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  1. Love this thing! Question that was asked earlier (Feb) and not sure if it got added yet, but is there a way to run a userscript from this?
  2. Hey! I just found this - it's exactly what I need! I used to boot up my macOS VM and have to manually export the images.... I am not able to run it, it has the following error: 2020-05-15 04:46:51 ERROR Destination volume not mounted - retry in 5 minutes
  3. Would it be possible to scale this up? Possibly 5-10 different unraid servers connecting back to a main "hub" unraid? Similar to a hub and spoke kind of VPN network?
  4. Is there a way that I can connect unraid to a Wireguard VPN and route all traffic from my unraid through that? EDIT: I literally just scrolled down from this post and I found this: Ugh..
  5. When I try to use 1000-82545em it freezes my machine after boot. I use vmxnet3 but it won't allow iCloud services..... when I use virtio it causes a reboot after the clover screen. Any thought? EDIT: Updated to 8.0rc5 (recommendation from another post) and this issue was resolved.
  6. I have found that when I use an “external drive” (.img that I have mapped as raw) and I copy files to/from the drive it seems to bring my CPU usage up to 100% on one core. It also brings my system to a crawl. I am using your clover image you uploaded with a Ryzen 1700X. any thoughts on how I can increase my performance?
  7. I installed the Homebridge docker, but it seems to start and then turns off. Any advice?