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  1. There was a 0 bytes file (customtab-2019.06.30-x86_64-1.txz). After deleting it, I was able to install it successfully. Thanks @Squid.
  2. After updating to unRAID v6.8.0-rc5, I cannot install Custom Tab plugin: Any ideas how to fix it?
  3. For some reason, I couldn't find that request when I searched. For some reason I cannot disable Docker either. Maybe these are related. I wonder if it happened after downgrading from 6.7.2 or not... --> It appears that my USB drive is about to die. I'm glad I noticed it before it is dead, so that I could back it up. ----> Replaced my USB and GUI drag&drop sorting now saves its state.
  4. I know that it is possible but it doesn't preserve the last (sorted) state when navigating between tabs (I'm using v6.6.7 by the way).
  5. Please add a feature for allowing the tagging of docker containers. So that one can filter docker apps by multiple tags (i.e. development, database, download, games etc.) What do you say?
  6. I was using 6.7.2 with lsio/plex mapped to /mnt/user/appdata with appdata share set a single disk in the array (#5). This setup really decreased the occurrence of sqlite db corruption for me, but not 100%. Along with the Slow Array Performance problem, I was finally fed up with all of this, and yesterday downgraded to 6.6.7. I was thinking about converting another system to unraid for awhile now, but since these issues are show stoppers for me, I almost gave up hope completely... It is now just a habit of mine to check the forums (these 2 topics) every once in awhile...
  7. Any of you having problems with Plex, are you using Plex plugin Plex-Trakt-Scrobbler by any chance?
  8. Is there any progress on this issue? Please keep us up to date.
  9. I updated from v6.6.7 to v.6.7 without any problems. 👍 ASRockRack C2750D4I (BIOS v2.90) + 32GB ECC + 8x 10TB Seagate Ironwolf Is it possible to add a custom case model icon? (or is there any chance to add a Silverstone DS380 icon?)
  10. The "Common Script" dropdown list is not readable when "Dynamix color theme" is set to "Black" in unraid v6.6.3 (probably any v6.6+). As a reference, the same issue was present in "CA Backup / Restore Appdata" and fixed in latest version (2018.11.01 - Fix dropdown color for 6.6).
  11. First of all, thank you for another great & must have plugin. 👍 Suggestion: A history view of each backup's time to complete in Status or Restore (or maybe a new) tab would be nice.
  12. The share selection dropdown menus are unreadable when display setting is set to Black theme. I had to switch to a different theme in order to configure my backup. Edit before posting: The same issue is present with Unassigned Devices Plugin's "Add ISO File Share" popup. Probably a general theme related bug?