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  1. just installed.. every time the container starts it says driver mismatch and has to download drivers. i have the nvidia-plugin drivers installed that are listed in the op. the one in the docker is higher and says it has to download the lower version i have installed.. -Trying to get Nvidia driver version--- ---Successfully got driver version: 460.84--- ---Checking Xwrapper.config--- ---Configuring Xwrapper.config--- ---Driver version missmatch, currently installed: v465.19.01, driver on Host: v460.84--- ---Downloading and installing Nvidia Driver v460.84--- op says not to use 465...
  2. Any luck? I love your container for my p2000. But running a VM for my 2070 super.
  3. I'd be interested in lolminer. In windows at least it seems to keep temps down but hashrate up
  4. I tried searching and maybe I'm just not searching correctly. But I can't seem to get my rx580 8gb over 24 m/h. I can get 27-30 in windows and still have the same heat and power consumption. I did put the -acm tag. And tried some other. I also have my 2070super mining as well. I understand there your docker doesn't officially offer nvidia support. I can hit 70 m/h combined with the same temps in windows. But I'm stuck at 62 m/h with your docker. Power consumption doesn't matter as my electricity is included in rent no matter how much I use. Any help would be appreciated. I like your docker. I think it's better then gpu passthrough as I can use my 2070 for plex as well.
  5. Rules section? i'm not seeing that. just both interfaces, and eth0 has no mac address...just a yes / no for mac address. if i change it to yes, it offers bonding modes...eth1 is the correct mac address for the 2.6gbps ethernet... i've had a server with two nics before i could switch them around by mac address. i still don't understand why i have eth0 and eth1...
  6. i also had an issue with some dockers saying they don't exist. Here is diagnotics. tower-diagnostics-20210330-0810.zip edit : just rebooted and its showing one eth again...i'm not sure whats going on. i didn't do anything.
  7. i recently moved so server has been off for 14 days. for some reason unraid is showing eth0 and eth1 and i only have one eth port. i've deleted network.cfg a couple of times, and it works after one reboot, then fails on the next. and gives me two eth again. i don't have internet access unless i enable bonding..which doesn't make since as i have only one eth.
  8. so it still better to use nvida hevc or software? quicksync seems good for transcoding, but h265 using quicksync still bad results? i tried reading some guides and all i could really find was for streaming not for encode/decode... edit: eh. i'll just run it and save on some space. if it degrades and its awful i can always change it and just encode again, or re-add movies. i went 4k because i had some 4k tv's but honestly 1080p should of been enough.
  9. Know your busy but what additional settings in advanced options for vaapi? just built a new server with the intention of using quicksync instead of my p2000... would x265 be better than vaapi?
  10. dang. i've also been having trouble. i had it working at one point then it stopped working when i tried to add a second gpu to passthrough and now i can't get it back..
  11. I have a dual nic motherboard. I've been running unraid for 4 years. Each nic is on a different subnet. Im moving to a single nic setup so I want to make sure everything is working on a single nic address before I move. If I unplug eth 1 I can't access dashboard on eth0. However if both are plugged in I can access either ip address dashboard... How does this make since. Eth0 is still connected, up, but I can't even ping it. If I plug eth1 back in I can access either port and ping both...
  12. as no one has answered i've run into a problem. while preparing my move i wanted to get everything ready for single nic motherboard. moved everything over to br0/eth0. when i put eth1 port down i can't access unraid at all! not even eth0! there is no bonding. so what gives? any help would be appreciated!
  13. My p2000 does it flawlessly. Mining doesn't touch the encode/decode at all. This docker is great for something like the p2000 just sitting there waiting for streams...or unmanic conversions. So your 3070 shouldn't even break a sweat. Only thing I wish for is like you said, adjust clocks. My 2070 would be great, but without under locking it gets too damn hot so...a VM it is. Be nice to use it for transcode and drop the p2000 out. Too bad unraid doesn't have amdgpu plugin. My rx580 runs cold no matter what I throw at it.
  14. WebGui for T-rex says there is an update. unraid says there isn't. is this false positive? or do i need to add something to template?
  15. anyway to get two gpu's to work instead of just 1? but are seen inside console but t-rex is only using 1
  16. for some reason unmanic keeps crashing. it starts fine, as soon as it loads the first file to convert it fills ram completely and crashes unmanic. i am NOT using /tmp/. the tmp directory is mapped to my appdata. so not sure why it is filling my ram and crashing. i can watch it ram jump on the docker app page in unraid and fill all the way up. i have 62gb of ram.
  17. i've had trouble getting wireguard on unraid to work right. i can connect. but thats it. no access to anything. running a wireguard vm works. i can't get any combination to work with this unraid plugin. i've used this configurator tool to setup wireguard in pfsense-devel and vm. https://www.wireguardconfig.com/ while unraid allows conf importing none of what this well used site generates can be imported correctly. importing what this website spits out into wireguard vm, or pfsense-devel works and connection link is instant. i'm sure i can't make dynamix wireguard to work from some unknown reason i can't seem to trouble shoot.
  18. Unmanic has been working great. my entire library is converted to h265. and it picks up new files when downloaded. But....something happened with the recent update...i did the update and then several hours later noticed its trying to encode everything all over again! what happened??? everything was already encoded. checked settings and everything is how it was before. nothing was changed from the update. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  19. I currently have a z800 I've been using since day one with unraid. i am aware upgrading to new system is pretty easy as long as all the drives stay the same. however i have been utilizing dual nics. i can access every docker, and dashboard from either ip address (both are on different subnets), i'm just wondering if there is anything in networking that will produce a problem if new system only has one nic instead of two. i'm not worried about dockers pointing to wrong ip addresses (grafana, sonarr, etc.) that is to be expected and easily changed. i did search but can't seem to find anything besides normal migration talk. there are bridges for both interfaces. any recommendation would be appreciated. all dockers are set to "Bridge". only one docker is set to "custom:br1". i do not see "Bridge" in network settings, but both br0,and br1.
  20. I think it would be nice if we could change options that require an array stop while the array is running, and have them as "pending changes" and then be able to simply restart array which would implement those changes. it could be possible to have a notification box popup with list of changes that will take effect once array is restarted. In particular for me I run Pfsense in a VM on unraid just so i don't have to have another computer that is always on. If i stop the array my entire network goes down essentially. When i need to make changes that require an array stop i have to reboot into gui and do changes there with the array stopped. then reboot into non-gui mode. which is a lot of down time, and i dont usually have a monitor, keyboard,mouse connected to my unraid computer.
  21. i have the same issue as JasonK and removing subtitles didn't work for me either. i have on file that just will not convert. i've removed attachments using mkvtoolnix like one user suggested. and removing subtitles option, but still won't go. and its a massive 4k movie! be so nice to shrink it and make it h265 as thats native and i had transcoding it.
  22. Can you explain how? Or link to the tool? I've had a bunch of failures and kept seeing "2 frames left failed" and "deprecated pixel format".. then school further through the log and I'm seeing a bunch of "attached pic". Is that what your refering to? I also had a problem with converting audio. I had transcode audio and add stereo stream all to aac. But with both checked it converted all streams to stereo and added another one. Unchecking transcode it converts all streams to aac while maintaining channels and then adds stereo stream as well. That doesn't seem right.
  23. p2000, it does say 100% for encode, but only 24% gpu usage and 8% of memory of gpu. 26watts of the available 75 watts. nice thing i can transcode and stream plex at the same time (decode). 96gb of ram helps too