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  1. Anyone else getting very slow checks for new apps and docker updates? Seems like ever since I went to 6.9 this has been going on. Used to be so much quicker.
  2. I have too. At the end of the day it isn't the worst thing to not have my SAS drives show up in UD but it would be handy in a pinch I must admit.
  3. Several people on the Unraid subreddit had very slow metadata scraping with 8.0 that vanished when they downgraded.
  4. Yikes. Never seen this many update pains before. Can anyone confirm if 8.1 fixes the slow plex problem 8.0 had?
  5. I've never had a Realtek issue with linux. They have to be the most common consumer nic producer around. In any case, a linux driver has been out since last June for this device so I thought there would be at least a good chance it would've been included in one of the more recent RCs by now.
  6. Hello. I was wondering if Unraid had RTL8125 (driver r8125) support (It's Realtek's new 2.5Gbit ethernet nic)? Wanted to ask before I hit the buy button. Thanks. Edit: Ugh, searching for r8125 yielded that oot driver support was included as of 6.8.0 RC2. My bad. Edit 2 (11-25-19): While Limetech claims r8125 was added in 6.8.0 rc2, the driver does not work with the Realtek RTL8125 2.5gbit PCI-e nic. I'm going to guess it only works with the embedded RTL8125 chip that's on these new x570 boards. Edit 3 (7-2-20): The RTL8125 driver has been supported since like 6.8.3. I have two RTL8125 cards from different manufacturers and they are working great.
  7. Does CA Backup/Restore backup docker.img? I just lost my cache drive last night. Recovered all my appdata but it seems that my docker.img (that was on cache) is gone
  8. Anyone else having issues with Disklocation running right in 6.8.0 rc1? I realize it's a release candidate but I didn't know if it was just me missing options to manipulate anything.
  9. Been using unraid since the beginning of 2019. As soon as I learned of it I had to have it. Does everything I need it to. Couldn't be happier
  10. It issues the Unraid poweroff command. Does everything as if you powered it off from the webgui. Got it. Can confirm it worked as intended on my cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD when the power went out last night.
  11. How does NUT handle a live array during a power outage shutdown? I assume it cleanly stops the array before issuing the shutdown command? Thanks.
  12. Again, they add to the array fine and preclear fine. The only area I'm not seeing them is in UD.
  13. Seems unlikely. I can bring up a terminal and see them just fine. They also show correctly in the syslog.