. I've got a pretty vanilla Unraid and didn't want to make changes without double checking. Wanted to be sure it wasn't one of my dockers causing the issue. @johnnie.black I really appreciate the reply. You helped me understand that because I have 16GB memory and currently have defaults for RAM cache, a lot of data gets cached up over time, and when it hits the limit and finally streams off to disk it's a very busy time on the server during which an out of memory error occurred, m
  13. @johnnie.black, are you suggesting the mover issue is back, or are you suggesting I decrease my RAM cache to generally see if the problem goes away, or are you suggesting another issue?