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  1. So in the past, I just had a Synology DS411+II with 4, 2TB (Old Seagate Barracudas) drives in a RAID 5 configuration. I was just going to offload the data from the 2 TB drives onto another computer, then reformat those drives for use in Unraid. However, it seems that the case I have for my server only supports 4 drives and since I have an almost empt 15U rack, I was thinking of getting a rack enclosure. However, it’s been a while since I’ve looked into controller hardware. I’m looking for advice on an HDD rackmount enclosure and/or if I should go SATA or SAS or even mini-SAS. My sata connections on the mobo are full too (just 2), so I’d like to get a controller that also will let me add a couple more drives inside the server tower. [edit] Just found out that something like this exists: Rosewill RSV-L4500 - Server Case or Chassis, 4U Rackmount - 15 x Internal Bays, 8 x Cooling Fans Included Could this be a viable option? And why would someone go for something like this RAID Machine N4424RM 24-bay 12G SAS Expander Rackmount JBOD Enclosure for $2000 when they can just get a server case like above that already supports 15 drives for about $200? Does something like this RAID machine HAVE to run a RAID configuration? Can’t it just be hooked up to an Unraid server and used as a data array? I mean, it even says, JBOD.
  2. This is probably what I'll have to do because I can't afford to buy new drives just for the server. I was hoping to reuse what I already have so I can sell the synology without any drives. The synology works, it's just slow and can't handle everything I want to use it for. I cannot transfer directly from one onto the other because I don't have any spare drives.
  3. I have an older Synology with four 2TB hard drives on there. I'd like to move my data onto my unRaid server that I just got. I have a 1TB SSD that i'll be using for the cache, and a 3TB HDD that i'll be using for parity. Am I able to just take the drives out of the Synology and hook them up to my unRaid server and have unRaid do it's thing?