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  1. How can I get the 6.8 version back? I did not see the "do not install for 6.8" note on the recent update (that is for the 6.9 rc), so I updated to the 6.9 version in error. I've now removed that 6.9rc version, but do not see the 6.8 version (or ANY version) available any more.
  2. Sadly I've already rebooted it. Is there anything I can look at? (It will run its normal monthly check on the evening of the 1st, or I could kick one off manually - either one should do fixes if that box is checked - correct?) If unclean Shutdown parity check does NOT honor that check box (I think that's what you are suggesting TRURL), then having that message display the appropriate thing (FIXED or NOT FIXED) is even more important!
  3. I'd like to suggest a minor change to the Parity check msg that displays at the end of a parity check. If errors are found, add the words FIXED or NOT FIXED to the msg. (reasoning: I accidently killed my UPS while MOVER was running - which of course shut down my unRAID server. Upon power up, it went into parity check. Resulting msg was: Notice - xxxx - Parity check finished (2095 errors). There was no mention in the msg if the errors were fixed or not. Yes, I DO have the box checked to fix errors - but my point is this msg gave no indications if fixes had been applied.) Thanks.
  4. The old Pentium D ran Windows 7 just fine. It was blazing fast when I bought it just FIFTEEN years ago! lol! 'course Windows 10 on that system was another story! When I decided to add some shared drives to the family network, figured since I had that old beast laying around, why not use it as an unRAID server. Works FAIRly well, but as I said I hope to upgrade it early next year. thanks for your assistance - I'm guessing the upgrade will resolve my ControlR issues.
  5. No beta. I'm running 6.8.3 on both servers. Server shows things like 84 F, 91 F, etc. But in the TEMP column on the DISKS tab on my Android, it is showing 29, 33, and etc. I do not see anything on the plug-in showing TEMP settings. Remember that I still have that issue where it says STOPPED on both servers and WOL no longer works on either server. But despite the STOPPED msg on the servers, my Android phone and tablet DO read both of the unRAID servers. I've tried turning off the UPS status as you suggested, but same issue. Not sure if the temp issue showed up at the same ti
  6. Temp on unRAID server is in Fahrenheit. Temp on IR Control on Android is in Celsius. Can't figure out how to change Android to show temp in Fahrenheit. I've looked in settings.
  7. /sbin/apcaccess APC : 001,036,0881 DATE : 2020-07-11 18:56:29 -0400 HOSTNAME : UR2-Tower VERSION : 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware UPSNAME : UR2-Tower CABLE : USB Cable DRIVER : USB UPS Driver UPSMODE : Stand Alone STARTTIME: 2020-07-11 18:40:25 -0400 MODEL : Back-UPS NS 900M STATUS : ONLINE LINEV : 120.0 Volts LOADPCT : 40.0 Percent BCHARGE : 100.0 Percent TIMELEFT : 14.9 Minutes MBATTCHG : 20 Percent MINTIMEL : 5 Minutes MAXTIME : 0 Seconds SENSE : Medium LOTRANS : 92.0 Volts HITRANS : 139.0 Volts ALARMDEL : 3
  8. # /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' -showups I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:58: controlr v2020.05.09|2.19.0 starting ... I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:66: No config file specified. Using app defaults ... I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:266: cert: found UR2-Tower_unraid_bundle.pem I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:171: host( I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:81: starting service Core ... I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:304: Created system sensor ... I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:325: Created apc ups ... 2020/07
  9. No POWER ON option for unRAID server #2 when using my Android phone, but my Android tablet does have POWER ON option for that server.: On my Android phone I can see both unRAID servers and, if the unRAID servers are on, I can get info from them using ControlR. But if they are powered off, server 2 is all grayed out in ControlR on my phone. That is, the POWER ON is not blue and I thus I can not issue a WOL command to start it remotely. On my Android tablet I can also see both unRAID servers and, if they are on, I can also get info from them. On the tablet, if the unRAID
  10. I would also like to see more options in the color schemes. The alternating line shading is difficult for me (white/almost_white or black/almost_black is not enough contrast for my eyes to follow them across the screen.)
  11. On the MAIN tab, Array devices section: Can the Parity drives be moved so they show up AFTER the drives (but before the “total” ARRAY OF x DEVICES)? (Either make this a default or maybe make it a user choice on what order things are listed?) WHY? When I GLANCE at the screen, I see DISK 2 is the THIRD line – then I look along the right edge and glance at the USED/FREE indicators and I look for the THIRD entry, but I really want the SECOND entry. Yea, yea, I know – if I were to follow the shading across I’d look at the correct USED/FREE bars, but for some reason my mind doesn’t do
  12. I also would like to see some type of progress indication for Mover. Either a bar, or as % complete, or an ESTIMATE TIME TO COMPLETE.
  13. Check out this youtube link from the excellent "Spaceinvader One" unRAID tutorial videos.
  14. Thank you. The only problem - at the start of a backup (or video record), there is no way to be SURE what size the file will be. One can make an educated guess, but can't be sure. If I set it to my guesstimated biggest size, some of my FULL backups are more than 1TB so the cache would NEVER get used for any backups. I guess, since I usually just do DIFFERENTIAL backups, I can set the cache "minimum free" size to a "typical large DIFF file size" - and if I do a full backup, then turn off cache for that share for that backup run (hoping I remember to do that! lol ). Thanks for the info on
  15. I have just installed a 1TB ssd cache drive. I use my unRAID system to mostly store backups, which can get large for some of my drives. If I have my user share set up to use cache, and the backup program starts out using the cache drive when it first begins the backup, what happens if the file ends up being too big to fit on the cache drive? Does it get split between cache and the share (and eventually all moved to the share), or does it get moved to the share "mid-stream" during the backup, or does unRAID just throw up its hands and say "no-can-do" and thus the backup program abort