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  1. A little out of topic but I recommend keeping dBeaver Community Edition around for these kinds of purposes (and it also works with a bunch of other DBs as well).
  2. Wrong topic, this is for binhex-minecraftserver not binhex-crafty. Try your luck in here.
  3. Your template has only a portion of keys comparing to mine. (also have Host Port 1 & 2 above these, couldn't fit in a single screenshot) Maybe you should remove (but keep the appdata) this docker image and reinstall it, just a thought. Also like @binhex mentioned the important part of a variable is the "Key" name, you can set "Name" the same thing if you like, it is only for labeling (left part of the screenshot).
  4. I'm running paper-mc 1.16 with java 16 (not this docker but with binhex-minecraftserver, I want to switch to this but need time), so all you have to do is use a newer/latest paper-1.16.5-xxx.jar file.
  5. I would love to have an amule docker by you. By the way, after a long period of hiatus, there is new version out 2.3.3.
  6. You might try `smb://` or like you mentioned try to add the necessary share in your Node-RED template.
  7. The latest update (v1.2.7) went fine and I didn't have to do anything by hand. Cheers!
  8. AFAIK, that *2TB* limit would only affect the boot drive. When using unRAID, you will be booting from a small USB stick and whether you use BIOS or UEFI will be irrelevant. In order to format a drive larger than 2TB to full capacity, you would need it to GPT since MBR support is up to 2TB.
  9. This was the case till my ASRock Rack C2750D4I died 2-3 months ago. Last month I built a Ryzen 7 5800X with a B550 MB, and put 128 GiB DDR4 non-ECC (4x 32 GiB sticks) in it.
  10. I already did change the iconUrl on my side, but with each NodeRed update, it was overwritten hence my cry for help Glad to hear that I won't be needing to do this manually from now on. 👍
  11. @spants, have you missed my message? I know this is a cosmetic issue but it is a nice *nice to have* feature.
  12. If this is your only use case, then wouldn't it be easier and cost free to make your machine dual boot? I love unRAID but just saying. 😉
  13. I've been using double commander (not docker versions) for a few months. Since it is not v1.0.0 yet, I assumed all versions were labeled as beta. Sorry, my bad.😞
  14. The version of double commander is pretty old, any plans to update it to the latest version (0.9.9 beta)? Or you are waiting for the v1.0.0 which is supposedly coming out in a few days postponed 3 months? Roadmap - Double Commander Bug Tracker (
  15. Merry Christmas and a healthy new year Ed. Cheers mate!!! And thanks for the excellent video as usual, couldn't do without you.