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  1. Thanks, good to know encrypted is untested. Will tread carefully. It's a btrfs raid 6 array of 4tb disks I use as a scratch disk and steam/gaming library (awesome load times), nothing that isn't easily replaced and I don't waste space backing it up. If it was anything important I sure as hell wouldn't use btrfs 5/6 😆 Was more of a hypothetical really, nothing on there I need to be immutable. Thanks, good idea about setting immutable on external backups, must remember to do that next time I do a cold storage backup.
  2. Ah ok. Guess I will have to wait to use it properly. In the process of encrypting a 24x8tb disk array that is almost full so everything is being scattered by unbalance all over the place as I empty a disk at a time. Going to need some reorganising when that's all done and then can safely immute my files. I have a unassigned devices btrfs array mounted at /mnt/disks/btrfs_share, can the script be used on a share outside the array, modified to do so, or would I just be better off learning about chattr and doing it manually?
  3. Nice work on the script, great way of protecting files. I was wondering if you can set a share, not a disk, immutable using this script how does that effect the file on the disk level? For instance if I was to use unBalance to scatter/gather files across disks. I'm not exactly clear on how Unraid treats disks -> shares. Hardlinks? Would the 'real' file on disk be immutable or just the linked one on the share? (As a side note, I got pretty lucky on timing as I only realised today I had nothing setup for ransomware protection on my server, cheers!)
  4. I have some unassigned drives set in a btrfs pool mounted as a share. Has been working perfectly until I applied the recent updates at which point the drives will no longer auto mount or manual mount through the ui. This is the log error I get when attempting to mount with plugin: Server kernel: BTRFS error (device sdj1): open_ctree failed Server unassigned.devices: Error: shell_exec(/sbin/mount -t btrfs -o auto,async,noatime,nodiratime '/dev/sdj1' '/mnt/disks/btrfspool' 2>&1) took longer than 10s! Server unassigned.devices: Mount of '/dev/sdj1' failed. Error
  5. Ok, here goes, I may miss something as I did it all a while ago and it's pretty late here, but this is what I did. First off I installed Ubuntu LTS with the minimum install iso to a standard Ubuntu VM in undraid, didn't install any extra packages during the install process. You could get away with only a 5gb image for the install but I would recommend closer to 10gb if you have the space, just to be on the safe side, atmo my install only uses up about 3gb (4.6gb including swap/efi etc). Set the configuration you want, I set it to use my 10gbe bridged NIC with 25
  6. Sure thing, on my way out so will have to do it later today. I'll also provide some info of system resources used.
  7. How did you manage to get the release notes btw? I am still waiting for them to update the bios for X11SSH-CTF and it's getting a bit ridiculous now considering every other X11SSH variant now has the update. Never gotten a reply from them whenever I try to contact them to ask about it.
  8. Hello, I am trying to set docker (and all docker containers) to use a specific gateway on my network (Unraid uses dhcp gateway,, want containers to use a different, non dhcp gateway, same subnet though). From the information I have found ( seems the way to do this is to start docker with the command line option "--default-gateway=IP_ADDRESS" I edited /boot/config/docker.cfg and added: DOCKER_OPTS="--default-gateway=" However, docker will not start when that it added
  9. Wow, I think that's the first time I have actually seen anyone get release notes from supermicro, good job! Unfortunately it seems they are still taking longer with X11SSH-CTF, maybe it's some sort of issues with the 10gbit nic holding up the update.
  10. Ty, unfortunately no 2.0b yet for my board, X11SSH-CTF. X11SSH-LN4F appears to be the only one of the X11SSH range with 2.0b so far. Guessing it can't be long now till its out for my one. It's notoriously difficult getting release notes for Supermicro boards, no clue why. There should be some info in the bios update download, but it's pretty limited. Good luck getting any info from them, I've emailed them before with bios/mobo questions and never got a reply to any of them. May only be for a few boards, but I found it under support bios upd
  11. Asus seems to have released new bios for most of there mobo as have asrock, though atmo the asrock one is a beta. Unfortunately so far there has been nothing from supermicro and I get no replies when I send them support emails asking for details on bios update (specifically in my case X11 series mobos, current downloadable bios 2.0a is many months old). Supermicro seem to be pretty iffy when it comes to bios updates, wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen till next year. Although the fix 'should' be applied to unraid as well as having an updated bios, I suspect it's
  12. Interesting, never would have thought of that. I just gave it a try and it seemed to work when I start it with no sonarr config folder created in /mnt/cache/appdata however it still reports corruption if I use my previous db so I suspect the fuse 'freak out' somehow broke the previous config db. Going to try and see if I can restore it. [Edit: restored fine after clearing out everything except nzbdrone.db so no actual db damage it seems] So far no other dockers have had an issue (sickrage, couchpotato and nzbget specifically), and this only started with directio enabled.
  13. Not entirely sure if this is the right place for it, but thought I should mention this in case it helps anyone. I tested enabling Direct IO mode and as soon as I did one of my dockers no longer worked. It would appear that direct io mode is having issues with sqlite or something in the docker in question. The docker is sonarr docker. Other dockers that use sqlite seem okay so I am guessing this is an issue between mono and direct io maybe? Shows this error whether there are any files in config folder or not. Without direct io enabled it works
  14. Ok, doing an unbalance op atmo. when that's done in a day or so ill do some testing. Btw with my previous comment, I had spun up all drives and disabled spin down delay (was 30mins before) and had manually enabled turbo write before enabling the plugin, so even if the gui was reporting wrongly, the drives 'should' have been spun up.