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  1. Unfortunately that version DO NOT contain beta or newer versions. : - (
  2. PR created Waitting @coppit to accept it an upload the image
  3. Same error here. http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/downloads/version3.xml It's a 404 now... The correct url location now looks like: http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/downloads/version.xml
  4. pcaro


    Any order or similar to install it?
  5. With "paperless" I mean the web app! You have an App for it in unraid
  6. It looks like devonthink is a Mac app. Not for me. Trying now teedy
  7. Installed today and running great! Thanks @cmccambridge Any recommendation for an application to searching and serving the output files? I think that paperless is outdated, Isn't it?
  8. Ubuntu is a good recommendation but nowadays kde is better for desktop (even more for a windows transition). The best kde support and best option for a windows user, imo, OpenSUSE.
  9. I dummy question: Did you checked the krusader docker image for the files?
  10. +1 To group countainers and docker-compose import
  11. Edit the container. toggle 'Basic view' to 'Advanced view' and fill the field 'WebUI'. You can use vars here. For example: ```http://[IP]:[PORT:9000]/```.
  12. Very nice build!
  13. Sorry. I had. "The app was update. Please restart it to apply the updates". But even after phone restart, dockers list all as stopped. unraid 6.5.1rc6 ControlIR: 4.0.4
  14. Very interesting the power consumption issue. Do you have numbers?