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  1. In my old retired xeon e3-1220 (maybe 1225) v2 I had 32gb In this new and current server with e5-2697 v3 I have 64gb and hoping to upgrade to 128gb
  2. Compare the cpu benchmark scores and if you need the upgrade
  3. To be honest I dont think you will see any benefit. The fx 9370 yes is a bit faster but also runs at a TDP of 220w which is alot for slightly better performance. If I was you I would outlay new cpu ram and motherboard in one hit. If you dont see a need for the current cpus try and sell them on ebay to help fund your upgrade
  4. hi do you know if all of the 16 sata ports on the board will work with unRAID without any need to flash to IT mode ?
  5. Oh ok so can I expand the size of the parity drive before I do the conversion so I have a larger drive to attach to the array ?
  6. Ok guys this will be my situation as the screenshot follows And I will be adding another 2TB and then wanting to convert the rest of the driver to XFS including the parity so I can use dual parity further down the line Can anyone be of any help
  7. Yep on Australia newegg they are $333 AUD.
  8. That's my number one concern. I am comfortable with everything computer wise, except for flashing firmware.
  9. do you mean something more like this for a server pull the h310 ?
  10. Ok thnx for that I am future prepping for my next major upgrade
  11. WIll this card work out of the box for unRAID and work in supermicro motherboards easily
  12. Sorry to thread hijack but what 8 port cards will work friendly in Supermicro motherboards and be friendly with 6 or 8 tb drives
  13. I am currently running 5.0.5 should this method work for me ?
  14. Where abouts did you find the HP cards ? And by out of the box do you mean they will work without flashing
  15. Hey there is their any people who are willing to sell preflashed cards ? As I am not to confident in doing it ?