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  1. Update to Topic Issue was resolved. rebooted unraid and issue seems to fix it self not sure what happen. but it gone nothing in logs. Server room is all happy
  2. Soo i have seen this in my log see picture below what is it?? So i have dual port server nic bonded running in Mode 4 (802.3ad). Since the switch should support it "Unifi 24 port 250watt poe switch". any suggestions im thinking of checking it to Mode 6 (balance-alb).
  3. Update to the topic So i bought a new dual port nic for unraid. Installed the new nic with the on board nic disabled. booted unraid in gui mode. configured the dual port nic to load balancing so i can more speed and bandwidth. rebooted and blam everything work as expected. docker br0 show up in networks no issue's now. happy day in my server room.
  4. nope still stuck in advanced mode??? cleared cache, cookies and browser history???
  5. Am i missing something is there a setting to always open a page in advanced view?? Everytime i open my docker page its in advanced view. its a little annoying. ?? not sure
  6. so rebuilding the docker network stack works to restore the network bridge br0 but!! the fix does not survive a restart?? any thoughts
  7. I just rebooted again and this was in the log Oct 1 20:29:55 Server root: /usr/sbin/libvirtd: error: Unable to initialize network sockets. Check /var/log/messages or run without --daemon for more info.
  8. Hello So today i went to install a new dual port network card in my box. I got the card installed and now nothing is working correct. the card i believe was bad not sure? but i got the on-board network re-enabled and now the bridge to for docker "br0 is not loading when unraid starts up. but i can disable docker then re-enable it the all my dockers will see the br0?? Please can some one help??? server-syslog-20191002-0006.zip
  9. Gary489


    What do you think of thiss app
  10. Gary489


    Thats what i was thinking but seeing all the ups's in one spot would be nice. Any body have any ideas on how to set up and raspberry pi UPS server???
  11. Gary489


    So I know the status of all the equipment. I would like for the UPS to shutdown at a certain percentage of charge when the power is out. Not when the battery is dead
  12. Gary489


    Does UNRAID Support monitoring 2 ups or even more?? Looking to had UNRAID monitor 2 upss one for unraid and one for network equipment. that way i can get status emails. Need to find out before i buy another UPS. Thank you