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  1. James Cole advised me to turn v2 off - how it was turned on, I don't know. Now it works again... I shouldn't update this docker at all, too precious data...
  2. Updated to 5.5.3, now no booking can't be made any more, as the page is empty...
  3. 40foot


    Ich hatte bei einem OS-Upgrade schon mal Probleme mit meinem Marvell-Controller (SATA controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE9230 PCIe SATA 6Gb/s Controller (rev 11)) in einem HPE Microserver Gen10, musste da im UEFI irgendwas mit IOMMU abdrehen. Kann das beim 6.9.1 wieder Probleme machen (bin noch auf 6.8.3), oder passt das eh, weil nichts verändert wurde? Ich weiss, ich bin da ein bisserl ein Schisser, aber ich habe für meine Einschätzung schon etwas zu viel Zeit, Nerven und Hirnschmalz ins OS-Administrieren gesteckt, und würde mir das gerne diesmal ersparen. Besten Dank im Voraus! An
  4. At the moment my MySQL docker is version 5.7 - can I update this docker to version 8 (some other docker requires this), or is it better to start a second one?
  5. okay, will run the UEFI RAM test... should I upgrade to 6.9.1 before or after - recommendation? Have I ever mentioned that for me UNRAID is like the "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau"!
  6. Schon wieder erhalte ich folgende Meldungen: Mar 14 19:46:56 Tower kernel: BTRFS critical (device loop2): corrupt node: root=385 block=12811304960 slot=52, bad key order, current (1729382256910276956 114 281472972069555) next (6523 12 6466) Mar 14 19:46:56 Tower kernel: BTRFS critical (device loop2): corrupt node: root=385 block=12811304960 slot=52, bad key order, current (1729382256910276956 114 281472972069555) next (6523 12 6466) Mar 14 19:46:56 Tower kernel: BTRFS critical (device loop2): corrupt node: root=385 block=12811304960 slot=52, bad key order, current (17293822569102769
  7. no, my ISP is a University company - has nothing to do with the University network - not at all. But let's say this is of no concern for me anymore, because after updating to the newest Big Sur/Safari I can login again - without https... interestingly
  8. That's clear to me. Is any Intranet-CA/cert solution then known, that doesn't cost a fortune? Which a noob like me can deploy, on UNRAID for Bitwarden, WordPress etc. dockers?
  9. Can someone explain to me, why am I forced to use https with Bitwardenrs (wasn't so with the old container). My server has no connection to the Internet whatsoever, all my Docker apps are also only allowed inside my net, my ISP is not able/willing to give me access from outside (this is a University thing, no DDNS, no port-forwarding, no nothing...), the only way, to reach all this from outside is via a Win-PC with Zerotier-VPN, from which I use my apps then. Bitwarden is mobile on my iPhone with cached credentials, if I need passwords on the move, so for me, it makes not the slightest sense b
  10. Since last update the tests (speedtest-tracker) are made every 30 seconds, whatever there is defined in settings under schedule. Known problem? How to avoid? Any help appreciated. (reinstalling didn't change anything)
  11. Okay, I understand. I now found out how to adopt the cameras again, I had to create a new "Camera Adoption Token". Now I lost "only" my locked recordings. I mean, they are there on the storage and the backup, but with this UID naming scheme can't be found... At least I learned from this that I have to download the server configuration and store it in a safe place and that I have to download the locked recordings and store them also apart. Thx for your response.
  12. Today I updated (within the unifi-video server app, not via UNRAID GUI) from 3.10.10 to 3.10.11 and what I expected happened: it broke my installation. Not only all the configuration is lost, but on trying to adopt my 2 cameras it upgraded their firmware, then I was able to login to the cameras, but the configuration could not be loaded, then I rebooted the cameras via ssh, this didn't change a thing, they keep being stuck on loading the configuration. I was able to restore the recordings, but interestingly only the unlocked ones - what the hell! Those I don't need... Whenever I dare to upgrad
  13. I'm looking for a solution (for non-pros) for the following situation: I just need one configuration file (containing security keys I lost) from a container inside a backup docker.img file (which I can't move or start - too difficult to explain, and its size is 430GB). Is it in any way possible to somehow mount the file system of the docker.img file (if needed), than mount the container file/file system that is inside it and extract the one file out of it, a screenshot of its content would suffice also? If no problem for a pro: Teamviewer session, costs? The container in question: creecros/res
  14. Well, back then it was not available in the CA, but I am glad that it works now. I decided to use LogicalDOC for my documents and Resource Explorer for my photos and am quite satisfied with it.
  15. Stupid question: is it possible to install Zerotier VPN client into it? Tried all I could find (eg https://github.com/zyclonite/zerotier-docker/commit/f880c72c7d6a8ec671a24db7a9b82d098f26f4cf) but as a non-Linux man I had to fail... Thx in advance