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  1. I had to reinstall several times to get it functioning. I have it installed and have my DID/trunk dialing in. i can route it to call features but i cant get lenny to work... if you dont know Lenny then do a youtube search for Lenny PBX or pwn telemarketers with Lenny... Incredible PBX comes with it preinstalled
  2. Any good tutorials for setting freepbx up properly... and has anyone set lenny up?
  3. Need a little guidance on the freepbx install.... i cant get it to init.... any ideas?
  4. everytime i try to ad a channel, i get this error...
  5. @ich777 have you thought any more on this idea?
  6. Anyone figure out how to login to the app store?
  7. u/ich777 I wonder if you would tackle something i have had on my mind for a while.... being an old guy, i remember the old days of running and visiting BBS systems and playing some of my favorite Doors on them. Could you create a docker container that would incorporate Dos and a telnetable bbs like mystic, renegade, or synchronet? -Ellic052
  8. ok... now it is working... i have no idea why it was not... maybe im just to tired to figure it out ... school and work is killing my brain as of late... thanks for your help
  9. virt manager is running.... and the vm's run fine in the webgui vm section... its just that the virt manager docker does not run
  10. I dont have to run any commands to start the service?
  11. Got to understand... Im the Forrest Gump of the linux world
  12. I am still kinda new to linux ins and outs.... i installed the Virt Manager but i get this error about the LIBVIRTD not being started... any idea what to do?