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  1. It issues the Unraid poweroff command. Does everything as if you powered it off from the webgui. Got it. Can confirm it worked as intended on my cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD when the power went out last night.
  2. How does NUT handle a live array during a power outage shutdown? I assume it cleanly stops the array before issuing the shutdown command? Thanks.
  3. Again, they add to the array fine and preclear fine. The only area I'm not seeing them is in UD.
  4. Seems unlikely. I can bring up a terminal and see them just fine. They also show correctly in the syslog.
  5. Is this what you are needing? I don't see anything in the area UD is when the plugin is removed.
  6. Just following up here. Got a new 3TB HGST SAS drive and that one does show up correctly in Unassigned Devices. I now have 3 Seagate ST33000650SS SAS drives and none of them show up in UD when taken out of the array or are still unformated. I wonder if it's a bug or something? They are all on the same HBA. Let me know if I can furnish logs or something to help with this.
  7. Do these help? I uninstalled UD and it didn't seem to change anything.
  8. Are you asking what it looks like when I take the drives out of the array?
  9. New Unraid user here. For some reason my 3TB ST33000650SS Seagate SAS drives (paired up with my LSI 9212-4i HBA in IT mode) aren't showing up in Unassigned Devices. My SATA drives show up just fine on the HBA in Unassigned Devices. The SAS drives preclear and add to my array flawlessly. Anyone run into this before?