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  1. So...for someone late to the party...I've seen sqlite errors in my plex logs somewhere but it's been a while and I can't remember how to look this up. Where do I check, and...if I'm getting them...should I go rc6? Is it stable enough. Once there, how can I correct my possibly corrupt DBs? Does anything else use sqlite that I should be aware of that's had this issue? Sorry if this is all covered, but I'm still trying to get through all of this post and this info might make a good sticky of the tl;dr type.
  2. Doesn't matter what guest I pick or what VNC client. They just keep dropping VNC connections. ALL. THE. TIME. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. When you set your server in duplicati are you adding /minio to the end? If you are, try removing that. I found it didn't need it.
  4. Not sure if a solution is posted, but I've been doing this for awhile now. Are you on the same network or server? I guess one difference is my minio target is off-site. I also have an on-network duplicati -> minio from my desktop to my server, but it's not using https....
  5. Fully agree...I wouldn't have pulled from the emulated disk if I knew for sure I was going to have a good disk to work with. I was worried I may have another failure before I could fix what I had. I may consider purchasing a drive, and pre-clearing it for an emergency spare before I fill all my r710's slots. Thanks again for the help!
  6. I pulled all data off that disk while it was ghosted and moved it to others. Figured I couldn't rebuild until I had a reliable disk. <facepalm> Turns out preclear has since been updated due to....dd failing post-checks.... Updated preclear and started a 2-cycle on my 4tb disk. So far it's passed the 1st cycle fine.....
  7. Yeah...I can't find much past that. Dd failed 141...what does that mean? anyone know? I haven't found a good answer to that yet.
  8. found 'em. Only interested in logs pertaining to sdi at the moment. Logs still don't tell me much...either I don't know how to read them (good probability) or they don't detail the problem well enough for me to spot it. THECONSTRUCT-preclear.disk-20180503-1255.zip
  9. Is there a log or part of the log that details why a preclear failed?
  10. sdh is indeed the failed drive. I assume the CRC errors would carry over (stored on disk) from previous use. They've only been plugged into this machine for a couple days and they're now on my r710's backplane. One was in my desktop PC for YEARS, but I was noticing some issues with that drive recently...May have been loose/bad cable recently... The other was previously in an external USB case (HGST TOURO drive). The drive quit working and I shucked it for diagnosis and possible re-use. Seems like the USB controller went bad IMHO. The drive wouldn't even come up before, but no issues once plugged directly into sata.
  11. Attaching diagnostics.... Am I missing it or is there a further log on the preclear? I'm wondering if there's any more information than just that it fails.... This goes to @Kode - Sorry...I started writing this before you responded. I'm not sure what the failure was...it just says failed. @Sean M. - Preclear script: gfjardim - 0.9.5-beta. Plugin version is whatever one CA installs by default right now. theconstruct-diagnostics-20180427-1108.zip
  12. I'm still running 6.4.1 for now...I had a boot drive failure the other day and recovered from that other than a few corrupt docker templates. Now I've had my first actual drive failure in the array. I was getting a couple of disks prepped to add to the array when my 3tb drive hosting much of my data failed. I tried running preclear on the two drives I'm adding (used, from other systems) and they both fail post-read. I've read that preclear isn't necessary anymore, and some skipped the pre/post reads. I've managed to move all data from the failed 3TB drive to other drives in the array (disk is in emulation). SMART reads fine for both "new" disks (a 2TB and a 4TB) except yellow banners on UDMA CRC error count...can I add them to the array? Do I need to worry that they failed preclear? I'm running extended SMART tests on them now.
  13. My apologies if I missed this or the answer should be obvious, but is there any way to put my VPN clients on the same subnet as the rest of my LAN pc's or assign IPs from my router's DHCP? I have applications that look for 2 machines to be on the same LAN (or as some state...on the same WiFi <facepalm>) and they won't work over VPN in my current configuration. Also, should I want to expand beyond 2 clients...is there a different...non-AS docker I should be using?