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  1. fixed with adding server: private-domain: "unraid.net" on pfsense rebanding
  2. thanks for reply so i removed the static mapping from pfsense and made the DHCP change in the network.cfg on the unraids usb drive and booted up. so server now grabs its own ip from pfsense which is i can ping no problem can also connect to the server with putty no problem just will not load the gui page browser error This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in hash.unraid.net. If spelling is correct, try running windows network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  3. Hi all i was rearranging my home network today and now have a problem with my unraid server. its assigned an static ip from my pfsense box always had it this way no problems after i rebooted my unraid i was unable to access unraid from my other computers browser so went back and plugged a monitor and keyboard into my unraid server and restarted the machine and launched to startup with GUI which loads and login fine but the the built in browser will not even load the unraid server page. also even thought the unraid page would not load i was able to access my shared folders and also able to access my plex dockers etc. Any help with this would be appreciated also attached diagnostic output mother-diagnostics-20220131-1416.zip
  4. will give that a try thanks
  5. mother-diagnostics-20200519-1313.zip
  6. can i just add iam also suffering from this for a long time. iv made the log bigger but it still fills up any help would be good
  7. cant get pihole to work since this new template tryed everyway i can thing of but iam unable to get it to work with my pfsense box. unraid Version: 6.8.0-rc9 if there is anyone out there using pfsense with the new template and this version of unraid and can make it work plz tell me how thanks
  8. hey guys thanks for the great docker. is there anyway i can secure the webpage with letsencrypt docker useing an proxy config file ?
  9. cant seem to see it on the list your ports are correct hmmm