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  1. Okay, I understand. I now found out how to adopt the cameras again, I had to create a new "Camera Adoption Token". Now I lost "only" my locked recordings. I mean, they are there on the storage and the backup, but with this UID naming scheme can't be found... At least I learned from this that I have to download the server configuration and store it in a safe place and that I have to download the locked recordings and store them also apart. Thx for your response.
  2. Today I updated (within the unifi-video server app, not via UNRAID GUI) from 3.10.10 to 3.10.11 and what I expected happened: it broke my installation. Not only all the configuration is lost, but on trying to adopt my 2 cameras it upgraded their firmware, then I was able to login to the cameras, but the configuration could not be loaded, then I rebooted the cameras via ssh, this didn't change a thing, they keep being stuck on loading the configuration. I was able to restore the recordings, but interestingly only the unlocked ones - what the hell! Those I don't need... Whenever I dare to upgrade a thing on my UNRAID system this happens. Utterly frustrating. After FireFly (all my bookings lost - thousands of them) and ResourceSpace (hundreds of hours spent for categorizing ca. 70k photos lost) now the next big thing - at least for me. What should I do next? Revert? How? Remove the docker (but keep the image?) and add it anew with pducharme/unifi-video-controller or pducharme/unifi-video-controller:3.10.10 or whatever the syntax is - can you tell me? And how do I adopt the cameras again? Do I have to reset them pushing the button on the device (on the uttermost step of my 3-part ladder climbing up to the highest point under the roof - not so inviting)? From now on I will not update (except my WordPress installations) any of the dockers any more for ever.
  3. I'm looking for a solution (for non-pros) for the following situation: I just need one configuration file (containing security keys I lost) from a container inside a backup docker.img file (which I can't move or start - too difficult to explain, and its size is 430GB). Is it in any way possible to somehow mount the file system of the docker.img file (if needed), than mount the container file/file system that is inside it and extract the one file out of it, a screenshot of its content would suffice also? If no problem for a pro: Teamviewer session, costs? The container in question: creecros/resourcespace-docker
  4. Well, back then it was not available in the CA, but I am glad that it works now. I decided to use LogicalDOC for my documents and Resource Explorer for my photos and am quite satisfied with it.
  5. Stupid question: is it possible to install Zerotier VPN client into it? Tried all I could find (eg https://github.com/zyclonite/zerotier-docker/commit/f880c72c7d6a8ec671a24db7a9b82d098f26f4cf) but as a non-Linux man I had to fail... Thx in advance
  6. I have exactly the same machine and disabling IOMMU in BIOS/EFI works. What I haven't tried yet (I hate downtimes) is the other option editing the syslinux and reenabling it in BIOS.
  7. This didn't help, but turning off IOMMU in BIOS did the trick... 6.7 now booted with the array up, both VMs running, all Dockers running. Looks good so far. Damn, this gave me thoughts...
  8. I had to revert to 6.6.7, both my WDC_WD40EFRX were not detected after upgrading, only Toshiba was found, so only 1 out of 3 disks (SSD cache was found too). The file included is after reverting - for analyzing, do I have to upgrade once more, and make the diagnostics under 6.7 again? Can this lead to more severe troubles? Or are there any log-files to be found, where those upgrade errors were written to? Ah, I feel not good about it, please help. durosrv-diagnostics-20190513-0050.zip
  9. Since yesterday I am trying to get ecoDMS (https://hub.docker.com/r/ecodms/allinone-18.09) up and running. Now I somewhat succeeded, but the web-interface gives me only this (using Firefox): I know I have to contact their support, but maybe one of you stumbled upon this docker and got it running… Thanks in advance.
  10. 40foot

    Share Your Banners

    Hm, a picture with a short story... I took a panorama with my iPhone at night of the Lentos Museum of Modern Art in Linz, Upper Austria illuminated in blue with the Ars Electronica Center on the other side of river Danube illuminated at this time in pink (or whatever colour this is) visible in the background. Reminds me always of a visit of my 12 year old son when I was hospitalized there, we had a great evening together (at the museum, bookstores, computer shops, had a phantastic steak dinner and than a night together in the family room at hospital). I'm a bit sentimental, I know...
  11. I have not only this Time Machine connection problem since upgrading to Mojave, much worse: I am totally unable to connect to any of my shares (be it SMB or AFP) altogether from macOS Mojave. Seems to be a bug with Mojave (I get "smb_fid_get_kernel_fid: No SMB 2/3 fid found for..." errors. Anyone ever heard of something similar?