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  1. I looked through this forum topic, github, and the discourse site, so I apologize if this has been answered in the past. How would I go about doing an auto backup of the database? I was to try and schedule this to happen regularly.
  2. How would I got about using the letsencrypt docker to generate a CSR. I have an SSL Cert available through my DNS provider and I would like to use it. I've been looking on Google and in this topic and have not found any answers.
  3. Yeah I did check the advanced view and removed anything that was orphaned but those were not some that were still there.
  4. They were installed via docker-compose. I was using SpaceInvader's guide for Jitsi.
  5. Running into an issue in the update docker section. I had some old containers installed that I have since removed but they are still showing in this plugin and have an unknown status. Don't know where to clean this up. I've attached a picture.
  6. I definitely appreciate you bringing these containers to Unraid through CA. I'm hoping someone can make these work and can clue me in on what I'm doing wrong.
  7. I'm running into an issue with the jitsi containers. Coincidentally, I had setup the spaceinvader jitsi and then immediately found this. Because of the way unraid cannot manage the docker compose containers I wanted to setup the jitsi ones from CA, and because the spaceinvader guide worked well I basically followed those customizations on your containers. Not many things needed to be changed. Jitsi web and jvb do have a port conflict. I changed jvb port 4443 to 8443, that's what it was when installing from jitsi's github, and that resolved the port conflict. However, I have another issue that I cannot get past and am wondering if you were able to get all four containers working together. When starting jicofo it fails with the following error, "FATAL ERROR: Jicofo component secret must be changed, check the README." The container is then stopped. I am confused by this because I know that even on the jitsi readme it says the jicofo secret should not need to be changed. I decided to change it to another random six character string containing just lower case letters and numbers. I found all traces of this string and made sure they all matched, I still got the same error.
  8. My bitwarden setup started working over the weekend not sure what the problem was. Thanks for the help anyway.
  9. My server_name was "server_name bitwarden.*;" but I just changed it to the full url and it still doesn't work. I just don't understand why this would have worked for the past several months and then all of the sudden it stopped.
  10. I am having an issue that recent replies in this topic have stated but I haven't seen a definite fix. I am passing this site external via the same spaceinvaderone let's encrypt config that someone else mentioned. When trying to navigate to my external URL the page gets redirected to "https://_" This happens both internal and external. If I try to navigate to the IP:Port of the container, launching via the weburl shortcut in Unraid, it takes me to the login page. When trying to login I get the following error and it does not proceed. An error has occurred. Cannot read property 'importKey' of null Not sure what to do with this.
  11. I have 32GB of RAM and have watched the values in Netdata monitor docker, I have never seen more than 1-1.5GB being written to RAM. The big difference is when using the unbalance tool to move files between disks. Before encryption it would easily be above 80MB/s for the duration of the move, now I am lucky if it gets to 50MB/s.
  12. I recently went through the process of encrypting all the disks in my array. Is it typical to expect a dramatic decrease in performance? I understand that this could happen because of the extra work required but I was under the impression, and based of other Unraid experiences I found on the internet, that with sufficient CPU it should not have that great of an impact. I cannot write faster than 60MB/s, prior to encryption I was usually over 100MB/s. My server is a Dell R530 with 2x Xeon E5-2630 v3. That proc has the features that should be able to handle encryption sufficiently. I even tried messing around with disk tunables to see if I could squeeze more out of it, nothing gets it past 60. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.